EA Speaks - 6:25 pm EST
Seth C
Sega X recently had the opportunity to speak with a representative of EA and ask about the possibility of Dreamcast development. Their response? "...currently, we have no Dreamcast games in production. And it has not been decided whether we will support the new system from Sega or not." This is by no means a "no". Considering EA has developed titles for nearly every system ever created (save possibly the Jaguar and 32X) I wouldn't expect to see them not work on the Dreamcast.

How Impressive Was D2? - 3:25 pm EST
Seth C
So you weren't impressed with what you saw of D2? A lot of you weren't, I know. But perhaps you didn't understand just what you were seeing. The game was running at a very smooth 60 frames per second, and without trouble. Also, all the detail you see on Laura's face is not texture mapping prowess, but thousands of polygons. Furthermore, each leaf on every tree can move and sway individually, because each is comprised of polygons. How is that for detail? Also, when you play the game you will be treated to three VHS quality movies, one at the beginning, one in the middle, and one for the ending. It all sounds quite nice to me...
Source: EGM

US Launch Titles Revealed - 3:05 pm EST
Seth C
It looks as though Bernie is revealing some of the release games for here in the US. If you don't recall, it was previously stated that there would be 32 of them. Recently, he revealed what a few of those would be:

"We will launch with a football and basketball title as part of our overall mix. We're also launching with Sonic…plus for the first time we're going to have the online component, launching with a multiplayer game where thousands of people can play simultaneously."

It looks like Sega is headed in the right direction. They have their mascot title, and two sports games, which are ever so important in this country. Aside from that, they are going in a new direction and bringing to the states the first console based online game.

Source: EGM

How Popular Is Sonic? - 2:55 pm EST
Seth C
You don't think Sonic is popular? Don't think he makes a good mascot? Sega didn't at the beginning of the Saturn's life, and look what happened. But now Sega is getting back to their roots and is planning to market Sonic heavily. He was even in the demo shown or Irisan's head. It looks like EGM agrees with Sega. In the latest issue, they disclosed that Sonic has appeared on the cover more than any other character. 9 times, to be exact. That's more than Mario, Crash, Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li or anyone else for that matter. Looks like Sega has made the right choice.

More On The US RPG - 12:55 am EST
Seth C
More info comes directly from my good friend nando over at the Dreamcast HQ about the US RPG. The title of this game is Nightmare Saga, and is being designed by Edge Creations, as stated yesterday. It is only 10% complete at the moment, but will be ready for a September release, which is one month after the system releases in the US, according to the game's designer. It will be a horror RPG similar to Resident Evil, but with more of an emphasis on gameplay and storyline. I am in contact with the game's designers, so expect some exclusive screenshots soon.

Koei and Atlus Say Yes - 10:25 pm EST
Seth C
Koei was recently asked if they were working on the Dreamcast, finally they have said something solid when they responded, "...we are now busy with developing some DC titles." Atlus has also confirmed their plans about development. Sega X asked them what their plans were and they said, "...we are going to sign up for Sega's DC. Right now, we are doing game development." This bit of news should make all RPG hungry gamers very happy, although neither company announced any specific titles.

Crystal Dynamics Says Maybe - 9:35 pm EST
Seth C
Crystal Dynamics is considering developing for the Dreamcast. They haven't officially signed on, but it is under heavy consideration. A possible title could be the new Gex game that is currently under development.
Source: Sega Otaku

Square and Namco Say No - 9:35 pm EST
Seth C
Square has apparently asked print and online publications to discontinue naming them as either a confirmed or possible developer on the Dreamcast. Namco is also denying any possibility that they might work on titles for the system. We'll have to wait and see if these two change their minds later on.
Source: Sega Otaku

More Developers - 9:10 pm EST
Seth C
Published reports in Japan are saying that both Game Arts and Hudson Soft are in negotiations to develop games for Dreamcast. Hudson is reportedly working on multiple titles. Looks like we have two more.
Source: Sega Otaku

This Weeks Poll - 3:00 pm EST
Seth C
- New Design -
How Do You Like the New Layout?

It's Worse
It's Better
I'm Indifferent

Current Results
First, the results from last week's poll:

When Should Sega Release The Dreamcast?
-December '98: 51%
-May '99: 27%
-September '99: 22%

Looks like quite a few of you were voting with a bit of wishful thinking. :) Feel free to continue voting in that poll, as it will remain online.

This week's poll pertains to the site. How do you like the new design? Is it better, worse, or maybe you're indifferent and don't think it looks better or worse? Let us know.

More On Gothic - 1:00 pm EST
Seth C
Gothic coming to Dreamcast? It appears very likely. I was speaking with Tom Putzki of Piranha Bytes today, and asked him about the possibility of a port to Dreamcast. Here is what he had to say:

"We're very interested in Dreamcast, because it seems to be the right platform to port GOTHIC to a console; lots of power I think!"

There you have it. It seems as though almost every developer wants to get their title to Dreamcast.

US RPG... In August? - 12:45 pm EST
Seth C
Apparently, Edge Creations is working on a US developed RPG for the Dreamcast launch in this country. Katana-Edge's source also stated that the release date in the US is August '99. This comes as really no surprise to me… it's what time I've been saying the system will launch for quite a while now!

Super Bikes Racing to DC - 12:45 pm EST
Seth C
Milestone has confirmed that they will be porting their new PC title, Super Bikes, to the Dreamcast. Milestone is an Italian developer that has previously worked on Screamer Rally and Screamer 2. Super Bikes is a moto racing game similar to Manx TT. Gianluca Miragoli, the company's graphic artist, is very interested in the DC and says its version of the game will be graphically superior to the PC version.

Redesign and a New Member - 8:35 pm EST
Seth C
As you can tell from the title and bar graphics, DC Extreme is going through a graphical redesign. Please bare with us during this time… you may reload and a button or link will be missing for a moment, or some graphic might not load, but it will be repaired as soon as possible. Some sites might close down during a redesign, but we will continue to bring you the best Dreamcast coverage on the internet.

Also, we would like you all to welcome the newest member of the Dreamcast Extreme team, Thor. Without him there would be no redesign.

Monolith Engine - 5:10 pm EST
Seth C
I thought this was old news. But, since a lot of sites are reporting on it... I guess maybe you haven't heard. In any case, Monolith confirmed a while back that they would be porting their 3D engine to the Dreamcast. It was originally being co-designed by Microsoft but they have since left the project. Both Blood 2 and Shogo: Mobile Armor Division run on the engine and will be ported to Dreamcast.

Samurai Showdown 64 - 4:50 pm EST
Seth C
Samurai Showdown 64 coming to the Dreamcast? It's more likely than you might think. Here is what Susan Barone at SNK of america had to say about it when Sega Otaku talked to her:

"As far as releasing the Samurai Shodown 64 or other "64" titles on the Dreamcast system, you never know"

Very interesting. Sounds like they are considering it heavily.

Neo Geo Pocket Confirmed For US - 4:40 pm EST
Seth C
As most of you probably already know, SNK is hard at work on a new portable called the "Neo Geo Pocket". You probably also know that it will be compatible with the Dreamcast in some way via a link cable. Well, this system has now been confirmed for the American market and will be available. An SNK spokesperson told Sega Otaku that it would be released here "sometime after the first part of the year" … meaning the year of 1999. We can likely expect it in the summer sometime.

Compile Signed On - 8:50 pm EST
Seth C
Looks like we have another. Compile is apparently working on Dreamcast development. A public relations representative from Compile stated "...we are planning for DC game development," but he did not mention which titles, if any, were in development.

On Again Off Again - 2:50 pm EST
Seth C
It seems that VF3 once again will be coming to Dreamcast. As you probably know, rumors take it back and forth as to whether we will get it or Fighter Megamix 2. Well, recently Game Magazine in Hong Kong stated that sources in Japan told them that the launch titles in Japan would be Virtua Fighter 3, Scud Race, D2, and Sonic. Now to see if this turns out to be fact or just one of many rumors.

NEC's Second Title - 2:40 am EST
Seth C
NEC's second title is a more action oriented RPG and is called Sengoku Turb. It features a fully 3D engine and stars a young girl named Jino-chan. Her spaceship crash-lands on the planet Lion that is in the midst of a fierce battle. The two sides? The cats… and the sheep. Anyway, she joins sides with the cats and it's off to war. Each battle area, once cleared, becomes "yours", in the true form of war.

NEC's First Title - 2:35 am EST
Seth C
More details on NEC's RPGs have been revealed… and with pictures, even! The first, as I mentioned yesterday, is called Seventh Cross. In this game you take control of a being and control his evolution. You decide whether he ends up being a land creature or a water creature, and many other things. All in all there are over 810,000 variations.

Amen and Drakan Previews - 7:30 pm EST
Seth C
As promised, previews of two new games are now up. The first is Amen, which as I mentioned earlier is being considered for a console port. The second is Drakan, which is confirmed for Dreamcast. Head on over to the Previews section, and enjoy!

More On The FMV - 5:00 pm EST
Seth C
More info has surfaced on the Dreamcast's FMV, this time from Sega Saturn Magazine. The system can reportedly do FMV at 640*480 in true color, with full screen anti-aliasing, and at 30 frames per second. This takes only 50% of the system's resources, and therefore could be merged with polygons to create a game utilizing both 3D and FMV.

Hidden Powers? - 1:40 pm EST
Seth C
Now this may seem a little strange, but hear me out. I was recently talking to one of my friends, Rrjive, and he pointed something out to me from the Sega of Europe's web site. Have a look:

"Will respond to future trends in digital entertainment by changing and advancing its capabilities."

Could Sega be housing more power in the Dreamcast than they are letting us know about? Could there be some sort of extra power housed in that plastic that we won't see until it's challenged? I know it's probably just wishful thinking, but I couldn't resist bringing this up to everyone to let you see what you think about it.

Perry Shows Interest - 1:20 pm EST
Seth C
It seems that Sega X recently had a talk with Dave Perry. They asked him about Dreamcast and this is what he had to say:

"...our teams are right in the middle of the projects, so we're not working on any DC (I'm not crazy about the Dreamcast name, I like the initials much better) titles at the moment. When the current games finish up, we'll be very interested in looking at Sega's system much more closely."

Warp Planning a Second? - 1:00 pm EST
Seth C
Could Warp be working on a second title? Way back when D2 was on the M2, Kenji Eno mentioned a second game that was described as "Doom-like" and would utilize network capabilities. But according to recent reports in Japan, Warp has a Dreamcast title coming up that will use the modem. Could these be one in the same?

Amen: Coming to DC? - 12:50 pm EST
Seth C
Now, this is in no way a confirmation. But, I was talking to Brandon Smith of Cavedog Entertainment today, and asked him about the possibilities of their first person shooter, Amen, coming to Dreamcast. He told me there are currently no plans, but hinted that they may be developing for consoles soon. I'll put up a preview of Amen in just a bit.

Drakan Confirmed - 12:40 pm EST
Seth C
Here is what Surreal Software's Nick Radovich had to say when Katana-Edge talked to him:

"We are planning to develop Drakan for the Dreamcast" said Mr. Radovich, "I have never been a big fan of consoles, until now. If the Dreamcast can deliver all that they promise, Drakan will take flight in a big way."

Expect a preview of the game later today.

A Special Thanks - 4:40 am EST
Seth C
I just wanted to send out a thank you to all of our readers. Yesterday we had nearly 300 hits! As I said, I thank you the reader for this achievement. If there is anything you aren't happy with, feel free to let us know as we continue in our attempt to have this site be as reader based as possible.

DQ7, DC Bound? - 5:30 pm EST
Seth C
This one is supremely hot, people... and it comes straight from our good pals at Gamers Republic. They are hinting that Dragon Quest VII will be headed to Dreamcast. If this does come to pass, you can bet the Dreamcast will be massively succesful.

More On The AM2 RPG - 5:15 pm EST
Seth C
This is a DC Extreme exclusive. I just heard from an undisclosed industry source that the RPG is coming and that it will indeed be based around the Virtua Fighter characters! You heard it here first, folks.

What is DethKarz? - 4:05 pm EST
Seth C
GT Interactive has apparently signed Australian developer Beam into their growing list of US distribution affiliates. Beam is currently working on a racing title called DethKarz. The game is a combination of a stunt racer with weapons. The PC version of the game will ship with native PowerVR support, and their webpage mentions that console version will be made available, but they name no names. I'm guessing that a Dreamcast version will be on the way. Check out these pictures and we'll bring you more info as we get it.

Rumors: AM2 RPG? - 3:25 pm EST
Seth C
This is only a rumor, but it is a very juicy one. Word has it that AM2 is currently working on an exclusive Dreamcast title, and that the game will be an…. RPG. Remember that this is just a rumor, we'll let you know more as the information comes in.

More From Europe? - 3:15 pm EST
Seth C
Revolution is a European developer who recently severed their ties with Virgin Interactive. Now they are considering developing their title for Dreamcast, and others such as the PC and PSX, which are already confirmed. The game is code-named Blackout and it is an action-adventure game revolving around murder and espionage. Will the game make it to DC? Stay tuned.

Blazing FMV - 3:05 pm EST
Seth C
Do we have anyone in the audience who is big on FMV? Well sources in Hong Kong and Japan are saying the Dreamcast's power to produce FMV is very good. They claim it has built in MPEG decoding functions (it does) which allow for FMV at 640x480 resolution at 30 frames per second. How is that for good FMV? And they claim that is only at 50% of its abilities (hinting that it can do 60 fps).

NEC Provides Two - 3:05 pm EST
Seth C
It looks as though NEC will be providing two titles for the Dreamcast. The first is "Seventh Cross", a strategy role-playing game, and "Senngoku TURB", which is an action based role-playing game. Both of these games are fully 3D. Seventh Cross should be ready around the time of the launch this November, with Sengoku TURB following in the winter. This info comes from Sega X

LucasArts Does DC - 3:00 pm EST
Seth C
LucasArts is busy with the games right now. They have three Star Wars titles in development. One is an unnamed PC title, while the other two are for consoles. They also stated that one of them could also be coming to PC…. DC/PC crossover, anyone? I think so.

One of the games is a racing title based around two races in the new movie. The second is an action game that follows the entire movie. The racing title will debut at next years E3, but the second game is very early in development and won't go in to full production till after the movie is completed or at least very close to completed.

Tomb Raider for Dreamcast? - 5:00 pm EST
Seth C
Core has received the finalized DC development kits and is obviously looking for a title to design. After studying the contract that gave Sony exclusive console rights to Tomb Raider, it seems there is a loophole. There was no inclusion of restrictions as far as the series appearing on a next-generation Sega system! This is a very interesting development, to say the least.

Steve Race Has More to Say - 4:45 pm EST
Seth C
Earlier today, I mentioned that Steve Race wasn't impressed with Project X. Here are further details of what he had to say:

"...we'd love to do console work. It's too late to get involved with PlayStation and N64 publishing, but Sega's Dreamcast platform will launch at just the right time for MicroProse to re-enter the market."

So he isn't impressed with PX, but is heavily considering working on the Dreamcast. This says very good things about the system.

Core Denies Title - 4:40 pm EST
Seth C
Core denies that they are working on the 3d highly animated title that we reported on yesterday and say they have scrapped the project. Then again, everyone is trying to keep all DC projects a tight-lipped as possible. Considering the excitement their title had made, I seriously doubt they scrapped it. But, we shall see.

Drones Confirmed! - 2:30 pm EST
Seth C
Yesterday we reported on an arcade title called Drones, which might make it to DC. Well, today Sega X talked to Alex Lemedy, the title's project manager, and this is what he had to say:

"Yes, we definitely plan to port Drones on Dreamcast...and if you look closer at my development strategic choices, you'd understand why. Among many other reasons I chose to develop my game under Windows NT, and on high end hardware...Windows...high-end hardware, doesn't that sound like something we know? Now what you may find interesting too is that I made those technical choices for more than one year now, Drones development having begun in 1997. So once we have Drones running on powerful workstations, and moreover under windows, it will be really easy and fast to port it to any existing or future hardware/software platform. And when I say "porting", I mean we'll take advantage of each particular platform's specificities and resources, rather than doing a simple conversion. We are hardcore games first."

Of Course it's for More Than Online Gaming! - 2:15 pm EST
Seth C
Many, many other sites have been reporting that the DC modem "may be used for more than online gaming". Does this come as a surprise to anyone? The modem will be used for gaming, e-mail, surfing the 'net, downloading updates, etc. Even the Netlink was used for downloading browser updates, and of course Sega wants to take this one more level. This whole bit of news was more of an obvious fact that some sites used to "make" news. This is the only such "made" news you will see reported on DCEX, because it simply doesn't represent the kind of integrity we believe in.

The Competition Just Isn't There... - 2:00 pm EST
Seth C
Upon seeing Project X, this is what Microprose's chief, Steve Race, had to say:

"We've seen Project X, evaluated it and wedon't think that its a prudent risk for us to take. We think there aredefinite questions on the long-term viability of the system."

It looks as though this definitely will not be a 3-man battle between DC, PSX2, and Project X.

D2 Possibly Not a Launch Title - 1:45 pm EST
Seth C
Warp has recently sent out an ad that seems to say D2 will not be a Dreamcast launch title. In the ad, D2 is stated as being a "Winter 98" title. Now, November 20th could be close enough to be considered winter... but is the title done? From what I saw of the D2 pictures and video, it's not close to ready to go. So I guess we can all change our plans of playing D2 come November 20...

Another Developer Working on DC - 1:35 pm EST
Seth C
This bit of news comes to us from Sega-Otaku. When GT Interactive's reps were asked if they would be working with the Dreamcast, they said, "We will be developing for the Sega Dreamcast platform". But when asked for more details, "it's too early to discuss particulars on any titles". This is probably a good indication that the rumor of Munches Oddysee coming to the Dreamcast is true.

Gothic, a New RPG for Dreamcast? - 10:30 pm EST
Seth C
Gothic is a new real-time 3d RPG being developed for the PC. But there is a chance it may come to consoles. The designers had this to say when asked about a console port:

"That's not clear at this time. It will also depend on the publisher, but there just emerges a brand new console out of the mist and....OK, we will see.... BTW, the simple user-interface makes it possible to convert GOTHIC to a console-system without any big problems."

Given the Dreamcast's Windows based OS and Direct X support, it is very likely that DC could be that system. Check the Specials section for an interview that gives the full details on the game.

Drones Details - 6:30 pm EST
Seth C
Drones is a new arcade game running on special hardware designed around the Dec Alpha chip. They claim it is more powerful than Model 3 or Dreamcast, but haven't we heard that line from Konami? There is the possibility of a port to DC. Have a look at these shots.

Details on Core Title - 5:10 pm EST
Seth C
As a I mentioned earlier, I do believe the Core title is one which EGM mentioned previously. Here is a quote from the magazine, see what you think:

"We've recently been lucky enough to see an extremely early version of a (hush-hush, secret-secret…make sure no one's listening) Katana [Dreamcast] game. Now, it was running on a really early development system, and was only a few percent complete but was, quite simply, astounding. For the past few year developers and industry "visionaries" have been spouting how the ultimate goal is to create an interactive experience with the graphical detail of Toy Story. Well, Katana [Dreamcast] may not be able to quite do that…but it's a very big step in the right direction. We're not kidding when we tell you that this game has all the qualities of a "traditional" Disney cartoon…but in a full mega-mega hi-res 3D environment. And running at some ludicrous frame rate. The characters had fully animated facial expressions and moved with the exaggerated swagger of Mickey Mouse and his minions. To say it was impressive would be like saying that maybe one or two people have been to see Titanic. What's even more incredible is that what we saw was running on a very early system. We were assured by the developer that what was on show was probably less than 30 percent of what Katana [Dreamcast] can actually do. Cue sounds of jaws hitting floor and much slobbering and salivating."

So you tell me, does that sound like the game Core is working on? Yes it does. So this gives you even more detail into what the game is all about, and what the system can do…at 30 percent. Wow.

When Should DC Release? - 3:25 pm EST
Seth C
- Date Poll -
When Should Dreamcast Release in the US?

December '98
May '99
September '99

Current Results
There has been quite a bit of controversy over when the Dreamcast will release, or when it should release. So, as part of what will become a weekly feature here at DCEX, we want to know when you think it would be best for the system to release here in the US. Remember to take into account which time would make for the most succeful launch, and not just when you personally would like to have it.

Mr. Irimajiri talks DC vs PSX2 - 3:00 pm EST
Seth C
In the interview with Mr. Irimajiri, he talks PSX2 vs DC, DC vs PSX, and many other things. Check out the full interview in the Specials section. And Remember, DCEX brought this interview to you before anyone else.

PSX2 Sooner Than We Anticipated? - 1:10 pm EST
Seth C
Business Week recently had an article in which they focused on Sony and their future plans. In the article, Ken Kutaragi, CEO of SCEA, and Teruhisha Tokunaka, President of Sony Computer Entertainment, spoke a bit about the PSX2. They revealed a few details on their next generation system. Apparently they have already been contacting developers. They also stated they hadn't yet decided on a format, but are considering DVD. I ask this... if they haven't decided on a format, how would the developers work on any titles? Probably the most interesting tidbit is that they may release the system as soon as PSX sales begin to fall, which could mean as soon as sometime in 1999. This does coincide with when Mr. Irimajiri expected the system to arrive, so Sega is apparently on top of their game.

Core Working on Dreamcast? - 1:00 pm EST
Seth C
Is Core working on a title for Dreamcast? That's what they're saying. It is apparently going to be a 3D game with "disney-style" animated characters. My guess is that this is the game EGM talked about seeing months ago. And they seemed extremely impressed when they saw it...

Konami Confirmed - 10:00 pm EST
Seth C
Well, it has been confirmed that Konami is indeed a Dreamcast developer. No, this isn't really much of a surprise but we're reporting on an unreleased system here, sometimes there isn't much news at all. :) They also stated that there are multiple titles in development for the system, but wouldn't give up any info on any of them.

In another bit of news from Konami, the titles are being developed in their new US offices. What this means as far as which country they will be released in first isn't yet known. But would it really make sense to design a title in the US and release it in Japan?

Today's Lack of Updates - 11:59 pm EST
Seth C
Why were there so few updates today? Well, it was mainly spent optimizing a few things that the launch brought to view. Note the new link color in the forum (and soon to be the whole site) and the new buttons. But don't you worry, tomorrow is going to be a big day. Expect at least one editorial, some previews, and maybe even a new section! How many other sites bring you this much on the WEEKEND. That's what I thought... you know you love us. :)

Bizzare Creations Stays Busy - 12:40 pm EST
Seth C
Bizzare Creations had already announced they were working on a city based racer for the Dreamcast titled "Metropolis". Apparently they are already hard at work on a second title called "Drive-by", and no, it is not about what it implies. Stay tuned for more details on this title.

Rumors: No VF3? - 12:30 pm EST
Seth C
Could this be correct? There have been rumors floating around for quite sometime now stating that there will be no VF3 on Dreamcast. That it will make it to Saturn instead. Now they are saying the Dreamcast will receive Fighters Megamix 2 instead. Of course, Sega hasn't said a word on this. Will it come to pass? We'll see....

More of the Dreamcast Shooter - 11:45 am EST
Seth C
It looks like someone else managed to sneak a camera into that Sega prease conference. These pictures are of better quality, but only slightly. they do give you a glimpse of what the game looked like, though. Notice the cool lighting and such.

Dreamcast EXTREME Launches! - 6:15 am EST
Seth C
I'd like to welcome you all to the newly opened "Dreamcast EXTREME". As stated under the logo, this site is for you, the gamers, the readers of our site. We would like to think that in a way it belongs to you, and we will strive to make sure you are pleased with what is presented here. I would like to thank EsquE and Crafter for working so hard to prepare for the launch this morning, they have both been a great help. This being our first official day online, I'm sure there will be some bugs in the site. If you find a problem, please drop me a line or let me know about it in the forum. Expect updates throughout the day as we welcome you to the site. Have fun, everybody!

Why the Banners Are There - 6:00 am EST
Seth C
Just a quick word on the banners you will find on the site. We get 20 cents per click, and it really does help us out. ALL money from the banners will be put directly back into the site. Whether it be buying a domain name, video capture equipment, or web space. In other words, you the reader will gain all the benefits gained via the advertisements. As always, the site belongs to the readers.

Koei To Work On DC - 5:55 pm EST
Seth C
When questioned about working on a title for Dreamcast, a Koei representitive had this to say:

" is no secret that Koei and Sega are very good friends and partners in Japan, as seen by the large number of Saturn releases. It will only be a matter of time that we will be working together on Dreamcast."

Duke Nukem Forever Just Got a Boost - 2:35 am EST
Seth C
If you hadn't heard, 3DRealms has switched over the development of Duke Nukem Forever from the Quake 2 engine to the Unreal engine. As we already know, Unreal has been optimized completely for the PowerVR technology. This means porting Duke Forever to the Dreamcast has just become quite a bit easier. Does that guarantee the title will make it to DC? No, but it does make it quite a bit more likely. Watch this space for more.

Activision Interested in DC? - 10:35 pm EST
Seth C
That's what UltraGP is saying anyway. Apparently someone from Activision informed them that they are considering doing work on the Dreamcast. This shouldn't be much of a surprise, considering Activision is one of those companies that usually do some work on every system.

120 Developers signed on for DC - 10:25 pm EST
Seth C
Sega of Germany's web site has confirmed what many of us thought for quite some time now, Sega has many, many developers already working for them. The web site states that over 1,000 development kits have been shipped to 120 developers.

Look Ma! It's a VMS! - 10:15 pm EST
Seth C
There you have it folks, the Sega VMS and it's packaging. It is set to be released next month in Japan with Godzilla for around $20-$25. Now everyone get ready to run out and buy one from your favorite import store. :)

Apparently though, SoA has no plans to release the VMS ahead of the Dreamcast here in the states. Oh well.

Sega's $500 Million to Come From Multiple Sources - 3:15 am EST
Seth C
Well, apparently Sega won't be shouldering the 500 million dollar load on their own. It's now being reported that some of the money will come from their various partners (Yamaha, NEC/Videologic, Hitachi, and Microsoft). The exact specifics on who is giving how much has not been announced as of yet.

Bandai Onboard with Dreamcast? - 9:35 pm EST
Seth C
When Bandai was asked about publishing for Dreamcast, and specifically about the rumor of Macross Digital Mission VFX2 being in the works, their response was simply, "...there is a good possibility". This is quite a strong hint that something is in the works along those lines. The Macross series of titles are based on the anime that we know as "Robotech".

Could This be Sega's Massive Multiplayer Game?
Seth C
If you weren't already aware, Sega Soft is working on a huge multiplayer title for the PC called 10six. It is set to the be the first online game to support 1 million users simultaneously. You get to choose from first person, third person, or top-down perspectives as you mine and defend your land claim on an alien planet. Could Sega be planning to launch this game on PC and on the Dreamcast? Imagine if you could interact with 999,999 other people, not only playing the game on the DC, but also on PCs. Stay tuned to DCEX for more.

Sega's Massive Multiplayer Title
Seth C
Take a look at this quote from one of Sega's press releases:

"Dreamcast will take the gaming experience far beyond the living room. Sega is working with sister company SegaSoft Networks, Inc. "to create a customized, massively multiplayer online gaming service for the new console. SegaSoft has made tremendous headway in online gaming with HEAT.NET", giving PC gamers the broadest compatibility with multiplayer online games and the best competitive arena on the Internet. The Sega-branded online gaming service will include the best community and competitive features including e-mail, chat and point-to-point/multiplayer games. SegaSoft engineers will also work directly with game developers to assist in technical support. To show Sega means business in online gaming, the company is developing the world's first massive multiplayer console game, which is scheduled to ship when Dreamcast launches in North America.

Notice the mention that there is an online multiplayer game in development from Sega. Not there "may be" or there "will be", but there is. And not only that, but it will be available at the North American Dreamcast launch! What kind of game will it be? No one knows, but I would guess that it would be a huge adventure game likened to Sierra's Realm or Ultima Online. Probably in full 3D. I can't wait to see this in action.

SoE Says VMS Will Hold 4 MBytes
Seth C
Well, that's what their web site says. Everyone else seems to be amazed by this, wondering how Sega could sell the thing for $20 with 4 MBytes of data storage. I can tell you why. The VMS itself will not have the 4 megs of memory. There will be cartridges available that you purchase and insert into the VMS which have the actual memory on them. This way you only have to buy one VMS but can buy multiple memory cards that insert into the VMS. Now this is only my take on the matter, but it does seem very reasonable.

Square to Publish for Dreamcast?
Seth C
Well, the rumors have been floating around for quite some time. Is it going to happen? As you probably all know, Square has been seen at almost every Dreamcast press conference that has been held so far. They have also said they do not plan to continue supporting the PSX blindly even after it's time has come and gone and that they are watching the industry closely and will follow suite. Recently, the president of the Square EA alliance, Jun Iwasaki, stated that Dreamcast games ARE a possibility for Square. This should make everyone very very happy. Although that isn't a definate yes, it does mean that if the DC becomes hot, you can expect to see Square right there.

On a side note, FF7 was running on PowerVR equipped PCs from within the Sega booth at E3. FF8 will also make it to the PC, and ports from the PC to Dreamcast are very very simple. Hmmm....

High-Resolution Amazed Due to Shooter
Seth C
High-Resolution Had this to say about what they saw at E3:

"When we went back for our interview with Dan Stevens at Sega (which will be in the E3 edition, incidentally), he was kind enough to show us the video that had previously been displayed at the pre-E3 press conference... an event we were unable to attend as we had arrived late on Wednesday night. My jaw abruptly made jarring contact with the table in the meeting room. What I'm telling you is, prepare for a complete absence of any kind of distance pop-up or polygon clipping. This shooter that was supposedly only using a fraction of the system's power just killed anything else I've seen in a long time, and this is early in the product's development cycle. Unfortunately, beg and plead as we did, Dan refused to let us show this video off in High Resolution - Sega wants to keep this close to their chests, and believe you me, this thing deserves the hype of secrecy. Nintendo should really be quaking in their boots, because the Dreamcast is going to have the N64 for breakfast. No fog. No clipping. No pop-up. The name be damned...this system is going to put Sega back on top, and fast, if the software is there."

$500 Million Marketing Budget for Dreamcast Launch
Seth C
Sega of America's Vice President of Marketing announced that the world-wide marketing budget for the Dreamcast launch will be 500 million dollars! This is the largest budget EVER for the launch of a console. Sega had already announced that the American budget would be $100 million, but we can now expect a bit more than that.

This shows just how important this system launch is to Sega. They refuse to let it fail even if it costs them a million (or apparently 500 million) dollars. We will be seeing dozens of print and television ads next year, which will assure the American public will know exactly what the DC is and why they want one.

Project-X... Competition? I Think Not
Seth C
We have finally seen some picture of games/demos from VM Labs' Project-X gaming machine. I am not impressed, to say the very least. Actually, I have seen stuff like this on the Playstation. I guess it wasn't a misprint when they claimed performance on level with PSX/Voodoo1. Oh well, have a look for yourself. Sega loyalists, we have nothing to fear from this system.
Pics courtesy NGO

Think You Have the Skills to Design a New DC Logo?
Seth C
Well our good friends over at Dimension-S are going to give you the opportunity. Here is what they say:

"Do you have a problem with Sega's Dreamcast logo? Do you think you can come up with something better? Well, here's your chance to put your creativity where your mouth is. What we want is for you to draw, paint, render, crayon, whatever your idea for what YOU think should be Sega's Dreamcast logo. You DON'T have to be an artist to do this. All you have to do is be able to "convey" your idea to us. You can draw a small picture and put text with the picture explaining what your idea would be. Its the IDEA that we're after, not the picture."

To get all the rules and details, just click here.

Daytona USA 2 and VMS to Mate?
Seth C
This is a bit of old news, but considering this site wasn't around at the time, I thought maybe you would want to hear about it. According to The Magic Box, Sega plans to have some form of compatability between the Sega VMS (Virtual Memory System) and the Daytona USA 2 arcade hardware. For instance, you could fully customize your car, save it to the VMS, and the next time you played it would be right there without the trouble of customizing again. Also, this data might be available once Daytona USA 2 hits the Dreamcast, so you would already have your car ready to go! Sounds like a great idea to me.

Sonic the Hedgehog to be Among Launch Titles
Seth C
Sega of America's Vice President of Communications, Lee McEnany announced yesterday that Sonic the Hedgehog will be among the launch titles when DC launches in the US next year. There was no mention as to whether the title would be finished for the Japanese launch, however. He also announced that 50% of the 32 Dreamcast games expected to arrive on these shores in 1999 will be from Sega themselves. He didn't say what any of the titles would be, other than Sonic.

Think you have an idea what the 16 Sega titles could be? Send those ideas in and we'll post them right here on this page.

Model 2 Compilation Disc?
Seth C
The Magic Box is reporting the following rumor:

"Sega is planning to re-release a series of classic Model 2 arcade games on Dreamcast, including Virtua Cop 1 & 2, Virtua Fighter 2, Daytona USA, Sega Rally, Last Bronx, Virtual On and more, the reason behind this is that the Dreamcast can handle a perfect arcade port of Model 2 games, this should satisfy a lot of people who are disappointed to the inferior Sega Saturn conversions."

Alot of my friends and I have been talking about this possibility for quite some time now. Keep in mind though, it is just a rumor.

The Much Talked About Sonic Image
Seth C
Here is the picture eveyrone seems to be talking about. Apparently some think it is a man in a blue jumpsuit riding a motorcycle. I don't agree. The way I see it, the picture is of Sonic jumping and getting ready to spin down that monster hill in front of him. In either case, the picture looks absolutely spectacular.

More Soccer Pics
Seth C
These things just keep coming in. The Dreamcast Technical Pages have posted 4 news pics of "Soccer" for the Dreamcast. Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Could These Be The First Dreamcast Shots?
Seth C
It appears that someone has been sneaking out pictures of DC games from some sort of private conference. These pictures are, of course, from an undisclosed source and have been showing up all over the internet, bur originally came from The Magic Box. There is also a rumor that they could possibly be taken from a promotion video, but notice the heads that show up in some pictures. This makes it seem like they are from an un-publicized conference. The games shown are "3D Adventure Game", "Soccer", "Racing", and "Sonic".

What do you think of these shots? Are they real? From some other game or system? Let us know.