Mar. 5, 1999 - 10:00am
New Sega Console?

FGN Online has just put up a ton of specs of what is supposedly the next Sega console, and a direct response to Sony's recent PSX 2 announcement. The system is codenamed "Avatar" and is supposedly set for release in Japan in 2002. The source for FGN's info is apparently someonee inside NEC's R&D labs, who are working on the new chips and graphics processor. Demo's are up and running on the system, which is DVD enabled and backwards compatible with the Dreamcast.

You can view the full system specs here, and they clearly blow the roof off of the PLaystation 2.

I truly hope this is just a bad joke and not something Sega is planning to do. The DC is powerful enough to compete with the PSX2 if Sega doesn't panic. They have a great lead time, an unbeatable price point and strong software support. The PSX2 is going to sell well regardless because of brand recognition and Squaresoft. Sega would only be hurting themselves by abandoning the DC early to play the one-upsmanship game with Sony. They have the time to build a stong base with the DC to last a full development cycle of 5 years. They will only cutoff DC sales with a new technology announcement.

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