Feb. 5, 1999 - 10:30am
Sakura Wars on Game Boy Color

Recntly Weekly Famitsu posted a news story about a Sakura Wars title from Red being produced for the Color Gameboy. The President of Sega Enterprises recently commented on this story on Sega's homepage.

Mr. Irimijari, while not denying the story, said that "if Sakura Wars would be released on the GBC, then the GBC must be able to be compatible with the Dreamcast." The chances of a Nintendo product being modified to be able to plug into a Sega system are extremely slim. These comments can be interpreted as Mr. Irimijari's disappointment in Red's lack of loyalty. Sega published their Sakura titles on the Saturn, giving the company its break into the business.

There are also rumors around that the game was initially being developed for the Neo Geo Pocket, but due to its lack of sales (which hopefully the color unit will remedy) Red is putting it on the GBC to ensure a profit.

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