Sega is Changing Their Philosophy

I have to admit that I was rather delighted to partake in the recent video game magazines (as I haven't in quite sometime). What I found (though obviously it went unsaid) was a hint of guilt strewn across the pages. Next Generation and it's past bias towards Sega and its Saturn left a sour taste in my mouth until I saw the closing headline of the most recent issue: WHY YOUR NEXT CONSOLE MAY BE A SEGA. Can you imagine the insecurity and inferiority all the close-minded Sony nuts felt? I sure can, and I can't say that I'm unhappy about it… (keep in mind, I'm definitely a Sega worshipper). EGM also had some nice things to say about Sega and their upcoming Dreamcast regarding the company's smart moves and fresh outlook. I believe all of this premature praise cast from the major American video game publications is warranted and here are my reasons:

Sega has always had a somewhat aloof way of marketing their video games. Since they have remained dominant in the arcades for sometime (and are now so far ahead of the competition technologically it's not even funny) Sega has always targeted that tentacle of the market, and has usually considered the consumer as second.

No longer.

What is promising is that we gamers will not only receive the godliness that is Sega Arcade, but are assured we will be receiving a new Sonic game, a new Yu Suzuki project, a new Yuji Naka project, and other original titles! Doesn't that make you insane with impatience? You're not the only one. We here at DCX want this system right now, but we respect Sega's decisions and their change of philosophy.

Sega is now doing something they never have (barring perhaps the Genesis): PRIORITIZING. Their priority lies in only the best for every aspect when considering the Dreamcast: the hardware, the software, and---probably most importantly--- the consumer.

The Dreamcast is a consumer machine. It will cater to the people and to the people only. That means hardcore and casual. Console addicts and PC addicts. Online gamers and Offline gamers. Other than Working Delays (who only insult Sega because of economics and grudges)… I have honestly not seen nor heard one developer say ANYTHING negative about the Dreamcast. Can you say that about N64? ("Well, the cartridge format is somewhat limiting, but…"), Playstation? ("We would have liked to work beyond the RAM limitations, but…"), Project X ("We're MUCH more interested in the Sega kit [Dreamcast] at the moment…"), or even the Saturn ("the innards are somewhat convoluted…")? No! There always seems to be SOME negative comments from developers, but we have yet to witness them! What hype!

You can bet Dreamcast will live up to it.