Mar. 1, 1999 - 10:00am
Saturn Emulator

In the most recent issue of Gamer's Republic Magazine, no.11 April 1999, they revelaed that Sega of Japan is indeed planning to release a GD-ROM that emulates the Saturn hardware. The Emulator is loaded into the DC's abundant memory and Saturn discs will run in your DC. The disc is tenatively named the "Sat-cast" and is to be unveiled at this year's TGS.

The Sat-cast will feature numerous pull down menu's that allow the user to alter the emulation clock speed of the Saturn, as well as the ability to utilize a universal debug mode for cheats and level skips. The Sat-cast is presumably a preemptive measure against the PSX 2's rumored backwards compatibility. Price is estimated at 3,300 yen or $29.

As Dimension S stated in their article, this is the April issue of the magazine. So don't go selling your Saturn until this story has a bit more tangible justification, like an announcement from Sega.

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