Mar. 19, 1999 - 9:15pm
Seth C
Shen Mue Videos and New Info

This site has 4 really nice videos of Shen Mue. Like the pictures yesterday, these really don't need any explaination. All you need to know is that you absolutely must head to the site and download the videos. Be warned though, a lot of people are snagging them right now, so you may not get the best download speeds.

Also, Yu Suzuki announced that Shen Mue will have multiple chapters released at different times. Part one is titled "Yokosuka" and should be released around August 5 in Japan. Part two is being called "Mainland China" and it should be out before the end of the year. Both chapters will be sold at a lower price than typical DC software. Mr. Suzuki went on to state that he has 16 chapters in mind, but that he may expand it to up to 3 times that many. The exact number that will be released has not been decided however.

Gamefan has also posted a Shen Mue video of their own which you can snag here. It's quite large though, at 27 megs.

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