Top 20 Reasons Dreamcast Will Succeed
Part One

Here are but 20 reasons the Sega Dreamcast will succeed...

1. A worldwide launch budget of 500 million dollars. This astounding figure exponentially surpasses that of any other launch budget, and Sega is ensuring that all goes well, and that ANY discrepancy is promptly taken care of.

2. The resurrection of Sonic. Though we were "treated" to the somewhat disappointing Sonic 3D Blast for the Saturn and the fun-but-obsolete Sonic Jam, we were left in waiting for a non-existent Sonic Extreme. Sonic 3D (working title) HAS been confirmed for the Dreamcast. This recognizable mascot will undoubtedly heat things up during the American launch.

3. Capcom. This company, with its majestic 2D gems and several 3D wonders, will inevitably "cast" their visions upon Sega's next console. Resident Evil 4, anyone? Street Fighter 3: Second Impact?

4. The expandable and technologically extensive capabilities of the Dreamcast. Online gaming, PDA Units, Neo-Geo Pocket compatibility to name a few. A "massive online game" has been in the works for sometime, and something of this magnitude would surely draw the PC crowd in as well!

5. Yuji Naka. The visionary responsible for Sonic the Hedgehog and NiGHTS. Naka-san has a surprise coming up for us!

6. AM series games. These games are what make Sega the dominator in the arcade market. AM and their amazing Virtua Fighter series (which becomes more and more unbelievable), Fighting Vipers 2, Virtua On: Oratorio Tangram (Virtual On 2), Daytona 2, Get Bass, Lost World, Super GT…. Need I say more? These games are VERY likely ports for the Dreamcast, considering the console's domination in specs over Model 3!

7. Team Andromeda, another division of Sega. With their creation of the Panzer series for Saturn, a new lever of originality and immersion was realized. Locally, I experienced several people who traded in their Playstations for Saturns just to play and own Panzer Dragoon Zwei. Team Andromeda is said to have some secret projects underway for Sega Dreamcast. I've dreamt of Panzer 3 or Panzer Saga 2 many a night...

8. The specifications of the Dreamcast itself. Sega has, if anything, overwhelmed me and the people I associate with on the internet. Although rendered in triangles instead of Model3 squares, the Sega Dreamcast is still, theoretically, 50% more powerful than its arcade big brother in terms of polygons per second. Couple that with around 26 megs of total RAM and you have the beginnings of a monster. Check the hardware section for a more thorough synopsis.

9. Sega's calculations. Though Saturn was a success in Japan, its performance (in a market standpoint) left a bit to be desired elsewhere. Sega has taken the initiative to rethink its systematic approach (refer to #1) and to cater to both hardcore and casual gamers.

10. PC ports are easy and logical. Though not as important to the hardcore Sega gamers (such as myself) we should take into account that a console with not only the best AM, Capcom, and third-party Japanese games around… but also the best PC games around, will cause a tempest of success in the market.


(Ed's Note: Come back later this week to check out the final 10 reasons.)