Feb. 24, 1999 - 11:00am
Sales Charts

The top thirty charts for game sales in Japan have been released for the week of February 8th through the 14th. Only one DC title remains on the charts, Sega Rally 2, which is still in the top 10 at number 9. It sold 18,130 copies for the week pushing its total sales to 254,940 copies. Expect the DC to make a move back on the charts soon with the releases of Power Stone and Pop 'n' Music.

The number one game by a disguntingly large margin was Final Fantasy VIII with around 2.5 million (with an M) copies sold, over 2 million the first day of release. To put it in perspective, the Playstation had around 90% of total software sales that week, and FFVIII accounted for 83% of that. Now if only Sega could convince Square to make games for that little grey machine with the funny logo.

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