Apr. 30, 1999 - 11:00am
PSY Delayed

Sony's uber-system with the specs from another reality has been hit with yet another delay. Now the system will be released no sooner than Summer 2000, as opposed to the previous dates of March 2000 and December 1999.

This is, of course, expected as there is no way to release a system with those specs this year for a competitive price. There will likely be another delay until September in order to let the cost catch up with the technology so they can release the system for around $200.

This news is great for Sega as it gives them at least over a year from now to establish a user base. They only have around 900,000 systems sold to this point, and they will need at least 3 million to be able to stay competitive with Sony's technology and name brand advantage. Despite all the rumors, Sony still has Square with them and that's an unbeatable advantage in Japan. Sega needs to be established or else they'll be drowned out when the first Final Fantasy game hits the PSY.

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