Feb. 26, 1999 - 11:00am
Bits & Pieces

  • Rumors out of Japan are saying that SNK is working on a 2D/3D hybrid version of their King of Fighters series for the DC. Hopefully, if it's true it will retain their incredible 2D character animation and gameplay with 3D backgrounds.

  • In a recent press releases announcing their support for Sony's upcoming Playstation 2, EA's chief financial officer had this to say about the Dreamcast:

      "There hasn't been much software for it. They have some challenges making that the winning system going forward."

    Well, not all the news can be good :(

  • In more bad news, Capcom has confirmed that Strider 2 is NOT on the NAOMI arcade board but instead on the Playstation compatible system 11 arcade board (Someone's been lying to me again). There will be a DC version, but only after it makes its debut on the Playstation. Great, now I have to buy the same game twice.

  • At the upcoming Extreme Annihilation event, held in Texas on March 12th, Sega will be there with the DC to preview Virtua Fighter 3tb and Incoming amongst others. The titles will be previewed at Babbage's and Software Etc. booths.

  • Aero Dance featuring Blue Impulse received the following scores from Dreamcast Magazine- 7, 9, 9.

  • Psychic Force 2012 the fighting game by Taito whose arcade predecessor has received much acclaim by Japanese Gamers has received these scores from Dreamcast Magazine- 7, 7, 8.

  • Pics of what may be Touken Retsouden 4 from Tomy have surfaced courtesy of SegaHolic. This is the second DC wrestling game that has been announced, the other being AJPW 2.

  • It has been confirmed that Shen Mue will indeed have a battle system other than the QTE. It is called "free battle" and you can punch, kick, throw, escape, parry, or move similar to VF3tb.
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