Feb. 11, 1999 - 9:15am
Bits & Pieces
    Source: Sega X, Magic Box

  • It has been confirmed that the European DC logo will be blue and not orange like the Japanese version. The reason for this is apparently the orange logo is too similar to another European company.

  • According to Game Weekly, Sega is currently developing an online RPG aimed toward the US and European markets.

  • Dreamcast import prices have dropped considerably recently, some to below $300. Game prices have also dropped an average of 5 to 10 dollars.

  • The DC version of Konami's music title, Pop N' Music, will have a total of 19 songs; 14 from the arcade version and 5 original songs. The game will be released on February 25 for 4,800 yen. The Pop 'n' Music controller will be sold for 4,990 yen.

  • The VMS mini-game for Shen Mue isn't being developed by Sega AM2. It is instead being handled by a 3rd party called Asobi Create, so that AM2 can have the game done on time.

  • It is rumored that there will also be a Neo Geo Pocket Color version of Capcom vs. SNK, which we told you about yesterday, released in Spring. They also plan to release an arcade version in Autumn of '99, and it is rumored that their goal is to stimulate the arcade market which is extremely important to both companies.

  • The Web-TV network will release Web-TV software for the Dreamcast on March 10 in Japan. This allows your DC to use all the functions of Web-TV, and you can connect your DC to the Web-TV network and access all the available services.
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