May 10, 1999 - 11:50pm
Seth C
New Dead or Alive 2 Screenshots

Tecmo has decided to grace us with more screenshots of Dead or Alive 2, and as long as they keep releasing them we'll keep posting them here fo ryou to see. Obviously, these shots are gorgeous. This game just keeps looking better and better each and every time that I see it. Have you honestly seen something for the PSX2 that looks better than this? I seriously doubt it. Sometimes it amazes me that this could be running on Naomi, but it is... and it's on a single board. So we can expect a quick, flawless converion to the Dreamcast.

DoA2 utilizes what Tecmo calls the "ultimate full one-skin model", which is similar to the effect used in Half-Life whereby the polygonal "skeleton" has a texture-mapped skin stretched over it. This method of design is impressive, as the characters are very lifelike, even more-so when in motion. The clothing of the characters is utilized using their "realtime dynamics simulation engine" which give all of the characters' accessories a very realistic motion. Whew, I think I got all of those gimmicky "blast-processing-esque" catch phrases in there.

Probably the best news that I've heard all day is that Tecmo plans to showcase this title at E3. Don't worry, I guarantee you that we'll bring back huge amounts of shots of the game, along with an in-depth look into how it plays, and how large a part the environments play in the game. So be sure to check back with us all this weekend and in to next week for further updates on this hot title. Could this title possibly be a cover story for DCX Digizine Issue 2? Well, you'll all just have to wait and see. *grin*

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