May 17, 1999 - 5:10pm
Seth C
It's Finally Over

E3 has to be the most tiring three days on earth. Sorry about the lack of updates during the last day of the show, but there was just TOO much to do for one person (me) to be able to get it done. But worry not, we've got all of the info you want (and maybe even more than that) and it'll be coming to you all day today.

Sega had an excellent show this year, and if any company took away honors of having the most impressive booth at the show, it was Sega. No, they weren't giving away lots of free stuff and they didn't have tons of "booth babes" but what they did have was games. And good ones at that. Their booth was packed with people from day one until closing on Saturday. Just about every game there was impressive and everyone at the show wanted to play them.

Third party titles were the star of the show. Games like Soul Calibur and Shutoko Battle (more on this one in a bit) were extremely impressive. They even exceeded some of Sega's own in terms of graphical quality. This isn't the Saturn folks, the third party support is here. Now if Sega can just fix that marketing campaign... it's seriously lacking.

I'll be back with my top 10 of the show, along with news on all of the hottest games, in just a bit. Stay tuned!

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