Feb. 24, 1999 - 11:00am
Bits & Pieces

  • Rockstar Games, a division of take Two Interactive, has confirmed two DC titles in their plans for the next two years. The first is a futuristic action game named Wild metal Country that will coincide with the DC's launch. The other one is Max Payne, a 3rd person action/shooter, which is set for sometime in 2000 for the DC.

  • Capcom's new 2D fighter, Jojo's Adventure (based on a popular anime), is said to be on its way to Dreamcast.

  • Capcom's Powerstone and Konami's Pop 'n' Music are both out and should be available for import as you read this.

  • DC HQ is reporting an interesting rumor about Virtua Fighter 4. The game will feature up to 3 new characters and the controls will be similar to VF3. ONe of the new characters will be an Akira type character and another will be a teenage girl.

  • It is rumored that Last Bronx 2, a sequel to the weapons based fighter from AM3, is being developed on the NAOMI arcade board.

  • Rumors out of Japan suggest that Namco is working on a yet to be named NAOMI racing title.

  • It has been confirmed that the Dreamcast logo in Europe will indeed be blue to avoid copyright infringements. Here is a pic of the new logo:

  • Web Mystery, Panasonic's upcoming Dreamcast title, is set for Japanese release on April 8th. The aim of the game use clues received through the Internet to solve a serial murder case.

  • The Dreamcast has been noted in Babbage's databases as having a retail price of $199.99, the price most have speculated the system will have at launch. While this is no confirmation of the price, it is a stong indicator that the system will ship at that price. Sega spokespeople said that they have made no confirmation of a US launch price.
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