Feb. 4, 1999 - 10:30am
Bits & Pieces
    Source: Gamespot, Magic Box, Sega X

  • A fishing controller will be released with the DC version of Get Bass available for Dreamcast on April 1st. It will cost 9800 Yen or 90 US dollars. The controller uses two motors to simulate resistance and angle from a fish you try to reel in.

  • Ascii will be releasing a unique mission stick for the DC, the first third party controller for the DC. It will be comaptible with their parent company CSK's upcoming release, Aero Dancing.

  • Two more Naomi arcade games have been announced in Japan. They are Ring Out 4x4 and Derby Owners Club (horse racing simulation).

  • The DC version of House of The Dead 2 will have some new features including a training mode and more characters to play as.

  • Infogrames is working on the Dreamcast sequel to the N64 title Mission Impossible. Let's hope they do a better job this time around.

  • Japanese developer Marigul has confirmed plans to develop for Dreamcast. No details on what kind of game they will be developing have been announced.
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