Feb. 8, 1999 - 11:00am
    Source: Powerstone Homepage

Capcom has released new information about their upcoming DC title PowerStone, mainly concerning extras found in the "PowerStone Collection Mode".

There are three VMS mini-games that can be downloaded from the Collection Mode. The first is a flying game, in which you control an airship and try to collect coins within a time limit. It looks very similar to the classic River Raid by Activision.

Next is a game that has you controlling a ninja and you have to throw a star at coins to collect them.

The final game is a slot machine that uses the coins you earned in the other two games.

There are many other extras to be unlocked in the collection mode and are located in the "theater" section. There is an art museum that contains the usual Capcom artwork and design sketches, and a music gallery that lets you play any song from the game.

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