Feb. 22, 1999 - 10:00am
Bits & Pieces

  • Rumors are floating around that Sonic Team is preparing a preview of Nights 2 for TGS. The sequel is said to be a fully 3D and free roaming adventure.

  • It is rumored that Acclaim is working overtime on a launch title for the DC this September. The game they are planning to have ready for the launch is none other than a new Turok. It is possibly a re-vamped version of Turok 2 with higher resolutions and a constant 60fps.

  • Another juicy rumor is an online fighting game being developed by an unknown US developer. The game involves creating your own fighter and exploring an online city, picking fights and entering tournaments.

  • Fox Interactive has confirmed that they have two games planned for the DC's US launch. The games are Croc 2 and Alien: Resurrection, both being developed by Argonaut Software.

  • Hudson's action title Elemental Gimmick Gear has been delayed until May.

  • Treasure's NAOMI based action/racing title, Gun Beat, will be ported to the Dreamcast this fall.

  • Sega says there will be around 8 Saturn titles and 28 Dreamcast titles at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show in March.

  • Hasbro Interactive is working on a 3D update of the classic Atari arcade game Missile Command for the Dreamcast. It is expected to be released this winter.

  • After they release Romance of the 3 Kingdoms VI, Koei is planning to port Romance of the 3 Kingdoms Internet from PC to Dreamcast, which features network play modes.

  • Dead or Alive 2 will have a 3 vs 3 team battle mode like in VF3tb. You have to select 3 different character to form a team. Most of the characters from the original Dead or Alive will return in the sequel.

  • Alone in the Dark 4 is currently in development for Dreamcast and PC platforms by Infrogrames. No gameplay details are available.
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