Mar. 16, 1999 - 3:25pm
Seth C
Dreamcast - Not In the Public Eye?

GameWEEK, "The Newspaper of the Interactive Entertainment Industry", recently printed the results of a poll conducted by Fairfield Research, Inc. They surveyed 1,000 console gamers and 1,000 US consumer households, and the results are only slightly surprising. According to their research, only 37% of console gamers have even heard of the Dreamcast, and only 36% of those who have heard of it know it's from Sega.

This is no real reason to get worried. Keep in mind that Sega has not started their marketing push in this country, and until then.. there simply won't be many people who know about the Dreamcast. I'd like to see this poll repeated in a couple of months and see how the results change. Also, as far as the people not knowing the system was from Sega... wasn't that originally one of their intents anyway?

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