May 11, 1999 - 2:25am
Seth C
Rumor Mill

They Say: Aside from Grandia 2, GameArts has already started development of Lunar 3 for the Dreamcast.
I Say: It probably isn't true... yet. Right now they do have their hands full with development of Grandia 2. It is quite possible that early designs are being worked on though, and I don't doubt for even a second that as soon as Grandia 2 nears completion they will gear up for Lunar 3.

They Say: Konami is working on a fighting title for the Dreamcast, possibly a sequel to Fighting Bujitsu.
I Say: I don't see why not. Konami seems to like the Dreamcast already, with games such as Castlevania in the works. Fighting Bujitsu is already a bit old (and never was a huge success), so a DC port wouldn't be highly profitable. A sequel would likely be a better idea.

They Say: Sega and Namco are co-developing a new racer for the Dreamcast.
I Say: I've heard word that there will be a Ridge Racer title for the Dreamcast, could this be it? Still though, it seems improbable. I mean, Sega and Namco working together? Yet, for some reason, I'm inclined to put some fait in this one.

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