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Every editor of Dreamcast Extreme was taken up into an alien spacecraft to be examined by little green men sometime in May of '99! Luckily, two of us have escaped and wow what a horrible experience that was. Now we're back and ready for action. Expect the same from us that you always have, that is to say.. the best DC coverage you'll find anywhere.

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  • We're Baaaack! -6:30pm
    And we plan to head straight to the top of your bookmarks.

  • Out with the Old, In With the New -10:30pm
    Some of the staff didn't last through the drought, but we'll have new blood soon.

  • Time Stalkers - April 28
    The first RPG for Dreamcast that Sega of America has published. But what of those horrid random dungeons? Find out inside.

  • Shenmue - Dec. 22
    EsquE takes a look at he most anticipated Dreamcast title of '99.

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  • Recent Updates

    April 28th

    April 28th


    Our new man Vern takes a look at SoA's translation of Climax Landers aka time Stalkers. See how it fared.


    Blue Stinger looks to be the first HOT DC third-party title. See everything Makaze has to say about it.

    For those who planned to purchase an import DC, did the prices change your mind? 12/22/98

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