May 3, 1999 - 11:30am

In a recent press release, Accolade announced that it will be supporting the Dreamcast in the future, with two games already set for release on the system in 1999. Both Test Drive 6 and Slave Zero will hit the DC, with TD6 coming during the holiday season and Slave Zero set as a launch title. Here are some highlights of the press release courtesy of Dreamcast HQ:


SAN JOSE, CA - May 3, 1999 - Accolade, a leading publisher and developer of video game software, announced today that it would showcase its new 1999 lineup of software at next week's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Accolade will preview five new titles spanning four video game platforms: Demolition Racer* for the PlayStation* game console and personal computer; Test Drive* 6 for the PlayStation* game console, Sega *Dreamcast*, Nintendo* Color Game Boy, and personal computer; Test Drive Off-Road* 3 for the PlayStation* game console, Nintendo* Color Game Boy, and personal computer; Test Drive Cycles* for the PlayStation* game console and personal computer; and Slave Zero* for Sega* Dreamcast* and personal computer."

"Test Drive 6, the latest in the successful Test Drive racing series, includes 40 licensed cars and 30 new tracks. The game has a completely revamped physics model, which will give each car in its class a specific driving style and handling model. As players win races, they are able to upgrade their cars, with five upgrades available per car. The game will feature interactive driving environments that will include breakable objects, unpredictable objects and nerve-racking shortcuts. Cars will race through outdoor cafés in Paris, France, causing tables to crash and fly into the air, swerve to avoid alligators in the Louisiana swamplands, or jump over forklifts in the back alleys of Hong Kong. Test Drive 6 will be available this holiday season."

"Slave Zero is a 3D action giant robot game that gives players control of a 60-foot biomechanical war machine 500 years in the future in a battle against rival forces throughout the vast metropolis of S1-9. The city is ruled by the SovKahn, an evil dictator who possesses dark matter, a mysterious energy source that is used to control the populace. The player is part of a rebellion force who steals the technology to create a 60-foot slave robot and becomes one with the giant biomechanical creature, Slave Zero. The game will be available for personal computers in July and Sega Dreamcast in the fall."

Accolade is a solid developer and a welcome addition to the DC line-up. I was a huge fan of the Test Drive games on the Playstation, so this is just another great reason to pick up a DC (as if there weren't enough great reasons to get one already).

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