Apr. 28, 1999 - 12:15pm
News Bits

  • Game Online has put up some drool inducing 40% complete screenshots of Namco's Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast. Check them out here.

  • Bizzare Creations has put up new screenshots of their second Dreamcast title, Furballs. The game looks good, and nauseatingly cute. Check out the new pics here.

  • Dramcast Direct, the online shopping service set up by Sega for the purchase of Dreamcast systems, games and assorted goodies, is now open for business. Check it out here.

      From Next Generation:

      According to Japanese publication, The Nihon Keizai Shimbun, only the console and its software - some 50 titles - will be available to shoppers until the end of the year. Toys and books will then appear, along with clothing and other Dreamcast paraphernalia next Spring. As from August, frequent Japanese purchasers will be able to accumulate points by shopping on the service. These can be swapped later for discounts on items. Sega hopes to have 1 million people registered for the program by March 2000.

      The question on everyone's lips is, of course, whether or not Sega's service will be available in territories outside Japan. It seems likely, as a spokesperson for the company commented: "As far as I'm aware, the intention is to provide a full range of Dreamcast services for all Dreamcast users."

  • The E3 floor plan has been released to the public. For those of you who may be going and want to know where Sega's booth is, check it out here. Though considering the size of it, you'd be hard pressed not to find it. The big 3 are all lined up next to each other with pretty much equal floor space.

  • Evolution, Sting's upcoming RPG, is to come to the US, according to a recent Babbages release list. The date for release has been set at a tentative Fall-Winter and it is possible that the title will be shown at E3. Thanks to Sega Otaku.
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