Feb. 18, 1999 - 10:30am
Game Sales

Here is how the Dreamcast did in the current top 30 selling games, for the week of February 1st to February 7th, according to Game Japan:

    #4 Sega Rally 2 - 36,247 sold - 236,811 total
    #26 Evolution - 8,685 sold - 101,259 total
    #29 Sonic Adventure - 8,105 sold - 350,132 total

You'll notice the severe drop in sales for Sega Rally 2, but that's to be expected with the limited user base. As the user base expands, sales will stretch over longer periods. As it is now, only the biggest Sega fans have been grabbing the limited number of Dreamcasts available, and they will also buy the games immediately as they come out. So the initial sales period will be huge and then drop off almost drastically.

You'll also notice that the dropoff wasn't quite as severe with Sega Rally 2 as it is still in the top 5, while other big games like VF3tb and Sonic dropped out of the top 10 almost immediately. It is a clear sign that the DC user base is expanding quickly.

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