Feb. 3, 1999 - 12:00pm
DC Hard Drive and Camera
    Source: GameSpot

In his annual address the chairman of Sega Enterprises, ASCII, and CSK, Isao Okawa, spoke about the future of the DC. That future now includes allowing the DC to become an alternative to PC's. With a hard drive attachment for storage of online data and e-mail, and a camera to allow for visual online communication, the DC can become a serious alternative to the most popular aspects of the PC, mainly online gaming and internet communication. Here's what Okawa had to say:

"PCs have become more powerful and inexpensive in the last few years, with a network infrastructure being formed. But this is still expensive and difficult to learn. So, there are strong needs for an inexpensive, easy-to-use information terminal. We think that Dreamcast fits this need, and we want to prevail not only for home use but offices too.

"We shipped 500,000 units of Dreamcast by the end of last year. About 30 percent of Dreamcast users are already connecting to the Internet. We want to increase this number to a million people as soon as we can. We will provide many different kinds of services and information, including electronic commerce, to the people through this network.

"As I address before, we are preparing not only a hard drive to store e-mail but a camera and microphone for Dreamcast. This peripheral will allow users to have face-to-face communication in multiple channels - which doesn't limit it to two-person communication - and users will be able to enjoy online gaming while seeing each other's faces."

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