Feb. 8, 1999 - 11:00am
Bits & Pieces
    Source: Magic Box

  • You can now sign up for Sega's online newsletter via Dricas. The newsletter will provide news and information regarding Dreamcast issues and will be mailed directly from Sega.

  • The DC version of Warp's Real Sound 2 will have a 2 player VMS game called BBBBBattle. The VMS game is included with the game and is dowloaded from the GD-ROM.

  • Capcom's upcoming arcade fighting game Power Stone will have 3 hidden characters which will be unlocked by a time release system. NO word on how they will be implemented into the DC version.

  • A Japanese developer, Random House, has announced 2 new DC titles: Sumtan's Strongest Reversi and Sumtan's Strongest Shougi Chess. Both are scheduled for release on April 15.

  • The March 19th issue of Dreamcast Magazine will include playable demo of CSK's Dreamcast titles Aero Dancing featuring Blue Impulse and Buggy Heat.

  • Sega will prepare a new homepage for their game Gather! Dreamcast, for people to search for play partners over the internet.

  • Konami is porting their hit Playstation title Metal Gear Solid to the PC this year. The PC version will have several enhancements, like 3D accelerator support. Don't be surprised if a DC version quickly follows.

  • Sega's newly announced Naomi game, Ring Out 4x4, is actually the beetle car action game, Sega Buggy, that was shown as a tech demo at the last Tokyo Game Show in 1998. In this game you have to push the enemy cars out of the ring within a given time.

  • Koei's Romance of 3 Kingdoms VI for the DC will have an 8 player network mode which allows 8 players to compete with each other over the internet.
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