Sonic and Beyond

Gamers and industry onlookers have finally gotten to realize the first Dreamcast game made by an in-house, first-party division of Sega, Sonic Team. This game, Sonic Adventure, has been met with almost wholly positive feedback and collective jaws have dropped across the globe as the first footage and "real" screenshots have been released. Many hardcore gamers, webmasters, and editors witnessed the exciting Japanese press conference, in which Yuji Naka expressed many unexpected and wonderful aspects of the game, such as multiple character selections and abilities as well as HUGE play-fields and A-life implementation, just as in NiGHTS.

What was most exquisite to many gamers were the undeniably perfect graphics. There has not been one online source thus far (regardless of their past biases toward Sega) that have not admitted this fact. As of now, Sonic Adventure is simply the most impressive game ever witnessed. The visual splendor in Sonic Adventure easily matches that of Model 3 Step 2. One must realize immediately that Sonic Adventure is a FIRST GENERATION game for the Dreamcast. This means that as time passes and developers learn the intricacies of the hardware, games will eclipse the graphics in Sonic Adventure. Compare Panzer Dragoon for the Saturn with that of Panzer Dragoon Saga. A higher resolution, better integration of polygons, better texturing, higher framerate… simply incredible. Now imagine a 5th generation Dreamcast title, such as Sonic Adventure 3. Can't imagine it? Neither can we! This should excite the Sega gamer greatly.

What excites us most here at DC Extreme are the future prospects of the Sega Dreamcast. Hypothetical games such as Night 2, Panzer Dragoon Drei, Shinobi 5, and Phantasy Star V are not to be taken as purely imaginative wishes! Sega clearly stated that they want to market their popular franchises on the Dreamcast… thus, we can expect ALL of these. This also means that arcade ports of games like Super GT, Daytona 2, Spikeout, Ocean Hunter, Virtua Fighter 3, Fighting Vipers 2, Lost World, GunBlade New York II, Sega Rally 2, Motor Raid, and L.A. Riders are either very likely or inevitable!

I suppose it's appropriate to mention that I feel that Dreamcast will inject a lot of fun into my life. People should stop worrying about the "Next-Next-Generation" hooplah… sit back, and enjoy the ride. Sure the PSX2 will come, as will the N2000… but that is all irrelevant. Don't worry about technicality and the false impending nature of the industry. Just play your games and have fun!