Apr. 21, 1999 - 10:30am
Square and The Dreamcast

An anonymous source sent the following message to the folks over at DC HQ:

"As you know Sega held a retail summit last week. Well, I have learned one major piece of information from that summit:

Square will be supporting the Dreamcast and has committed both Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy X to the system.

This is not any rumor. This is simply what Babbages, EB, Best Buy, Toys R Us, and many more retail executives were told at the summit. Both presidents of Babbages Etc. were present and heard this news. This information was not passed onto the stores, and some feel that is because it is being held for official announcement at a later date."

Just be sure to take this message with a grain of salt. Square's ties with Sony are very strong and they've consistently denied Dreamcast development in the press. I still feel that Square would be crazy to not develop for the DC considering its close tioes to the PC, a market they've been trying to break into. Hopefully, we'll find out the truth about this at E3, but it may remain a mystery until the official announcement of Final Fantasy IX.

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