Mar. 15, 1999 - 4:15pm
Seth C
Dreamcast Rewind

For all of those wondering, I finally found out why there were no news updated last week. Apparently there were some problems with the FTP, which I had corrected as soon as I got back home. Anyway, we missed quite a bit of interesting Dreamcast news bits. This is my attempt at wrapping them all up and getting us back to date.

  • Namco officially announced Soul Caliber for the Dreamcast. The game looks great, much better than it's arcade counterpart. There are also some rumblings that the Tekken 4 demo for the PSX2 was also shown as a Dreamcast title. Hmmm, we'll see what we can uncover concerning that one...

  • Konami has let it be known that they will have multiple titles ready for the Dreamcast's launch in the US. Unfortunately, they are keeping it under wraps as to which games will be coming.

  • Fox Interactive has confirmed that they will be bringing the "Croc" franchise to the Dreamcast and a game will be ready for the US launch. All that is know for sure is that it will not be a port of the Playstation "Croc 2".

  • Marvel vs. Capcom, under development by Capcom for the Dreamcast, will have a nice bonus added since the arcade version. It will include a special 4-player mode. Capcom fans rejoice.

  • Velocity is on its way to the Dreamcast thanks to Acclaim. Velocity is a futuristic style boarding game, sort of a cross between snowboarding and "Wipeout", but with your board being your only weapon.

    That pretty much covers most of it. Stay tuned, there is still plenty of news to come later today.

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