Mar. 30, 1999 - 10:30am
Bits & Pieces

  • FGN Online is reporting that Bizzare Creations confirmed European DC launch title, Metropolis, will be named Metropolis Street Racer upon release.

    "It's got an arcade mode and another mode. We've tried to keep both arcade and heavy sim fans happy." said a company spokesperson. Furthermore, the response the game has been getting has prompted the company to prepare for US and Japanese releases as well.

  • According to Gaming Age, Tecmo is planning to show their highly anticipated (by me, at least) NAOMI fighter DoA 2 at the upcoming E3 show in Los Angeles. While no DC port of the game has been announced, there is little doubt that one is in the works.

  • Developer Core will preview its first DC title at the upcoming E3 show according to The Adrenaline Vault. The game is Fighting Force 2 and it will have a new 3D engine and enhanced graphical effects. They will also be releasing details regarding the next installment in the Tomb Raider franchise. Hopefully that announcement will include a DC version of the game. (Editor's note: Now while Tomb Raider is the most loved or hated series of all time, the fact that it sells a million copies of every installment would be a boon to the Dreamcast. And anyway, I love Tomb Raider and if you don't like it I only got two words for ya: SUCK IT!![note to self: don't write the news after watching Monday Night Raw])

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