Feb. 2, 1999 - 12:45pm
New US Developer
    Source: Dimension S, Sandbox Studios

A recently formed Texas-based software development company named Sandbox Studios has announced that they will develop software for numerous platforms, including the Dreamcast, in the future. They have four titles currently in development in a variety of genres from educational to action, which they plan to release in 1999.

Founder Steve Bergenholtz had the following to say about the advances in technology and software development that will change the turnaround time on games:

"I'm very excited about the potential of what we can do with the tools we've developed," says Bergenholtz, Sandbox's president. "The technology our team has created over the last seven months will allow us to develop a variety of software titles in much less time than usual."

"The idea that a quality PC game or video game takes one to two years to develop is a thing of the past," explains Bergenholtz. "With the right tools, like the ones we've created, Sandbox and other developers who license our technology will be able to create software titles from conception to completion in three to six months."

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