Feb. 8, 1999 - 11:00am
News From Europe
    Source: DC Tech, Game Over

DC Tech recently received an e-mail from Game Over, a German gaming site. Game Over attended the "Nuernberger Spielwarenmesse Show" (Nuernburger Toy Show), which is taking place now from Feb. 4th to Feb. 10th. The European version of the DC debuted at this show and the following information was released by Sega Europe and Ubi-Soft:

  • SEGA of Germany's PR representative said that the Dreamcast logo will be blue, as this color is more popular then orange in Europe.

  • The world wide (outside Japan & parts of Asia) release will be September 9th, 1999. Nobody really doubted that due to Sega's history, but now it's official.

  • Regional lockout for games with Europe, Japan, and North America being the regions. SEGA indicated that defeating this lockout will be very difficult, and they do not think that it will be possible. (Well, we've heard that one before)

  • Godzilla, Tetris 4D, and July will not be released outside of the Japanese market.

  • SEGA Rally 2 will feature new (European) cars for the PAL version of the game.

  • The European DC will ship with an analog modem like the Japanese DC, and they also plan ISDN (G.Lite) modem as an extra accessory at a later date. SEGA is communicating with Germany's biggest internet provider T-Online to provide flat rate access to the SEGA network.

  • Get Bass fishing controller will not be available outside of Japan, except at your local import shop.

  • The Dreamcast harddisk expansion will be 1 GigaByte in size, and will greatly increase the flexibility of the DC. Some things planned for the device is the transfer of saved game information from the VMS to the HD and SEGA Rally 2 owners will be able to download additional songs, cars, and tracks from the net. No word yet on other games using the harddisk.

  • SEGA indicated that there will be 15 games available for the European launch, with 8 titles being in-house and 7 being 3rd party. Some of the games are well known, while others are top secret:

    In House:
    1. VF3tb
    2. Sega Rally 2
    3. Sonic Adventure
    4. House of the Dead 2
    5. ?
    6. ?
    7. ?
    8. ?

    3rd Party:
    1. Blue Stinger
    2. Pen Pen Triicealon
    3. Incoming
    4. Monaco GP
    5. Buggy Heat
    6. ?
    7. ?

  • Shenmue and Blue Stinger will be released for both the North American and European markets this year!

Also, later this week Game Over will be posting images and artwork from the show so check it out.

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