May 14, 1999 - 1:00am
Seth C
E3: Accolade's Slave Zero

Slave Zero is a futuristic first/third-person shooter from Accolade. You and up to three of your friends choose mechs and battle it out in a huge city environment. You're armed with cannons, roket launchers, and jet boosters and are free to destroy just about anything in sight.

This game was plagued with problems. At the beginning of the show today, it wasn't even available for play. Once they did turn on the machines, it wasn't much better. Load times were quite bad, and the frame-rate was miserable. Upon firing of rockets the game would completely stop for a few seconds. The developers claim they are working on the slowdown issues, but it is scheduled for release in September and you have to wonder just how much can be done by then. Hopefully these issues will be cleared up though, because otherwise the game certainly showed promise.

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