Feb. 4, 1999 - 10:30am
DC Light Gun
    Source: GameSpot

This Spring Sega will release their light gun packaged in with The House of The Dead 2. The package will cost about 7800 yen or 69 US dollars.

The gun itself has two interesting features. One is a VM slot for a VMS unit or a Puru Puru Rumble pack that will be compatible with the gun. The other is a d-pad that you can see in the images. It can be easily used while holding the gun and while HoTD 2 won't utilize it much, it opens up numerous future possibilities.

Also of note, the gun can be used on PC monitors via the VGA Box so there's no need to worry about the light gun not registering on the monitor. Enjoy the pics courtesy of GameSpot.

DC and Saturn Gun Comparison

DC Light Gun

D Pad

VMS Slot

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