Apr. 26, 1999 - 10:30am
Geist Force

Dreamcast Game Sales For April 5 - April 11

From GameFan Online:

"Early this afternoon, we caught wind of a disturbing report that the upcoming Dreamcast shooter, Geist Force, had been canned by Sega. Needless to say, we got right on the horn in an effort to learn the whole story. After all, from the few glimpses we've had of the game, things were looking mighty promising.

When reached for comment, sources within Sega explained that Bernie Stolar was not satisfied with the progress being made on the game, and a large percentage of the development team was let go. They didn't give us an idea of just how many employees were involved, but they did say that they're shifting existing staffers to the project, in an effort to have it ready for the system launch on September 9th."

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