Mar. 31, 1999 - 12:00pm

March 30, 1999

(BioWare Develops Sequel For 'The Ultimate Gaming Machine)

Irvine, California -- Interplay Entertainment Corp. (NASDAQ:IPLY) announced today the development of their first Sega Dreamcast title, MDK2. The sequel to last year's award winning, sci-fi action thriller, MDK2 hosts an array of dynamic new features and gaming technology. First in the series of upcoming Interplay Dreamcast titles, MDK2 will take advantage of the high performance graphics, audio, and CPU technology of Sega's newest system while offering players a standard of quality that redefines the experience of console gaming. Interplay will debut MDK2, for PC and Dreamcast, at this years' Electronic Entertainment Expo, May 13-15th 1999 in Los Angeles. The title is expected to release for both the PC and Dreamcast simultaneously with the North American launch of Sega's system in Fall 1999.

MDK2 is currently being developed by BioWare Corp. the team that brought you 1998's "Best RPG of the Year, Baldurs Gate." MDK2 expands upon the legacy of action, intrigue and humor established by its predecessor, MDK2. Players will return to the strange, dark and kooky world inhabited by Kurt Hectic, Max the robotic dog, and the eccentric Dr. Hawkins. The result will be a surreal and cinematic romp through nine levels of vast 3D environments and engaging storylines. MDK2 promises superlative graphic detail, stunning visuals and dramatic gameplay.

"BioWare is aiming to create the ultimate single-player experience with MDK2," states Greg Zeschuk, President and Joint-CEO of Canadian developer BioWare. "We're carefully crafting a tight, but humorous, world inhabited by the most frightening and entertaining creatures yet seen in a 3D game. The solid technology and riveting story will keep players compelled to play out the game to its lengthy completion. MDK2 is the kind of game you won't want to put down!"

MDK2 uses the "Omen" engine, a true multi-platform game engine developed internally by the team at BioWare. While both the engine and the game are being developed for the PC and Dreamcast, BioWare is taking great care to provide maximum quality for both platforms. Perhaps the most powerful and unique features of the Omen engine include a realistic lighting engine which provides diffused and specular highlights and an animation-driven development system which allows segments of the game world to be dynamically modified in real-time. Additional features are the realistic object physics and complex scripted AI which provide inhabitants with intelligent interaction and mannerisms.

The MDK2 storyline picks up at the conclusion of the first game, with the evil Streamriding aliens poised to re-invade earth. The game allows players to control not only Kurt, but also Max and Dr. Hawkins, in an effort to fend off the aliens' attack. Each player has a unique set of powers and individual set of weapons. Kurt can, once again utilize his coil suits' sniper mode and powerful ribbon chute while Max and Dr. Hawkins wield their own novel weaponry. MDK2 will keep players glued to their seats as they commandeer the trio in a quest to rid earth of its alien invaders, once and for all.

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