Mar. 31, 1999 - 12:00pm
Metropolis Street Racer

Sega and Bizarre Creations have unveiled full details of Metropolis Street Racer for Dreamcast. The game will be based around three cities: London, San Francisco and Tokyo. The cities are split up into three separate areas, each covering two square miles. Bizarre Creations has built the game using a real-time four-wheel physics engine and over 32,000 photos were taken to authentically replicate the cites featured in the game. Around 30 hours of video footage was taken for the game, with three minutes of footage taking an hour to walk through.

Metropolis Street Racer will include 20 licensed cars, as well as eight hidden ones. The full line up of licensed cars will come from Mercedes, TVR, Mazda, Honda, Renault, Ford, Rover, Mitsubishi, Jenson, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, and Toyota. Car models seen in a video of the game included a Ford Mustang, Honda NSX, Toyota Celica, and a Mini. "We wanted to build everything up to the same level and then keep on improving it," enthused Bizarre Creations spokesperson, Sarah Dixon.

The game will be primarily split into two different game modes. These are: Classic Arcade and Gang Battle. The Classic Arcade mode will then be split up into Championship, Time Attack and Head to Head sub-modes. The Gang Battle will be based around a structured series of events and races. A four-player split-screen mode is currently in the works, although it is unsure if this will make the final version. The game will also be compatible with steering wheel peripherals. A total of five areas have been completed to some degree so far.

The sound of every car engine in the game has been recorded from 1000 revs to 7000 revs, again to authentically replicate the models they are based on. This intense amount of detail is due to the Dreamcast's compression capabilities. Whilst playing the game, expect to hear delights such as birds, planes and even trains panning round the action in 3D. The throttle and breaking system of each car is fully analogue, and brake discs on the cars will begin to glow after extensive use. Real-time weather effects display wind blowing through trees and bushes in high detail. Conditions such as snow, wind, fog, and rain will accompany the player's race as well as several other tricks yet to be disclosed by the game's developer.

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