May 21, 1999 - 8:20pm
Seth C
Behind the Scenes

Some sites shut down when they are going through an overhaul... this one doesn't. Although updates have been lackluster at best, it's because things are going on behind the scenes. so if you notice a lack of updates on a day, don't worry... it means something good is coming. Interested to know what? Alright then...

Starting off, a new layout. This one has gotten old. The whole site needs to go. We think you'll like the new graphics and page layout when they're done. Also, DCX Digizine #2 is underway and will feature our full coverage of E3. That's why you didn't see it here. Also, the long awaiting (and much delayed) reder reviews section will go up with the new site layout. We think you'll enjoy what's coming.

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