Feb. 9, 1999 - 10:30am
Bits & Pieces
    Source: Magic Box

  • Capcom has officially announced Street Fighter Zero 3 for Saturn and Dreamcast. The Dreamcast version will have all the features in the PSX version.

  • SNK has confirmed that both Sony and Namco have signed up to develop games for Neo Geo Pocket Color. Namco will release the NGPC version of Famista Baseball and Pac Man this summer.

  • Sega is working on a triple Naomi board arcade title called Airline Pilots. No details have been released other than the game uses 3 Naomi boards to run. It appears that this is another game that cannot be ported perfectly over to Dreamcast.

  • Sega of Japan will release a new wireless Dreamcast keyboard in late February.

  • It is rumored that Sega is planning to port some of their popular Saturn titles to Dreamcast as part of their retro series. This will give players another chance to play some classic titles. Hopefully we'll have the chance to see the entire Shining Force trilogy over here, as well as some other classics that never made it here on the Saturn, or only made it in small quantities.

  • Sega announced that more than 200,000 people have used the Dreamcast to access the internet in Japan.
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