May 08, 1999 - 9:15pm
Seth C
School's Out!

It's time to celebrate... school is out for the summer. Finals ended for me on Thursday and now I'm back home and ready to go with more Dreamcast info than you can handle.

I know things here haven't been the best in the world, I won't try to deny it. I will try my best to correct that though. We have missed news due to me being at school, we have missed news due to servers going down, we've gone through it all. I thank all of you who stuck with us through the "drought" and hopefully you'll realize that we didn't just go and give up on you or the site.

If you find some of the news I post over the next few days is old, forgive me, I don't know what has been posted to the other sites over the past little bit and what hasn't. You could say I've been out of the loop. Things should be back to usual by the time E3 is over (I hope).

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