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    Sega of America releases further information concerning the Yu Suzuki masterpiece, "Shen Mue".

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    My first impressions of the most visually stunning game ever created.

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    Dreamcast Reviews - Wave Two
    11:00 PM ET 12/17/98 Seth C
    Famitsu DC Mag DC Fan Average
    Sonic Adventure
    9,10,9,10 9,9,10 9,9,9 9.3
    7th Cross
    4,8,7,5 6,7,7 8,7,7 6.6
    Tetris 4D
    7,5,5,7 7,4,5 5,6,8 5.9
    Source: DC Tech

    An Interesting Modification
    11:00 PM ET 12/17/98 Seth C
    Did you think it was far too much trouble modifying your Saturn to play import titles? Well you haven't seen anything yet. It's amazing how far some people will go to deliver to themselves the perfect arcade-to-home gaming experience. This stick is being called the "Virtua Stick Pro DC" by its creators and believe it or not, it is a home modification.

    If you want to check out some shots of how the stick was put together, just head to this site.

    Source: Sega X

    Bits & Pieces
    11:00 PM ET 12/17/98 Seth C
    -Treasure has apparently now announced that they are officially working titles for the Dreamcast. Although we knew they would be working on games for the NAOMI arcade board, it was uncertain (but obviously expected) if they would work on the Dreamcast.

    -NoJ's President mentioned a new system or add-on that will be released in 1999. If Nintendo is not cautious they will become like Sega was in 16-bit era… how many system add-ons do we really need?

    -Psychic Force 2012 will be getting an update in the arcades. Its new title will be Psychic Force 2012 Alliance. It will be much the same as the Team Battle update to Virtua Fighter 3. It's unknown which version of the game will be seen on the Dreamcast.

    Source: Sega X

    Sonic Adventure Reviewed
    10:30 AM ET 12/17/98 EsquE
    Japan's Weekly Famitsu Magazine has given Sonic Adventure a 38 out of 40, higher than even VF3tb, with two scores of 9 and two perfect 10's. Sounds like Sonic is going to be the awesome game and system seller we all expected. And launching in the US with this game will surely help Sega get back in good standing on the North American market. The Blue Blur is truly back.
    Source: Dimension S

    Shiken Takeshi: Evenstar Confirmed
    10:30 AM ET 12/17/98 EsquE
    According to SegaNET, Dreamstone Entertainment's first project, an RPG titled Shiken Takeshi: Evenstar, will be headed to the DC. Evenstar is a console style RPG with its roots on the PC. The DC version will not be a direct port of the PC version, but will instead be built from the ground up using the SegaAPI for development rather than the Windows CE OS. Dreamstone also plans to utilize the GD-ROM capabilities as well as the DC Modem.

    Bits & Pieces
    10:30 AM ET 12/17/98 EsquE
    - Sonic Adventure will have a new web accessing feature that allows players to download new data to the game from the Dricas Sonic Adventure homepage. You can also trade your chaos creatures with other people over the net.

    - Sega said the Dreamcast VGA Box (a connector that will allow you to play DC games on a VGA Monitor) will only work on DC games that are marked as having VGA Box support. Right now only VF3tb and Godzilla Generations are compatible with the VGA Box, but there will be more VGA Box compatible games in the future.
    Source: Magic Box

    Rumor Mill
    10:30 AM ET 12/17/98 EsquE
    - Capcom is planning to port their latest CPS3 arcade game, Jojo's Venture, to Dreamcast for a fall 99 release. Considering the difference in RAM between the CPS3 board and the DC, it will be interesting to see how this game would translate to DC to indicate how other CPS3 games would appear.

    - Capcom is porting Street Fighter EX + Alpha 2 to both Playstation and Dreamcast. Several new characters will be in the home version, including characters from Street Fighter III and Street Fighter Alpha 3. The graphics in the DC version will be enhanced and the game will include VMS support. The DC version is planned for a fall 99 release.
    Source: Magic Box

    Shen Mue Live
    11:30 AM ET 12/15/98 EsquE
    The introduction of Shen Mue on December 20th 1998 will be shown live on the net here. Sega has also launched a Shen Mue website. Neither site is active now but will be on the 20th. We'll keep you reminded of this as the date approaches.

    Incoming Reviews
    11:30 AM ET 12/15/98 EsquE
    Reviews of the DC game Incoming have appeared in Japanese magazines, most notably Weekly Famitsu. The game received a 27 out of 40 with individual scores of 7, 7, 7 and 6. Not bad considering the toughness of Famitsu's reviewers.

    The game also received an 8 from and editor in Dreamcast Magazine who was quoted as saying, "'The sound and graphics completely overflow with the feeling of being at a live event."
    Source: Dreamcaster

    Sega Director Demoted
    11:30 AM ET 12/15/98 EsquE
    According to Gamers' Republic, Sega of Japan has disclosed that their senior managing executive director, Hidekazu Yukawa, has been demoted to executive managing director. This move came as a result of the failure to ship the promised number of Dreamcasts at launch. The demoted sirector has appeared in Japanese commercial apologizing for the lack of systems.

    There have been mixed reactions to this move as some are taking it seriously and others consider it to be another publicity stunt by Sega to keep them in the public eye. Considering that Mr. Yukawa is in charage of liscensees and distribution, not production and shipment, this is a likely a little bit of humorous publicity on Sega's part.

    Bits & Pieces
    11:30 AM ET 12/15/98 EsquE
    - Climax Landers is now set for a February 25th release. The extra time has allowed for the development of VMS related mini-games that will involve the development of character's stats.

    - Capcom's Power Stone will be appearing in Arcades shortly and the likely identical DC version has a set release date of February 25th, only 2 months after the arcade release.

    - Koei announced their first Dreamcast title and it unfortunately is not one of their flagship simulation games. Instead, it will be a mahjong game titled Happy Mahjong II, in which you can play mahjong with characters from Romance of The Three Kingdoms, Operation Europe, Nobunga's Ambition, etc.

    - Culture Brain is working on two Dreamcast titles: SD Hiryunoken Gaiden EX Edition (May 1999), and Hiryunoken Legends (Aug. 1999). Both are fighting games.
    Sources: Gaming Age, Magic Box

    Rumor Mill
    11:30 AM ET 12/15/98 EsquE
    - Capcom is planning to release the Dreamcast version of Marvel VS Capcom in April 1999. It is the 3rd installment of their arcade tag-team battle fighting games.

    - Due to the pressure from Sega's president, AM2 might have to give up on the Model 4 development and use the Naomi arcade board to produce Virtua Fighter 4.
    Source: Magic Box

    Maken X Webpage
    1:00 PM ET 12/14/98 EsquE
    Atlus has opened up a webpage for their upcoming DC title, Maken X, with some nice screenshots of the game. The site is entirely in Japanese so take that into consideration before visiting. This game has already become a topic of controversy as a swastika was spotted in one of the screenshots. Atlus has decided to make this a Japan only title rather than face a backlash over here.
    Source: Dreamcaster

    Nintendo's President Speaks
    1:00 PM ET 12/14/98 EsquE
    While Hiroshi Yamauchi, President of Nintendo Enterprises, has been one of the true pioneers and leaders in the world of videogames, it may be time for him to step down. With the move of Squaresoft from Nintendo to Sony, Yamauchi verbally assaulted Square's games as well as RPG fans in general and alienated a large portion of Japan's gaming community.

    Yamauchi is at it again in a recent interview with Nikkei Sangyo Shinbun. He launches an attack against those in the industry that just "don't understand" and his main target is Sega. He is quoted as saying, ""If you develop a new console with powerful CPU, what kind of games are you going to release? Do you think you it will automatically be a success? Can you work with a software developing team well? The people who are always talking about the next console are the ones that don't understand the video game business."

    It's sad to say but I think it's Mr. Yamauchi that has lost touch with the game players of the world. Despite the slow launch, Sega has always focused on software, and maybe Mr. Yamauchi should look into a local arcade once in awhile. Nintendo will have to release new hardware as well, and the 64DD is supposed to be out this year, making this statement even more non-sensical. Hopefully when the next Nintendo system launches it will be with a new President at the helm. Or else we'll all be playing Pokemon until our heads explode, which is what we all really want but are just too ashamed to admit, right? I didn't think so either.
    Source: FGN Online

    Dreamcast Defects
    1:00 PM ET 12/14/98 EsquE
    According a Japanese source of FGN Online's the problem with defective Dreamcasts seems to be isolated only to NCS orders. There have been no reports of problems in magazines or from other retailers they spoke to. The source surmised that NCS may have had problems somewhere between Japan and its warehouse.

    Team Andromeda Update
    12:00 PM ET 12/11/98 EsquE
    A day later Gaming Age had another report about the status of Team Andromeda. One member has been temporarily relocated to Sonic Team to work on the CG FMV for Sonic Adventures. Another has left the team and is a part of the group responsible for Pen Pen Triicealon. The rest of the team meanwhile is still together and working on an as yet unannounced game for the Dreamcast. Looks like it was a big scare for nothing as only a few members have actually moved on, and some only temporarily.

    Flight Shooting
    12:00 PM ET 12/11/98 EsquE
    More details on Konami's first DC title, Flight Shooting, have emerged. It is a 3D mission based shooter/flight combat sim in the vein of Namco's Ace Combat series. Each mission has its own set of goals and the controls are simplified so that anybody can pick up and play. There are a variety of environments such as sea, desert, arctic, urban, and forest for players to fly through and there will be multiple viewing perspectives to switch to during play.
    Source: Magic Box

    Carrier Details
    12:00 PM ET 12/11/98 EsquE
    More info on Jaleco's 3D horror/adventure game have surfaced. The game takes place in the near future on an air carrier which has lost contact with its base. An investigation group is sent to the carrier only to find that all of the people on the ship have become zombies. You have stay alive and investigate the incident within a 10 hour time limit.

    A new innovative system is used in the game. While you control the character that you choose, the other 4 main characters will be performing actions and exploring the ship with separate timed A.I. routines. You can meet up with them or may never run into them. You also have to be careful not to shoot any of them and hope that they don't shoot you.

    There are multiple events and missions within the game, and the story and ending will change if you cannot complete specific tasks within the time limit.

    Jaleco's recent console track record has been very poor and Carrier may be their last chance. They are placing a lot of hope in Carrier and it sounds like every detail is being taken into consideration along with some very innovative gameplay. The game is expected to be released in the summer of 1999.
    Source: Magic Box

    9:55 PM ET 12/10/98 Seth C
    Reports of defective Dreamcast units have been circulating about the 'net for some time now, but until today they were mostly considered to be isolated incidents blown up to larger proportions. Unfortunately today NCS confirmed that there are quite a few system which simply aren't working properly. Here is a quote directly from them:

    "Out of 270 Dreamcast units that NCS has sold or had a part in distributing, 33 units (12% of the sampling size) had problems that required repairs. These were new machines that needed service right out of the box. The two most common problems that we have found are defects in the operation of the GD-Rom drive and system lock-ups after the machine has been on for about an hour. As such, NCS is now testing all new shipments of consoles individually to ensure quality."

    This is also part of the reason the Dreamcast units we at DC Extreme were expecting have been delayed. The Japanese supplier who was distributing them to the import shop we ordered from caught the manufacturing errors before shipment and went through testing them and weeding out the units with defects, before they shipped them. Hopefully though Crafter and I will have our systems shortly.

    Sega Rally 2 Overload
    9:15 PM ET 12/10/98 Seth C
    Thanks to NoriPhd we have tons of screens from the Dreamcast version of Sega Rally 2. These first shots are two of the extra stages in the 10 Year Rally part of the game. The tracks are called "Mountain Special Stage 1" and "Mountain Special Stage 3".

    Next up is something I'm sure you've all been dying to see. Sega Rally 2.... split-screen multi-player! Now I know you're going to notice the extreme lack of trackside details but don't worry as I'm quite sure this will be fixed before the game is released

    VF3tb Public Service Announcement
    11:45 PM ET 12/09/98 Seth C
    Would you like to see the most biased review of Virtua Fighter 3tb on the 'net? Then you need look no further than this review on Gamepot. From its exaggerations of the game's graphical flaws, to its misrepresentation of Virtua Fighter gameplay, it is off from start to finish. Just read this portion for an idea of the reviewers level of bias:

    "I'm sorry, but tossing in the same team battle mode that other fighters have had for years doesn't warrant tacking a "tb" onto the end of the game's title."

    Well I'm sorry, but with this game being an update of the already released Virtua Fighter 3, something had to be added to the title to distinguish it from the previous game! Would the reviewer perhaps have preferred it be Virtua Fighter 3 Turbo, or EX Plus Alpha… or maybe Virtua Fighter 3 '98 Edition? Keep in mind that this is the only version of the game on a console, so it is not a simple rehash title with the prime goal being to make money from the same game twice. If that were the case I could understand, but that is not the case therefore the reviewer is going so far as to use the title of a game as a reason to drop its score. That, my friends, is a complete lack of editorial ability.

    My point in all of this? Pay no attention to the review, read others available on the 'net and make your decision from those. The game is great, it received one of the best arcade to home conversions ever (despite its flaws) and unless you have played a Virtua fighter game and simply don't like them, you will enjoy this game in the series.

    Team Andromeda Breaks Up? No thank you
    11:45 PM ET 12/09/98 Seth C
    I don't believe it. Personally, unless I hear it from the mouth of a TA member, I won't even come close to believing that they have disbanded. I know I know, lots of teams do separate in time… but it would be an absolutely travesty for these guys to separate. In the short time we have known them they have delivered some of the best software I have personally witnessed. Perhaps these rumors stem from exaggerations and only a few members left…. I know everyone at DC Extreme is hoping it does only turn out to be a rumor with absolutely no truth to it.

    Dreamcast Software in at #2
    11:45 PM ET 12/09/98 Seth C
    In the Japanese sales charts for November 23-29, one Dreamcast title made a top 10 showing. I'll give you three guesses but I guarantee you'll only need one. Yup, it was Virtua Fighter 3tb. If you need to ask the game that topped it, it was Zelda. The other 3 launch titles managed to squeak in to the top 25, but just barely. Godzilla Generations was #16, Pen Pen #21, and July was at #25. Overall, it's not bad for a system with only 150 thousand units on the street. Also keep in mind that the Dreamcast released on November 27 and only got to take advantage of 3 days of that sales week.
    Source: Dimension S

    No Sonic Delays?
    10:30 AM ET 12/09/98 EsquE
    According to National Console Support, two distribution houses in Tokyo have now confirmed delivery of Sonic Adventures on December 23. Seventh Cross and Tetris 4D are also confirmed for the 23rd. Looks like it will be a blue Christmas after all.

    Midway is Commited
    10:30 AM ET 12/09/98 EsquE
    To Dreamcast that is. According to FGN, Midway has officially announced three DC titles. A conversion of the arcade boat racer, Hydro Thunder, is set for release in the first half of January ‘99. A brand new Mortal Kombat title with a slew of new characters and options is set for an early 2000 release. And the truly awesome NFL Blitz will be a DC launch title in September. It will be enhanced for the DC and be titled NFL Blitz 200.

    Team Andromeda Breaks Up
    10:30 AM ET 12/09/98 EsquE
    According to Gaming Age Team Andromeda, responsible for the extremely popular Panzer Dragoon games on The Saturn, has disbanded. This is only a rumor at this point and we can only hope that Gaming Age's sources turn out to be unreliable. No offense to Gaming Age, but I've never wanted a website to get a story wrong more than this one. Panzer Dragoon Saga was my favorite game this year, and a DC sequel was highly anticipated. If this is true there is little chance of that, or of the game surpassing the original if done by another team.

    Dreamcast Sales figures
    5:00 PM ET 12/08/98 Seth C
    The sales figures from the Dreamcast's launch weekend are now in. To no one's surprise, the system completely sold out, and VF3 sold nearly 1 to 1 with the system but after that there were no top sellers, not even close. Check out the details:

    Dreamcast Systems: 140,830 (a further 9,000 units were used for promotional purposes)
    Virtua Fighter 3tb: 131,888
    Godzilla Generations: 22,079
    Pen Pen: 17,079
    July: 14013
    Source: Seganet

    Dreamcast Movies
    5:00 PM ET 12/08/98 Seth C
    In case you missed it, this site has quite a few high quality Dreamcast videos for download. You can even download the entire VF3tb intro sequence, but expect it to take a while... the thing is a whopping 51 megs! The site also has videos of Godzilla Generations and Pen Pen Tri-ice-alon so be sure to head over there and check it out.

    Bits & Pieces
    5:00 PM ET 12/08/98 Seth C
    -Seganet reports that while Virtua Striker '99 is in the works, it won't be a Naomi game but will instead be running on the Model 3 board.

    -Blue Stinger will support the Puru Puru (rumble) pack.

    Atlus Lets it Slip
    11:45 PM ET 12/07/98 Seth C
    We knew, of course, that Atlus in Japan was working on Dreamcast (Makan X) but there was no guarantee that their games would be getting a port to the US, that is, until now. Check out this bit that the webmaster of Atlus' site let slip…

    "Rest assured we'll be here to bring you the best games for Playstation, N64, and Dreamc... Ooops...."

    NCS Reduces DC Pricing
    8:45 PM ET 12/07/98 Seth C
    Due to an increase in systems hitting the market NCS has dropped their prices on Dreamcast systems by roughly $100. You can now get a DC with one game for $600 or with two for $660. They do not foresee prices dropping further this week, unless Sega ships another 150k units this Thursday.

    Eric Hammond Interview
    8:45 PM ET 12/07/98 Seth C
    Eric Hammond is Sega of America's Vice President of Product Development (ever wonder if these people can even remember their own titles?). This is a short piece of an interview Next Generation magazine conducted with him in their January issue.

    Next Generation Magazine: Set the record straight on the competing consoles Sega was developing.

    Eric Hammond: I think Sega wanted two groups working to make sure they ended up with something great. We were using 3Dfx hardware and a Hitachi CPU and we actually had a Glide demo running in mid-1997. It was cancelled [in favor of Katana, NEC powered hardware] later that year.

    NG: How different is Dural from what the Dreamcast is today?

    Eric: Not at lot different, it actually encompasses a lot of what we were doing from a system architecture perpespective. See, the teams talked a lot everyday, back and forth. Every day, we were both trying to move ahead with our stuff and incorporate anything the other team had done the day before. It was pretty brutal, but it made the platforms stronger. I think Dreamcast is much stronger than either project would have been on its own.

    Be sure to check out the rest of the interview at Dimension S.

    Saturn Re-release
    8:20 PM ET 12/04/98 Seth C
    Majesco, the company responsible for the re-design and distribution of the Genesis 3, will begin manufacturing and distributing the Sega Saturn early in 1999. The Saturn's US installed user base is estimated at 1.5 million, but if their expected sales of the Genesis 3 (1-2 million units) for '99 suggest numbers for Saturn sales, this could be quickly changing. The price of the system will be a mere $49.

    Several factors have some industry analysts believing the Saturn could make a comeback of sorts. First, and most obvious, is the price. Majesco will also be selling software for the system, some titles coming in at prices as low as $14.99. With those prices, combined with the cost of the system, someone could purchase a 32-bit system and 3 games for under $100. This makes the purchase of the system a possible impulse buy. Second is Majesco's track record with retailers, which has become very favorable with the Genesis 3. Retailers (especially large chains such as Wal-Mart) like Majesco, therefore they are willing to cooperate and give shelf space as needed.

    Majesco will also be re-releasing the Sega Game Gear at the low low price of $29.
    Source: Game Intelligence Magazine #1

    Sega Rally 2
    8:20 PM ET 12/04/98 Seth C
    Well, whatever Sega is doing to Sega Rally 2… it sure looks good. Just take a look at these images from the Desert stage and drool. This track, if you weren't aware, is the first track for the original Sega Rally Championship, and it is going to be included in the Dreamcast version of SR2. It looks much better than even the Model 2 arcade version of the game! Let's hope and pray Sega decides to release Model 2 packs and give them the same makeover treatment that this track got. Be sure to check out the always fabulous SegaHolic for more images.

    Zombie Zone
    8:20 PM ET 12/04/98 Seth C
    These new screens of Zombie Zone (formerly Blood Bullet) look absolutely stunning. Perhaps even rivaling the game's Model 3 cousin, Spikout. The texture quality is beautiful, with the environments looking nearly lifelike. All this, and the game is only 35% complete. We are truly entering a new era in gaming. As with the SR2 shots, you can visit SegaHolic for more zombie goodness.

    Sega Adds New Staff Member
    3:15 PM ET 12/03/98 EsquE
    Sega of America announced yeasterday a new addition to its executive staff for the North American launch of the Dreamcast next fall.

    Chris Gilbert joined the company as senior vice president of sales, in charge of distribution, sales, sales servicing and merchandising. He brings more than 13 years of experience in multimedia sales management to Sega.

    GameArts Web Page Opens
    3:15 PM ET 12/03/98 EsquE
    GameArts has opened their webpage with extensive coverage and screenshots of their Dreamcast titles Grandia 2 and Sangokushi. The site is all in Japanes but very easy to navigate. Check it out.

    Bits & Pieces
    3:15 PM ET 12/03/98 EsquE
    - Capcom will make their new Naomi game, Power Stone, into a TV cartoon in Japan. The game will be released in arcades this winter, and a DC conversion is planned for spring.

    - Capcom has delayed the release of their first Dreamcast title, Bio Hazard: Code Veronica, from Spring of 1999 to the winter of 1999. They are aiming to sell at least 1 million units of the game, and they want to wait until Dreamcast has at least a 3 million system user base.

    - Fortyfive's first Dreamcast adventure title, July, will become a movie. The July movie will be released in Japan next year.

    - Sega will open a new Net Ranking web page for Dreamcast's Sega Rally 2. Players can post their name and high scores, and can see how they rank up with other players from around the world. However, you must first register and open an email account on Dricas to use this service.
    Source: Magic Box

    Two Dreamcast Delays
    3:15 PM ET 12/02/98 Seth C
    Two Dreamcast titles have received delays. Evolution has been pushed back from November (it obviously didn't come out, eh?) to January. Blue Stinger has also been further delayed, this time it's gone from being a January title to a March '99 release. Let's only hope Sonic Adventure releases on time, otherwise we are looking at some serious N64-like returns of systems.

    Wanna See Shen Mue?
    3:15 PM ET 12/02/98 Seth C
    Well then you better be living in Japan. Sega is currently distributing invitations to the Shen Mue unveiling throughout their chain of retail outlets in Japan. Once you acquire one of these little invites, you simply fill it out and drop it in the mail. All applications must be received by December 7. Sega has 5 more of these shows planned to take place in various locations throughout Japan.

    Bits & Pieces
    3:15 PM ET 12/02/98 Seth C
    -According to Game-Online Ubi-Soft will confirm that Speedbusters will be ported to Dreamcast shortly. It will not be a straight port and should include interaction with the VMS.

    -CSK released new screenshots of Aero Dancing so be sure to click that link and check them out.

    Seventh Cross Matures
    10:15 PM ET 12/01/98 Seth C
    It seems that Seventh Cross may have actually done some improving. This site posted some new images of the game which actually look good. Guess there are some surprises left after all. Anyway, head over there to see what the game will have in store.

    More Dreamcast on the Way
    10:15 PM ET 12/01/98 Seth C
    NCS reported earlier today that the Dreamcast situation may be improving, at least a little bit. According to their suppliers in Hong Kong and Japan, new shipments of the system could be coming in as soon as tonight. Unfortunately this will not be a large shipment and will probably not cause the prices to drop by any substantial margin but NCS does caution that the price could very well begin to fall anytime now. The larger shipment of systems is still expected closer to Christmas.

    Dream Passport Functions in the US
    10:15 PM ET 12/01/98 Seth C
    According to a report over at SegaNet, they have tested the Dreamcast modem and internet software (Dream Passport) here in the US and everything works just fine. The article goes on to mention the process of registering your system with Sega of Japan via a phone call to their server (bet that costs a load) before you will be able to use the software with your ISP. Once that is done however, everything works just fine.