Apr. 28, 1999 - 12:15pm
Fighting Force 2

From Next Generation Online:

Although the UK-based developer was not ready to divulge specific details regarding the Dreamcast version, Susie Hamilton, PR Manager for Core Design, did say: "A Dreamcast version of Fighting Force 2 is currently in development."

The title will support an all-new 3D engine and a combination of tactical action and adventure. "The sequel retains the same interaction element of the original and will also be vastly larger," explained Hamilton. "The engine was built specifically for the title from scratch, and players will have to incorporate a more advanced, strategic approach to playing the game." A 50 percent playable version of Fighting Force 2 will be present at next month’s E3.

The original Fighting Force has also become the third Eidos title to be included into the PlayStation's Greatest Hits series, following Tomb Raider I and II. "Fighting Force is proving to be an extremely successful title for Eidos and we're excited to see it join the 'Greatest Hits' series," said Paul Baldwin, Vice President of Marketing at Eidos. "When consumers see the green stripe on 'Greatest Hits' games, they know they will get a great game for a great price."

Fighting Force 2 is scheduled for release in October for Playstation. A Dreamcast date has yet to be set.

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