Mar. 17, 1999 - 11:45pm
Seth C
US Launch Details Revealed

Thanks to Marty Chinn of Gaming Age we can report some of the details from Bernie Stolar's keynote speach at the Game Developers Confernce (GDC).

First, he announced the titles which will be available at launch. They include Virtua Fighter 3tb, Sonic Adventure, Basketball, Football, Geist Force, House of the Dead 2, and Superspeed Racing (Cart Racing) from Sega. Titles expected at or near launch from third parties include Mortal Kombat 5, Soul Caliber, Powerstone, Castlevania, and Ready to Rumble. That's 12 titles... if they pull this one off it's sure to be the best software choice ever available at a system's launch.

And for all of you who love to worry, it was made official that the US system will include a 56k modem.

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