Top 20 Reasons Dreamcast Will Succeed
Part Two

Here are the last 10 reasons Dreamcast will succeed, a continuation of my last editorial.

11. Yu Suzuki. Though acclaimed for the Virtua Fighter series, Suzuki-san, not unlike Naka-san, may have some new surprises in store for us.

12. Although a bit superficial in nature, it is important to consider the fact that a wider audience, probably ages 8-30, will be considered for the Dreamcast. It is stated that Sega will consider the female population of gamers a bit more this time around. Perhaps that is why we ended up with the name "Dreamcast", instead of "Phoenix", "Annihilator," and "Eclipse". It is an attempt to broaden the appeal, and I foresee it working.

13. Sega is one of the Top 3 software developers in the world. Hard to believe that, considering their somewhat stilted past regarding inferior hardware. Dreamcast is different, readers. There should be no worries when considering the hardware… the specs are amazing. Couple this fact with some of the most entertaining software and you will have an astronomical system.

14. Old franchises being resurrected. Notwithstanding Sonic, there is a feeling brewing in the air that cannot be ignored: People are detecting deep within them that the old Sega will return. I expect a new Golden Axe, Shinobi, Streets of Rage, Wonder Boy, and-who knows?-perhaps even Alex Kidd!

15. Immediate competition. VM Lab's upcoming "Project X", regardless of its DVD format, has failed to impress. Comments like "we much prefer the Sega kit at the moment" and "I've seen stuff like this on the Playstation" obviously cannot be taken in any positive light, despite much rationalization. There have been reports that Project X will focus on "edutainment" and "multimedia" software just as much as games. Remember 3DO? Nuff said.

16. Sega's originality considering new projects. There have been many reports of a game called "Crimson" that is said to be similar to Tomb Raider, and that it is being developed by Sega of Japan. Also, as mentioned before, there are projects in the works that come from the most ingenious minds of Japan: Kenji Eno (of Warp fame), Yuji Naka, Yu Suzuki, and many others. (GameArts, Capcom, Konami...)

17. New peripheral technology.

18. The controllers. Despite minor disappointments regarding the streamlined, 4-button interface, the controllers for he Dreamcast are, indeed, revolutionary. The VMS system is indeed, a marvel. The idea that a player can secretly code in his characters moves and characteristics is, on a console, unheard of. This will indeed ad a new, creative aspect, and perhaps even a new dimension of fun, to the way video games are played. And who knows? Perhaps even the 4-button interface will be changed yet.

19. A thoughtful launch. Though many are impatient, and overflowing with complaints, Sega is ensuring that its launch is successful. There will reportedly be 10 games at launch (America)… and just think…save your money and you could get 3 extra controllers, some games, and some miscellaneous peripherals. Fall 1999 is not THAT far away, come to think of it.

20. There will be people like me (a hardcore-Sega-loyalist) working in Electronics Boutique in order to educate the masses! I sold 51 Saturns Christmas of 96!