May 17, 1999 - 11:00pm
Seth C
Ubi Soft's Racing Titles

Ubi Soft is one company who is supporting the Dreamcast with a full lineup of games. Of the five they have in the works right now, three of them are racing titles.

Monaco Grand Prix

This isn't just the PC title. The Dreamcast version has been upgraded with better graphics, smoke and lighting effects, environment mapping, and solid 60 frames per second gameplay. Each of the 22 available cars have 4-wheel independent suspension and show real damage. You'll have 17 true-to-life tracks to race along. The game also includes a full suite of options including 15 car setting, a career mode, and more.

Redline Racer: Ultimate Challenge

Choose from one of 8 superbikes and race around 12 3D environments. Play by yourself or with a friend in the split-screen multiplayer mode. One noticable improvement over the PC version is due to the Dreamcast's analog pad. Using a PC joystick or keyboard just can't compare. In the end this game becomes much more enjoyable simply due to the fact that you can stay on the road.

Speed Devils

This game offers you 10 hot rod to choose from and customize. Paint them, tune them, then hit the road. Tracks include settings such as Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Louisiana. Earn money from the races so you can upgrade your vehicle or buy a new one.

The graphics in this racer are solid, but they won't win any awards when next to Metropolis or Genki's new racing title. The controls are tight to the point of being almost too tight. In other words, they are so easy to use the game begins purely a race of luck, not skill. Tight turns can be taken with the gas held down. It's worth playing, but needs work still to become truley solid. Speed Devils is 50% complete and due in September.

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