May 17, 1999 - 5:30pm
Seth C
Seth C's Top Ten

I'm not going to actually try to put these in any sort of order, because it's just too close to impossible. Just know that all ten games mentioned here are absolutely amazing.

#1 - Shutoko Battle: This game will be coming to the US care of Crave Entertainment and will feature even more cars than the Japanese version. It looks better than Metropolis people... be afraid.
#2 - Soul Calibur: Compared to the System 12 arcade game, well there is no comparison. This one looks 100 times better, it's just ridiculous. It's fun to play, and deeper than I had expected.
#3 - Metropolis: The sense of freedom is great, and the cars handle realistically enough without becoming a burden to play. The graphics are top-notch but no longer the best. Still a great game.
#4 - NFL 2000: Even if you don't like football, you'll want this game. The motion capture is great, and the way it will use the modem is sure to attract tons of attention and be a breath of fresh air to the genre.
#5 - NBA 2000: Same as NFL 2000. It uses the modem in the same ways, and the animation of the players is great. From a distance, this is NBA on the TV. Wait till you play it.
#6 - Hydro Thunder: Some of you may laugh, but this game is just fun. You water physics add to the play, and there are plenty of tracks and boats to select from. It also looks better than the arcade version...
#7 - Sega Bass Fishing: This is Get Bass with a new name, and it took me by surprise. The fishing rod is worlds of fun, and the game is just addictive.
#8 - Ready 2 Rumble: Two games from Midway make it on the list, highly surprising. But once again, this game is just fun to play. It's well done, and enjoyable.
#9 - Sonic Adventure: Sure alot of you have played it and already know it is great, but it deserves to be included. Too bad Sega didn't have any of the fixes in place though...
#10 - Sega Rally 2: I finally got to play it in network mode and it was fun, very fun. Once again though, no improvement in the frame-rate problems. Sega needs to get it together there.

You're probably wondering where game like Shenmue, Dead or Alive 2, and Ecco the Dolphin are. Well, I can't rightly include games I couldn't play. Shenmue was only partially playable, and no free-roaming areas were available. Ecco and DoA2 were only running looping demos as were Spawn and Code Veronica. When I play them, I'll let you know.

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