May 14, 1999 - 3:00am
Seth C
E3: Sonic Adventure, Sega Rally 2, and VF3tb

Sonic Adventure

So, everyone wants to know... has anything changed with Sonic Adventure? Honestly, no not that we could tell. The camera angle problems were still there, but there is still time for things like that to be done. Most of the text has been translated though. All 6 characters were playable but you coud only play through a certain number of levels. It was being called the "E3 Demo Version". This one is obviously due at release.

Sega Rally 2

Still no set release date on this one which is a bit strange. Rumors are flying that it will be a pack-in titles while all Sega reps are denying the possibility, stating that with the modem already included we shouldn't expect a game also. We'll see. As far as the game goes, it seems to e the slowdown issues were a bit exagerated. I played in 4 player network mode and the frame-rate was pretty steady. You won't hear any complaints from me and you can bet I'll pick this one up as soon as it does come out.

Virtua Fighter 3tb

Guess what guys and girls? It was the US version on display and still no versus mode. Kinda despressing, eh? Basically it was the Japanese version. Nothing new here. As you already know, this one is a launch title also.

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