Mar. 1, 1999 - 10:00am
Bits & Pieces

  • According to DCHQ, the model 2 arcade game, Dynamite Deka 2, is scheduled to be released for the Dreamcast on May 27. The game is expected to retail at 5,800 yen ($50).

  • According to NCS, House of the Dead 2's release has been moved up to March 18th, and Blue Stinger has been delayed until sometime after March 25th.

  • House of the Dead 2 will feature a hidden House of the Dead mode. Once unlocked you will be able to play the original House of the Dead with HotD2 enemies. Sega is insisting on going that extra mile with arcade to home conversions.

  • Shen Mue will be the most expensive game ever made, tallying a whopping $40 million in development costs.
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