Strider 2 on Naomi?
10:15 PM ET 11/30/98 Seth C
Capcom has decided, due to the popularity of the character in the Vs. series of games, to return Strider to the arcades in a brand new game all his own. The original Strider was released in 1989. How has nearly 10 years out of the limelight changed things? Well according to reports, it has brought him in to the world of 3d. Actually, it is said that the game will in some way combine 2d and 3d elements. That rules out the CPSIII board, so the only ones remaining are System12 and Naomi. Here's hoping we see it on Naomi.

Source: Magic Box

Two New Games for Naomi
10:15 PM ET 11/30/98 Seth C
Sure, Strider 2 might make it to Naomi, but we're more interested in games that are guaranteed. So here we are to report on two new ones. The first is Virtua Striker '99. What is game #2? It's Virtua Cop 3. Expect to see exact ports of both games shortly after their release in the arcades.

Source: Magic Box

SegaHolic Updates
10:15 PM ET 11/30/98 Seth C
You know you're really cool when you get a news blurb simply because your site updates. Well, SegaHolic updated over the weekend with tons of new pictures from upcoming arcade games and maybe even a few Dreamcast titles. If you head over to their site you'll see shots of Maken X Sega Rally2, and Power Stone running on the Dreamcast. They also have shots from the Gunblade NY sequel and Magical Truck Adventure from AM3 running on the Model 3 Step 2 board.

Bits & Pieces
10:15 PM ET 11/30/98 Seth C
-Capcom has delayed Bio Hazard: CODE Veronica until winter '99, citing the reason as being a desire to sell over 1 million copies of the title.

-July will be translated to the big screen in Japan, the motion picture will be released sometime next year.

-There will be a net ranking page for Sega Rally 2, just like Sega did for Sega Touring Car on the Saturn.

-Dynamite Baseball '98, the second Naomi arcade game from Sega, will be released in Japan sometime in December.

-Blood Bullet has been renamed Zombie Zone… hmm, seems to be something lacking in that title.

Source: Magic Box

Dreamcast Launch is a Success
2:00 PM ET 11/30/98 Seth C
According to reports in Japan, almost all retail outlets had exhausted their stock of Dreamcast units by early afternoon on November 27. All of the nearly 150,000 units are now in the hands of eager Japanese gamers who seem to be very much in love with the system and Virtua Fighter 3tb in particular. The streets of Akihabara were flooded with people lining up for hours to get their hands on a system. Unfortunately this has caused some severe problems for those of us in the US, which the next story details…

Dreamcast Prices Skyrocketing
2:00 PM ET 11/30/98 Seth C
NCS today amended their pricing on the Dreamcast, and I'm sure no one is going to like the changes they have made. How much are you willing to pay for a Dreamcast? How about $650 US, and that's without a game. Want VF3tb with your system? Expect to pay $715. What's worse, the second shipment of systems that was supposedly going to bring down the cost has been delayed until around December 28. If you want a Dreamcast by Christmas it looks as though you'll have to skimp on the other less important things, like food.

Power Stone Official Website
2:00 PM ET 11/30/98 Seth C
Capcom of Japan has opened an official website for their upcoming Naomi/Dreamcast title, Power Stone. The site is located at The game should be released in arcades sometime in early '99, and until then they will be updating that site with new and pictures of their progress.

Panasonic on Dreamcast
2:00 PM ET 11/30/98 Seth C
Although our translation from the original Japanese source isn't perfect, apparently it is a joint venture with Sony and Panasonic, and the game should be released around June of next year. Frankly I'm befuddled, so if anyone has more information on this please don't hesitate to contact me.

Inside the Dreamcast
2:00 PM ET 11/30/98 Seth C
This site has surely saved me loads of time and trouble because now there is no need for me to disassemble my own Dreamcast when it arrives. The site contains pictures of a Dreamcast, fully take apart, for your eyes to behold. So go to that site now and try to imagine yourself putting it all back together... hehe.

Thursday's Feature Game: Virtua Fighter 3tb
4:00 PM ET 11/26/98 Seth C
What is surely the jewel of the Dreamcast launch crown, Virtua Fighter 3tb. Virtua Fighter is one of the most complex fighting games to ever be created. It can take months, even years, to fully master only one character. Want to master all of them? It's highly unlikely that you ever will. Yet at the same time, the game isn't impossible to get into. It can be played and enjoyed even by the youngest of gamers, but unlike other games of this genre you won't often see a newbie "button-masher" defeat a highly skilled expert.

This game has been getting rave reviews from the press. the only gripe anyone seems to have is the lack of extra features. What seems to go unnoticed is that the Virtua Fighter series doesn't need any additions, any gimmicks, the gameplay itself is feature-rich. Do we really need volleyball in a game that will already provide many hundreds of hours of playing to master but a 10th of the game? I think not. If you can only have one of the Dreamcast's launch games, be sure it's this one. I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Stolar Speaks
4:00 PM ET 11/26/98 EsquE
In a recent interview with MSNBC, Bernie Stolar had a lot to say about Dreamcast, it's competition and a few well known game companies. Here are some highlights:

MSNBC: Sega was still trying to break into the market with Saturn when you came over from Sony. Did you plan to discontinue Saturn as soon as you arrived?

Bernie Stolar: I came here to turn a company around and redirect Sega of America to a winning, profitable mentality. It was my feeling at the time that anything that we had in our product cycle with hardware and software that was not going to be profitable was a mistake. I felt Saturn was hurting the company more than helping it. That was a battle that we weren't going to win.

MSNBC: No. What was the reaction when you first brought the subject up?

B.S.: It was positive. Somebody was taking a position and saying, "This direction now." I don't believe that there was direction before. It was a matter of "Let's see the plan. Show me how it looks financially to our business plans. Show me how it looks towards where the company is heading and how it transcends into that." And once I did that, they felt comfortable letting me do what I did.

MSNBC: Any idea how many titles are coming out in Japan in the first year?

B.S.: They've announced five titles at launch, and I think by the end of the year they're looking at having 15 titles. (This number has been amended to between 12 and 15 titles.) So, I think they'll have a healthy product flow. I think the product flow will be better in the March/April time frame than it will be, let's say, initially.

MSNBC: Of the first 15, any idea of how many are going to be brought to the U.S.?

BS: We're still judging that. Let me say this. We'll have "Sonic" ("Sonic Adventure") at launch, and we'll have some very other strong titles that are being developed in Japan. But because they haven't announced those right now, I don't want to get into that.

MSNBC: When you and Whims and Race left Sony?

BS: We didn't leave, we got fired.

MSNBC: Well, why'd you guys get fired?

BS: We did too good a job. Did you read the Forbes article? It said, "Do a great job, get fired."

MSNBC: So are you looking for revenge through Dreamcast?

BS: People say that I've been driven by vengeance in going after Sony, and I think they're probably right. I believe in winning, and I believe you have to have that kind of attitude to drive you. People have called me Darth Vader, throughout the company, but when it comes to how I view SOA [Sega of America], I think that throughout the company the attitude is now one of winning and not taking a second position to anybody.

MSNBC: Don't you get a little nervous about pulling a 3DO and coming out before people are bored enough with their PlayStations and N64's to move to another system?

BS: I think they're bored of the PlayStation already. I think for the most part, they all look alike. When you go to the store and you see eight first-person shooters, what the hell is the difference? You see driving games, and they all look alike. What is the difference? The one game that I think stands out more so than any other title is "Crash" ["Crash Bandicoot Warped", the third game in the "Crash Bandicoot" series]. "Crash" evolves each time and gets better, but no other title has done that.

MSNBC: Not even "Tekken"?

BS: "Tekken's" over.

MSNBC: "Tekken's" over? "Tekken 3" is one of the best-selling games of the year.

BS: It's over. There's no more "Tekken." How much difference will there be between "Tekken 4" and "Tekken 3"? I can guarantee you, there's not going to be much difference. And Namco is now developing for us. So you think they're going to take the best resource and leave it for PlayStation? It's going to come here. Namco announced the move at the Tokyo game show.

MSNBC: Any other big defections? How about Square Soft?

BS: Square is still evaluating what they want to do. I don't think Square is going to do anything until they figure out how to best negotiate their Sony contract.

Thanks to G-Man Joe for pointing this out to me.

North America Pricing
4:00 PM ET 11/26/98 EsquE
Big Boys Toys has information that indicates that the North American price for the DC will be at most $199 and possibly lower as cost to retailers will only be $155. You can go to Big Boys Toys website to read the full article.
Source: DC Tech

Bits & Pieces
4:00 PM ET 11/26/98 EsquE
-Micronet has became a third party of Dreamcast and their first DC game is Marionette Handler, a robot fighting simulation game, in which you are responsible for selecting different equipment and weapons for your robots to use in battles.

-Sega AM3 is working on the arcade Naomi version of Last Bronx 2, sequel to their weapon-based fighting game.

-Sega's newest Model 3 Step 2 racing game, Daytona USA 2 Power Edition, will have the 3 tracks from Daytona USA 1, plus a brand new "Remix" track which consists of different section of other tracks in the game.

-Originally a Naomi graphical demo in Tokyo Game Show, Sega has decided to turn Sega Buggy into a real game. It will be released in the arcades next spring.

-Sega AM3 is also working on the sequel to the 3D light gun shooter, Gunblade NY. It will be named Jet Squadron, and this time the game will be on Model 3.

-Sega is working on yet another Naomi game called Sega Taxi, a Taxi racing / simulation game. No release date has been announced and don't expect to see it here.

-After Project Berkeley, Yu Suzuki will resume the development of Virtua Fighter 4. This time the game will not use Naomi or Model 3 but instead Sega will use an even more powerful board. Possibly Model 3 Step 2 or Model 4.

Wednesday's Feature Game: Pen Pen Tricelon
8:15 PM ET 11/25/98 Seth C
A bunch of penguin-esque characters running around, sliding around, and swimming around. Doesn't really sound like much of an idea for a game. But everyone but the most hardened Mario zealots probably thought the same thing when they heard of Mario Kart and that game turned out to be quite a bit of fun. So perhaps this action/racing half-breed does stand a chance?

Opinions on this game from the Japanese press seem to vary quite a bit, but the general impression I get is that it's not stunning, but slightly above average. If there is a solid second game that will be available at launch, this is probably it. The graphics are definitely beautiful. What hinders the game the most, according to most that have played it, is the length of the tracks you race on. If the tracks were a bit shorter, perhaps there would have been more going on, more excitement. As it is, the game gets old rather quickly.

Two from Konami
8:15 PM ET 11/25/98 Seth C
Apparently Konami currently has two titles in the works for Dreamcast. Before you get your hopes up, they aren't Castlevania and Metal Gear (although we are not ruling those two out). Although our source did his best to translate the katakana, some of the names may not have made it through properly. The first game is called "Flight Shooting" and is an original 3D shooter. The second game is a port of their PaRappa style music matching game that was recently released in Japanese arcades.
Source: Address Snowy, translation by Justin

Bits & Pieces
8:15 PM ET 11/25/98 Seth C
-Atlus, not to be left behind by Konami, has a Dreamcast title in the works as well. The tentative title is "Magical Sword X" and it is a 3D adventure game.

-Yu Suzuki's final name for Project Berkley is apparently "Shi e n mu", but what that means is anyone's guess…
Source: Address Snowy, translation by Justin

Tuesday's Feature Game: Godzilla Generations
10:55 PM ET 11/24/98 Seth C
Mass destruction, mayhem, and disaster… Godzilla Generations has all the things that make up a good game, right? It has to be done the right way though, that is the deciding factor that separates a good game from "everything else". You play Godzilla or one of a multitude of other characters from the various movies, and go about destroying everything in site. Remember Rampage? Now envision it in three dimensions.

Unfortunately, early reports out of Japan say this title slipped into the depths of mediocrity. Slow, sluggish gameplay has seemingly marred what could have been a thoroughly enjoyable title. Sure, you still get to destroy lots of stuff… but if you're not having FUN while you do it, is there any real point? Too bad we can't rent import titles, because this one would definitely be a perfect rental, fun for a short time, but quickly boring. Unless you're an extreme Godzilla fan or have money to burn and a desire to spend it on the Dreamcast, you'll probably want to keep safe distance from this one.

Project Berkley Images
10:55 PM ET 11/24/98 Seth C
Sega X posted these screens of Project Berkley today. Are they FMV or real-time though? One would normally assume from looking at them that they would be FMV. But then you realize that if they are FMV, why aren't they even BETTER looking than they are? This project from Yu Suzuki has been said to be the most amazing game ever by those who have seen it running. Is there a small chance these screens could be of real-time gameplay or cinemas? Only time will tell…

Frame Gride
10:15 PM ET 11/24/98 EsquE
From Software has a new title in development for DC by the name of Frame Gride. It is a mech combat game in the vein of Virtual On. This is the game shown briefly at TGS that many had been calling Virtua On: Side Story. From Software is best known for the Armored Core and King's Field series on the Playstation.
Source: DC Technical Pages

Game Pages
10:15 PM ET 11/24/98 EsquE
Sega of Japan has put up new web pages for three upcoming games with new images and information on the games. They are all in Japanese so be aware of that before checking them out. The games featured are Pen Pen Triicealon, Aero Dancers and Buggy Heat.

D2 Demo
10:15 PM ET 11/24/98 EsquE
Gaming Age is reporting that Warp will be releasing an audio-only game for the DC titled Real Sound. It features numerous well known Japanese voice actors. It is scheduled for a February 1999 release. While this game would be impossible for anyone not fluent in Japanese, it will come with a second disc that contains a demo of their other DC game, D2. It will only be packaged in with early shipments of the game, so keep that in mind if you're interested.

Monday's Feature Game: July
8:20 PM ET 11/23/98 Seth C
July is a surrealistic FMV adventure game loosely based on Nostradamus' July '99 doomsday predictions. In this world of the future, the human race has mutated into strange sexless beings. Of course, you're all about finding out what's up and fixing it. Could the fate of the entire world depend on your decisions? It's quite possible…

July has gotten mediocre review from all of the major Japanese gaming press. This, compounded with extreme dependence on spoken and written storyline, cause us not to recommend this title to everyone. If you have a competent knowledge of the Japanese language and are desperate for a freaky FMV adventure in the same category as D2 or the Sega CD FMV games of yore, then by all means pick it up. To everyone else, stay way, there aren't many Dreamcast launch titles… but they do get better than this.

NCS and Extreme Imports Finalize
8:20 PM ET 11/23/98 Seth C
National Console Support today announced their final Dreamcast pricing. They will be charging $580 US for the system without a game, or $630 with one launch game of your choice. They do suggest waiting until the second shipment in December when prices will be down closer to $350 for the system.

Or, you could turn to Extreme Imports for your Dreamcast needs. They announced last night that their suppliers will be completely fulfilling their order, which should make everyone who has pre-ordered through them very happy.

DC Article
11:00 AM ET 11/23/98 EsquE
DC Tech has put up an article from the eeTimes that discusses the Windows OS as well as the GD-ROM discs for the Dreamcast:

One little-known fact about Dreamcast is that it does not actually run Windows CE in ROM. The operating system comes with a games CD-ROM disk for developers who use that platform, but most developers are initially writing to a low-level environment Sega provides. "We have basically two systems [for Dreamcast]-the Sega library and Microsoft API," said Irimajiri. "From the beginning, we agreed to use our own library for the development of most of the fastest and highest-end games."

All executable modules of Windows CE are loaded when the disk is loaded. To provide a game program with the controlling software, Sega developed a proprietary disk system it calls "GD-ROM," based on a 12X CD-ROM drive. "We wanted to use DVD, but when we were developing Dreamcast, DVD had just emerged in the market and we could not use it mainly because of cost," said Hideki Sato, corporate senior vice president of Sega in charge of R&D.

The inner part of the GD-ROM disk is in CD-ROM format, but the outer part is in double-density CAV format. This structure gives the disk 1-Gbyte capacity.

The article also mentions that the DC's internet browser is not ready yet and will be bundled with the DC by next spring.

Financial Troubles
11:00 AM ET 11/23/98 EsquE
Sega has announced that their financial situation is not very strong. From their press release:

Sega's net profits at the parent level collapsed 75.9 percent to 1.21 billion yen ($10.1 million) from 5.03 billion yen a year earlier. Sales slipped 20.4 percent to 100.93 billion yen from 126.75 billion.

This downswing can mostly be attributed to the failing Japanese economy as well as the slow down in Saturn sales. Sega is hoping the DC can pull them out of this hole.
Source: Dreamcaster

Bits & Pieces
11:00 AM ET 11/23/98 EsquE
The Neo Geo Pocket version of Samurai Spirits will be released on December 25 in Japan, for 4500 Yen. A special transparent Neo Geo Pocket Deluxe Edition will also be released at the same time, with Samurai Spirits packaged in, for 12,300 Yen.

Vivarium is working on a new Dreamcast title called Seaman, a new breeding simulation game that will support the microphone device for the DC. It is similar to Pokemon for the N64. You can talk to Seaman, a merman-type creature, directly with the microphone.

The DC will officially go on sale in Hong Kong on November 24, 3 days ahead of Japan. Right now some DC accessories are available for sale:

  • Joystick ($57 US)
  • White VMS ($30 US)
  • Joypad

Due to the shortage in Japan, there will only be around 600 units available on the 24th.

The DC steering wheel will not be available at launch due to no racing games being ready then. It will be released with Sega Rally 2 on January 14th.
Source: Magic Box, DC Tech

Rumor Mill
11:00 AM ET 11/23/98 EsquE
Capcom is planning to port their latest 3D arcade game, Tech Romancer to Dreamcast.

Capcom will use the Naomi board to develop Rival Schools: United by Fate II for arcade.
Source: Magic Box

Only a Week
10:45 PM ET 11/20/98 Seth C
One week from today... the Dreamcast will launch. There will be no more waiting, no more wondering. We'll all have the chance (well, the ones of us that can manage to get a system at the launch anyway... chances of that seem to be diminishing as the days go by) to play a Dreamcast for ourselves, to see what the fuss is about. Is it worth the hype? Will VF3tb stun and amaze?

So, in an effort to make sure everyone is fully informed and knows what to expect from the laugh titles, starting Monday we will spotlight one game each day. Pen Pen, July, Godzilla, and Virtua Fighter 3 Team Battle. This way the games will be fresh on your mind and you'll know just want to get and what to steer clear from.

Digizine on Hold
10:45 PM ET 11/20/98 Seth C
If you didn't know, the past month or so has been nothing but a struggle for me... I've rarely been up to the task of updating the site, much less managing a team to work on a mini-mag. This, combined with the fact that with no system there is very little to write about, have led me to put the magazine on temporary hold. It will be back once I have the time to put it together in an orderly fashion and once there are games to review for it.

Sony's Big Day
10:45 PM ET 11/20/98 Seth C
Did everyone catch Sony's big announcement? Just in case you missed it, I'll recap………… yeah, that was pretty much all of it. They just took the world by storm with this one… I mean, no system name, no system specs… humph, there was no announcement period. What's up over there at Sony? Did they delay the announcement to the new Dreamcast launch date? I suppose we'll have to wait one more week to find out.

Okawa's Thoughts
1:00 PM ET 11/19/98 EsquE
Gamespot recently spoke with Sega Enterprises chairman, Isao Okawa, on the state of gaming. Here are some highlights:

On the current Japanese economy:
"The economy isn't as bad as you think." Okawa assured me. "Americans are thinking the situation is worse than it is. In Japan, the fundamentals are still strong - even compared to the American economy. Our balance of trade is strong - and in Japan, production of goods is strong. However, real estate and stocks are suffering."

On Nintendo:
"Regarding Nintendo," Mr. Hirose said, "from a quality point of view, they've got the number one software. The problem [for Nintendo] is that the shipments of the N64 are only 2.5 million units - and I don't think that Zelda will generate new hardware demand. I think that, yes, a portion of the users will buy Zelda, but these past two years, Nintendo is very low key. The main focus today is skewed toward Game Boy Pocket, and soon they will start to sell Color Game Boy. If I were a kid and had some money, my choice would be to buy a Color Game Boy with software or, if I already have an N64, to buy Zelda."

On Sony:
"Regarding Sony, I'm very doubtful they will announce a new generation machine before Christmas. It would hurt their own business. If I were Sony, I would announce their new machine around February as this will be the first tough time for Sega - as February is typically a low-demand month, so we have to drive demand. So Sony may announce its new machine around then [in February]. If they make an announcement around the end of November or early December, it will kill their software sales."

The rest of the interview can be found at Gamespot

DC Games Reviewed
1:00 PM ET 11/19/98 EsquE
Dimension S has put up reviews for the Dreamcast launch titles from the pages of three Japanese magazines. The magazines are Dreamcast Mag #3, Dreamcast Fan #1 and Weekly FamiTsu #520. Virtua Fighter 3tb received high scores all around and is definitely arcade perfect. The other launch games only received mediocre scores. Here is the breakdown:

Virtua Fighter 3tb

  • DC Mag 10 10 10 (10)
  • DC Fan 9 9 8 (8.7)
  • FamiTsu 9 9 9 9 (9)


  • DC Mag 6 6 5(5.7)
  • DC Fan 6 6 6(6)
  • FamiTsu 7 7 6 5(6.25)

Godzilla Generations

  • DC Mag 8 8 8(8)
  • DC Fan 8 9 8(8.3)
  • FamiTsu 7 4 5 4(5)

Pen Pen Triicelon

  • DC Mag 8 8 8(8)
  • DC Fan 8 6 7(7)
  • FamiTsu 7 6 6 6(6.3)

Once again, thanks to Dimension-S, NoriPhd and DC Tech for this story.

DC Launch Shortage
1:00 PM ET 11/19/98 EsquE
Sega has announced that there will be only 100,000 Dreamcasts available on the DC launch date, November 27. And since 80,000 units are already pre-ordered, only 20,000 units will be available for sale at launch. The first year (Nov. '98 to Nov. '99) shipment is estimated to be around 400,000 to 500,000 units, half of what Sega had initially wanted.
Source: Magic Box

Do You Like Potatoes?
1:00 PM ET 11/19/98 EsquE
Do you want to own the first U.S. Dreamcast and be supplied with games for life? If you survive the pool of potatoes, it can all be yours. Here is the press release:

Sega is sponsoring a second Spud Dive on Nov. 23 in Hollywood - and the winner gets the dream Dreamcast setup. The event will be held next to Mann's Chinese Theater next Monday, and the winner gets a first-off-the-line US Dreamcast system and Sega Dreamcast games for life. How's that for a prize, eh? Lucky winners can catch prizes like cash or be the first gamer on the block to own a US DC.

Of course, there is a slight catch. You've got to jump into a vat of more than 2,000 gallons of mashed potatoes and find letters to spell "Sega Dreamcast." The first one that does wins the grand prize. As an added benefit, and in the spirit of the holidays, Sega will make a food donation of $1,000 to a local charity.

I know this isn't really news unless you can get to Hollywood by Monday, but it's just too damn funny to ignore.

Bits & Pieces
1:00 PM ET 11/19/98 EsquE
NEC Interchannel announced Sentimental Graffiti 2 for the Dreamcast, the sequel of their dating simulation game that was released on the Sega Saturn.

A demo unit of the Dreamcast is on display at this year's Comdex computer show, running a non-interactive demo of Sonic Adventures. NEC's marketing manager states that DC's graphics power will rival high end PC's.

Westwood's Tiberian Sun might be coming to the DC. Next Generation spoke with the games lead designer, Erik Yeo, and he had this to say when asked about the game being on DC:

"his team would completely redesign the game's interface should releases on those platforms become a realistic possibility."
Sources: Magic Box - SegaNET - Next Generation

Updated Release List
11:00 AM ET 11/18/98 EsquE
Sega of Japan has once again updated their release lists for Dreamcast with a few changes. Incoming has been pushed up to December 17th, and Monaco Grand Prix Racing Sim 2 has been given an official release date of February 1999.

DC Passport Finalized
11:00 AM ET 11/18/98 EsquE
Dreamcaster has put up the final capabilities of Dreamcast's internet browser as reported in Re:Tokyo. Here are the specs:
  • Internet WWW surfing (HTML 3.2, but will support some HTML4.0 features including frame support).
  • E-mail send and receive.
  • Chats.
  • Data reception for Visual Memory, and saving on VM.
  • User registration & ID issuance.
  • Tracking of user fee (pricing TBD).
  • Visual Memory is to be used for saving bookmarks and e-mail data.

Aerodancing Images
5:20 PM ET 11/17/98 Seth C
Gaming Age has posted some images of Aerodancing that make the game look… quite a bit more impressive. Check out the stunning detail in the city under the plane. All of it is 3d at is very visually pleasing. The question that remains however, is whether or not the game is actually good. Don't worry, we'll let you know once one of us here gets the chance to play it. For now though, drool over the gorgeous 3d imagery.

Sony's Announcement
5:20 PM ET 11/17/98 Seth C
Sony is set to make a "big announcement" this month, as you probably already knew. We told you about it some weeks ago. Anyway, this is basically their "spoiler" for Sega, where they hope to take something away from the Dreamcast launch. Expect them to announce extremely exaggerated specs for the system, which the actual system will likely come nowhere near. Remember Nintendo's "SGI Workstation" performance level? This has been the primary difference between Sega and other companies. When the Dreamcast was unveiled back in May, there were no exaggerated claims, the system was kept in secrecy until it was virtually finished, so the performance expectations could be accurate. In contrast, the Sony announcement will likely be little more than word on what chips the system will use (take a look at this article for an idea) and, as stated before, ballooned performance claims.

5th Game Mystery
5:20 PM ET 11/17/98 Seth C
Various folks all over the internet are speculating about the mysterious 5th launch title. I've heard reports saying anything from Resident Evil 2 to Scud Race. It seems though that most people forgot that the original report stated it would be a new game.

New PowerVR2 Series Arcade Board
10:30 AM ET 11/17/98 EsquE
Power VR are working on another arcade board other than Naomi that will support their new graphics chip. They are teaming up with a company named Midwest to create a PC based arcade board. This is likely in response to Voodoo's 3DFX arcade board and will have little effect on Sega's Naomi in terms of competition. Here's the press release:

LAS VEGAS, NEV. Nov. 16, 1998 - Today NEC Electronics Inc. and VideoLogic® announced a new partnership with Midwest Amusement Corporation® to create the PC-based, coin-operated arcade video game system using the PowerVR Series2 3D graphics accelerator.

"We are ecstatic with the graphics capabilities of PowerVR Series2," said Yoshi Nakanishi, president, Midwest Amusement Corporation. "One of the key ingredients to the success of our product is the need for high-performance graphics that will exceed players' expectations as previously set by traditional arcade games. PowerVR Series2 does this and more."

"This partnership with Midwest is an excellent opportunity to reinforce our cross-platform strategy for providing phenomenal graphics performance and quality on PC, console and arcade systems," said Charles Bellfield, marketing manager, NEC Electronics Inc.
Source: Dimension S

Bits & Pieces
10:30 AM ET 11/17/98 EsquE
Sega has stated that the current demo units of Dreamcast will not be able to play the official Dreamcast software. This is to prevent people from selling the demo units to customers ahead of the DC launch day. So be very careful when buying a DC.

Sega confirmed that the Asian version (outside Japan) of Dreamcast will not have the DC Modem. However, the price of the system will be slightly reduced by about $40 US. If you're not interested in modem play, this may be the choice for you.

Sega's AM teams have announced that they will stop developing for any Model 3.2 or lower arcade boards. They will focus solely on the Naomi and on Model 4 in the future.
Source: Magic Box

Rumor Mill
10:30 AM ET 11/17/98 EsquE
Atlus is working on Persona 2 for Dreamcast, the sequel of their popular RPG on Playstation. If this is true I will be the happiest gamer alive. Persona was one of the most underrated RPG's on the Playstation.

Konami is working on a Dreamcast air combat / flight simulation title.
Source: Magic Box

Sonic Movies
8:00 PM ET 11/16/98 Seth C
Sonic Team has released movies of each of the characters from sonic Adventure. They include some game and some FMV footage from the game. All of them are must downloads so be sure to go check 'em out!

More on Blue Stinger
8:00 PM ET 11/16/98 Seth C
Magic Box has divulged quite a few new info bits on Blue Stinger. The game is being developed on Step 5, but no mention is made as to whether it was from the start. My guess is that development started around Step 3 and was upgraded along the way. The game runs at 30fps, but with the amount of detail in the game, and the characters themselves being made up of around 2-3 thousand polygons each, that's no surprise. Keep in mind, each character will have the detail level of the models in Virtua Fighter 2, but with a much greater variety of special effects. The lighting and shading in the game is astounding.

Bits & Pieces
8:00 PM ET 11/16/98 Seth C
-You can now visit the official Pen Pen website, located here. What's there? Well, nothing unless you have Shockwave…

-Panther Software is developing Space Griffon for the Dreamcast. It is the sequel to Space Griffon VF-9, which was released on the PlayStation some time ago.the game will have support for the Dreamcast's modem.

-Many new DC titles will be announced on November 27.

Rumor Mill
8:00 PM ET 11/16/98 Seth C
-Someone, somewhere, has apparently started a rumor of a Sega/Nintendo merger. Wow, talk about far-fetched. Quite funny though.

-Once again there are people claiming the Dreamcast may launch early in the US, maybe around May. Sega tried this before, it didn't work.. we all know that. Don't expect to see them do it again. Also, due to chip shortages, there is little chance they could meet demands for the system. In other words, don't plan on getting a US DC come May.

Tetris 4D
7:30 PM ET 11/13/98 Seth C
Who here likes Tetris? I know I do. Who would like to play 4 player Tetis? I have, and it's a blast. Now we'll be able to do the same thing on the Dreamcast with Tetris 4D. No it doesn't allow travel through the fourth dimension, , the 4 is simply a way of letting you know that 4 people play at once. Thanks to The DC Tech Pages for these shots.

Dreamcast Online Pricing
7:30 PM ET 11/13/98 Seth C
Sega of Japan has announced their plans for the Dreamcast's online pricing. Users will be able to purchase prepaid cards and use those to access the Internet and Sega's online gaming service. Cost will be approximately 5 yen, according to this article:

The rates, based on access time, are five yen (4 cents) per minute, without any membership fee charged. Sega will offer nationwide Internet services, and has set up nearly 200 access points.

Members pay the fees in advance using "Web Money," Sega's Internet-only value-stored card for settlement. Sega is implementing an advance payment system to avoid problems arising from overuse by minors. The company plans to alter its pricing and payment system as requested by members.

Sega targets shipments of 1 million units of Dreamcast in the period through March 1999.

"Around 30 percent to 40 percent of the users of Dreamcast devices will access the Internet," said Takayuki Shimada, general manager of Sega's network business development unit."

What does all of this have to do with the US Dreamcast market? Well, nothing. Sega will almost certainly take a route not unlike what they did with the Netlink. That is to say, they will form a relationship with a major ISP and offer a special rate with them, but allow dial-up from any of various ones nationwide if you so choose.

Pocket Climax Landers
7:30 PM ET 11/13/98 Seth C
Thanks to SegaNet, we now have screens from the Climax Landers VMS game. It appears to be a simple maze exploration game where you maneuver about looking for treasure. No one knows if there will also be any sort of battling but we're all certainly hoping that there will be.

Promo Video
8:50 PM ET 11/12/98 Seth C
As promised, here is the promo video that Sega sent out to retailers along with nearly 20 shots from it. These pictures only take you up to around the half-way point in the video though, so you can be sure you'll want to check out the video. You will need Quicktime 3 to get it though. Pick that up here. Enjoy!

Evolution's Dungeon System
7:30 PM ET 11/12/98 Seth C
We already knew the Evolution (like Climax Landers) would feature dungeons that were automatically designed by the game itself. Well, they have dubbed the design system "Automatic Dungeon" and it will use the Dreamcast's system clock as a way to make the various aspects. For example, if you are playing at a certain time of the day you might be able to find items or passages which weren't there before. Pretty nifty, huh?

Bits & Pieces
7:30 PM ET 11/12/98 Seth C
-Atlus will announce their first Dreamcast title the day of the system's launch, November 27.

-Sega has shipped a video demo of Sonic Adventure to retailers. Hopefully one of them will be kind enough to convert it to a file so we can all see it. The video is said to include footage of all six characters, gamplay, and video sequences.

-Warp will bring "Real Sound", their all sound videogame to the Dreamcast in February. It will ship on two GD-roms.

-The VMS unit will be re-named VMU or Visual Memory Unit in the US, apparently due to copyrights

-Something we missed last week: the Dreamcast is now available in Hong Kong. There are no games though, and it will cost you around $600.

Rumor Mill
7:30 PM ET 11/12/98 Seth C
-Current rumors state that Sega is working on a 32-bit portable that will feature a link-up with the Dreamcast. Wouldn't this make SNK just a little bit testy? But, it could very well be true. Most of the major players in the industry are always working on something like that… remember Nintendo and their Atlantis? Just doesn't mean any of those portables every release…

-Sega may have put restrictions on games being worked on for both DC and PC. Some claim that Sega is enforcing a 6-month time period between the Dreamcast and PC releases.

A Surprise Game for Launch?
9:45 PM ET 11/11/98 Seth C
Apparently the Japanese gaming magazine, "Dreamcast Walker" is claiming that Sega has a surprise game being readied for launch. It's not an arcade port but is an entirely new, previously unseen game. If all this turns out to be true, and the game is good, it could really aid Sega in their launch which currently is looking a bit lacking.
Source: Gaming Age

Bits & Pieces
9:45 PM ET 11/11/98 Seth C
-VF3tb will include a training mode to practice all your moves with. This should come in very handy in perfecting a couple of your favorite characters. I speak from personal experience when I say that the game is very deep and mastering even one character is near impossible. This training mode will certainly help.

-The US Dreamcast web browser will be completely different compared to the Japanese "Passport" software. According to Paul Stathacopoulos, the man in charge of DC's online aspects, they intend to have all of the network and online gaming options available from day one.

Sources: SegaNet and FGN

Little Dream
10:45 PM ET 11/10/98 Seth C
The DC Tech Pages posted some scans from a new game called Little Dream that is being developed by Panther Software. These shots are just of some CG from the game, but it gives you a general idea of the theme. Be sure to head over there for the rest of the images.

What Sony Thinks of Dreamcast
9:30 PM ET 11/10/98 Seth C
MSNBC recently conducted an interview with Kaz Hirai, the executive vice president and chief operating officer of SCEA. What follows is an excerpt which concerns Dreamcast:

MSNBC: Will Dreamcast be much of a threat?

KH: First of all, if I can address it from an overall market standpoint, I think that any system is good for the industry as a whole. I think whether they become a threat or not really depends on a couple of things. One is whether the software titles they're going to have at launch are going to be compelling.

Assuming they are, the next question is whether or not Sega will be able to sustain that [momentum] through first-party or third-party software.

Just as the success of the Playstation has always been really compelling software, software is ultimately going to be the determining factor as to whether Sega can get that momentum up and running.

The other issue is with the history. I've never worked with Sega, but it would seem to me that they're going to have, perhaps, an uphill battle trying to secure shelf space because of the history that they've had with some of the retailers. You know, presence of retail is also going to be a determining factor for them.

If you look at Dreamcast and compare it side by side with the Nintendo 64 and the PlayStation, Sega has a technology advantage by virtue of the fact that they are the newest on the block. That's all well and good, but people don't buy systems for technical specs.

VF3tb - Lookin' Good!
7:00 PM ET 11/09/98 Seth C
Why do we love the guys at SegaHolic so much? It's because they always manage to come up with the best Sega game screenshots before anyone else. This time they've come through with some shots of VF3 that look even better than the arcade. Pretty sweet stuff if I do say so myself. Be sure to head over there for even more shots.

More Sonic Adventure Shots
7:00 PM ET 11/09/98 Seth C
The good boys over at Dimension S have posted these new shots of Sonic Adventure... and my do they look good. When we first saw this game, it already looked stunning, so it's hard to believe it could get better, but it has. The game has gone from looking almost like CG, to looking completely like CG.

More Gamers Day Impressions
11:30 PM ET 11/06/98 EsquE
Gamespot also reported their impressions of Sega's Gamers Day. They talked about Sega of America's new commitment to promoting the DC. Sega's Dan Stevens told the press:

"Sega is a "very different company" from the time of the Saturn, and that it is dedicated to changing its image - including its retail presence and how its titles are displayed."

Also, SoA as yet to decide whether or not they will include the modem with the DC. Sega is also dedicated to giving assistance to developers and helping them push the boundaries of the harware as well as game play. They are also strongly behind online gaming and talk about a massive online RPG they are developing with Turbine Entertainment.

Only VF3tb was playable at the event, but the game sounds like it is shaping up to be an incredible port of the Model 3 masterpiece. Video was shown of Sonic, Blue Stinger and Climax Landers, all of which SoA plans to bring over to the US. RPG's will apparently be a very strong focus point in SoA's strategy, and I couldn't be happier. It really sounds like Sega of America is on top of things and will make the DC a huge success in the US market. Check out Gamespot for their full report.

Gamers Day Impressions
11:30 PM ET 11/06/98 EsquE
Next Generation has posted their impressions from Sega's Gamers Day yesterday. Among their comments was the fact that the system is very small, and that the controller is very comfortable to hold and has analog triggers.

The back of the machine has 4 outlets. Two are for the power cord and AV Connector, one for the modem and one is a serial port, much like a USB, but proprietary to Sega.

There is no word on pricing but they were very impressed by the American titles they had seen, saying that the system can really deliver high-end graphics. Unfortunately that is all they could say due to non-disclosure agreements with Sega. Check out the rest of their report, as well as info on the possible liscensing of both the Unreal and Quake 2 engines for the Dreamcast, on Next Gen's homepage.

Two More DC Games
5:00 PM ET 11/06/98 EsquE
Gamespot has reported on two new games coming to the Dreamcast from Panther Software. Space Griffon will be an updated version of the Sega Saturn 1st-person shooter Space Griffon VF-9. The other title is a 3D action/adventure game named Little Dream. The hero of the game is a marionette named Charlie. Both are expected to be released next spring in Japan.

Project Berkley News
5:00 PM ET 11/06/98 EsquE
Game Online is reporting that Project Berkley will have a massive launch party, similar to Sonic Adventure's launch party, on December 20th. Up to an hour of game footage will be show.

Yu Suzuki, the man behind the game, says that the game has advanced beyond an RPG and is now a FREE (Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment) game. It sounds like this game may break all kinds of new ground and create its own genre. Mark your calendars for that date.

Let's Make a Pro Soccer Club
5:00 PM ET 11/06/98 EsquE
SegaNET has put up some new images as well as gameplay info on Sega's Let's Make a Pro Soccer Club title for the DC. The Saturn versions of the Let's Make games sold very well and you can expect the same from this one. The games are very text intensive with management options as well as Japanese league teams, so don't expect to see a domestic version. But if you're a big soccer fan, you enjoy in-depth management and strategy games and have a good grasp of the language, you should check it out.

Star Gladiator 2
5:00 PM ET 11/05/98 EsquE
Sega X is reporting that CV & G recently spoke with Capcom's general manager, Noritaka Funamitzu. In the interview he talked about some of their new arcade games and their hope to maintain quality in console conversions. He was quoted as saying, "We won't let the quality of games suffer.  For example, Star Gladiator 2 won't be ported to the Playstation... it'll only be available on the Dreamcast."

Sega's realtionship with Capcom appears stronger than ever. With Powerstone, Biohazard: CV and now Star Gladiator 2 already confirmed it seems that Capcom fans will have no doubts as to which next-generation system they will want to own.

Dreamcast Importing
5:00 PM ET 11/05/98 EsquE
National Console Support put up a long message on their website yesterday concerning the state of importing the Dreamcast. Here is some of what they had to say:

While we have not received final confirmation from anyone concerning the quantities and pricing, we do have one observation to make. When the Sega Saturn and Sony Playstation consoles were first announced in Japan, distribution houses in Tokyo were able to quote pricing, albeit outrageously high pricing, for the consoles months before delivery. It is now less than a month before the Dreamcast is slated to ship and we have no word, no confirmation, and not even an estimate of the quantity that we can buy. This is odd and very frustrating, to say the least.

The main bulk of units will be in Japan but even Japanese companies are unable to commit. If the situation becomes such that prices are marked up to the moon, NCS will have to reassess the market and plan our Dreamcast strategy. We absolutely do not want a repeat of the N64 debacle where first day prices were ~US$700 for the console. Less than two weeks later, prices were cut in half as supply flooded the market.

Just a word of warning to everyone. Make sure that your supplier is reliable if you're importing the Dreamcast, and it also might be wise to hold off until the system manufacturing is able to catch up with demand and the prices drop.

News From Famitsu
5:00 PM ET 11/05/98 EsquE
Magic Box posted a special report conducted by Famitsu that clarifies many rumors floating around about the Dreamcast:
  • Sega has no plans to decrease the price of Dreamcast next spring.
  • There is no special limited edition version of Dreamcast. Sega doesn't want to confuse consumers.
  • Sega has no plans to release any Saturn to Dreamcast joystick adapter, they are incompatible.
  • Sega has no plans to convert Fighting Vipers 2 and Virtua Striker 2 to Dreamcast
  • Virtua Fighter 3tb will have a preview of Project Berkley from Yu Suzuki.
  • Sega is not working on a DC version of Virtua Fighter 4.
  • Sega has put an internet access control system on Dreamcast to prevent people to access pornographic websites. (editors note: BOO! HISS!)
  • The US version of Dreamcast will stay the same gray color.

Also from Magic Box, Famitsu released poll results they took from various Japanese retailers regarding to the various new console / handheld systems:

Question Yes No
Will DC outsell Saturn? 194 122
Will WonderSwan become popular? 93 212
Will Neo Geo Pocket become a hit? 8 314
Will 64DD increase the popularity of N64? 47 267
Will Gameboy Color sell well? 240 78
Will consumer purchase Pocket Station as memory cards? 148 129

Next Generation also put up a poll from Famitsu taken by 501 Japanese consumers on of the new console systems they will buy:

System Yes No
Dreamcast 384 117
64DD 126 375
Pocket Station 264 255
WonderSwan 36 465
Neo Geo Pocket 80 421
Gameboy Color 290 211

Dreamcasts For Sale
12:30 PM ET 11/05/98 EsquE
According to numerous sources, including Magic Box and FGN Online, the Dreamcast is already being sold at retail stores in Hong Kong for $600 US Dollars. Only the systems are being sold as there are no games or demo's available yet.

Dreamcast Browser
12:30 PM ET 11/05/98 EsquE
Sega of Japan opened up a test page yesterday to explain the capabilities of the DC web browser. What I could understand from the page is that it will support up to 640 x 480 resolution, tables and frames can be handled, Java scripts will be usable as well as Dynamic HTML, and AVI movies can be viewed. Not bad for a console browser.

SegaSoft Stops Publishing
12;30 PM ET 11/05/98 EsquE
According to Next Generation, SegaSoft has decided to stop the retail publishing of games in order to focus solely on creating the best online gaming network possible. According to a SegaSoft spokesperson, the company is now looking at what it needs to be an internet company and is getting out of packaged goods. SegaSoft will still develop games, including the massive online strategy game 10six, but will only have them available via the internet.

SegaSoft is working as a third-party contractor for Sega. It will develop and service the Dreamcast network, receiving in return a consistent source of low-risk income from its deep-pockets cousin. The Dreamcast will certainly have a solid online foundation and playing online should be a painless procedure.

Official Release List
5:00 PM ET 11/04/98 EsquE
Sega of Japan's website has put up a new release list for the Dreamcast. There are a couple of delays unfortunately:

November 27th

Virtua Fighter 3 Team Battle
Godzilla Generations
PenPen Triicealon

December 23rd

Sonic Adventure
Seventh Cross
Tetris 4D

January 14th

Blue Stinger
Sega Rally 2
Sengoku TURB

So Sega Rally 2 has been officially delayed, along with Blue Stinger, to January 14th. We kinda knew it was coming but it is still a big blow to Sega. One of their biggest games, and online games, won't be ready there for the launch. The semi-good news is that Sonic Adventures only dropped to December 23rd from December 17th. So what do you want for Christmas?

Konami Shouts Back
5:00 PM ET 11/04/98 EsquE
FGN Online put up a strong response from Konami regarding the news reported yesterday by Gamespot on Konami's troubles with a DC Castlevania game. Here is their response, word for word:

"To set the record straight here are the facts:

1."One team member, a junior artist, has recently decided to leave KCEA's employment. The remaining members of the team he was a part of are all happily continuing to work for KCEA.

2."Konami has never officially announced the development of a Dreamcast version of Castlevania.

3."There are two separate Konami companies in California - Konami Computer Entertainment America (responsible for game development) and Konami of America (responsible for sales, marketing and operations).

4."KCEA personnel were not required to sign a contract when they relocated from Illinois to California.

5."Nobody was required to move from Illinois to California. All staff were given the choice to move or not.

6."Konami fully paid for staff relocation from state to state. As part of that agreement we asked staff to agree to repay the relocation monies should they leave the company within one year of relocation - a perfectly acceptable business practice.

7."As for a project being dubbed 'Cancelvania' - certainly no insiders at Konami are saying this."

Biohazard: Code Veronica Movie
5:00 PM ET 11/04/98 EsquE
Dreamcast Life, a new Dreamcast fan site, has put up a 23 second movie of Biohazard: Code Veronica. It was taken from the Sega New Challenge Conference, right before TGS. It is in MPEG format and only around 800K. The quality is very poor but you can see how having a fully 3D environment will really enhance this series.

DC Castlevania Troubles?
12:15 PM ET 11/03/98 EsquE
Gamespot has reported that Konami of America, not one of its Japanese development teams, is in fact working on Castlevania for the Dreamcast. The game is supposed to have a fourth quarter '99 release with 80 different monsters in the game. The team involved had been working on a separate Dreamcast title called Dragon but was moved to the Castlevania project last spring. It had been headed up by the team leader of Broken Helix, but he has since left the company. Now many of the people who originally worked on Bottom of the Ninth, including the new team leader, have been brought over to work on it.

There may be some trouble brewing inside the development of Castlevania Dreamcast, which is apparently nicknamed "Cancelvania" by insiders. A team of only about a dozen people is working on the game, which is very small for a project this big. Also, many of these developers were moved from the Illinois Konami offices and only had a 1 year contract. These contracts expired November 1, and many from the Castlevania team are planning to leave.

Gamespot's source told them, "The feeling at Konami of America is that even though the Japanese teams make great games, the people in charge at the US offices don't have a clue." None of this is very good news for Castlevania fans who are planning on owning a DreamCast. Castlevania is a popular series that has consistently delivered quality gaming. It would be a shame to see this series fall from grace. We can only hope that Castlevania doesn't go the way of Contra.

Sega Rally 2 Pics
12:15 PM ET 11/03/98 EsquE
Sega X has put up a ton of screenshots from the pages of Famitsu Weekly for the new version of Sega Rally 2 that AM1 has been working on. All I can say is that they are fantastic and definitely as good as the arcade. Check em out.

DC Shortage Clarifications
12:15 PM ET 11/03/98 EsquE
Next Generation has reported some answers out of Weekly Famitsu from Sega themselves concerning the shipping shortages.

Dreamcast preorders began on October 20th, but they were promptly stopped on October 22nd. According to Famitsu, Sega said that it had to revise its original plan to sell between 200,000 to 400,000 units for launch on November 27th. The reason for this was due to the shortage of NEC's Power VR2 graphics chips.

Because of this, retailers stopped taking preorders because they felt they would not be able to supply their customers. Once Sega can confirm the number of units being manufactured, the stores will begin taking preorders again. On October 20th alone, the number of orders topped 50,000 units. Sega offered their apologies to the people who were not able to preorder their Dreamcasts, and assert that they are doing their best to get out as many units as possible by the end of 1998. Sega's CS promotion department has told Famitsu that Sega plans to manufacture 1 million units by the end of its fiscal year.

People looking to import Dreamcast on its release date should be prepared to pay outrageous prices. Some online import shops have quoted $800 US just for the console.

News shorts
12:15 PM ET 11/03/98 EsquE
Sega will release two more monster breed & battle VMS games in Japan. They are Mothra Dream Battle (December 98) and Gamera Dream Battle (March 99).  One feature of these games is that you can link the games together for two player battles.
Source= Magic Box

Sega Rally 2
5:00 PM ET 11/02/98 EsquE
According to Sega X the less than stellar version of Sega Rally 2 shown at TGS has been scrapped. A new conversion being handled by AM1 is being worked on 24 hours a day in the hopes of having it ready for the DC launch.

The Japanese press was allowed to see what AM1 has done so far with the conversion, and the resulting reports are excellent. They say that it is superior to the Model 3 step 2 version with numerous added effects including dynamic weathering. AM1 says that the game's graphics are finished and that gameplay is their next priority, again attempting to make it better than the arcade in that department.

Finally, a World Championship mode is definitely being added. This, presumably, involves world-wide internet competition.

Once again Sega has listened to what the public wants. And at this rate, having the game ready by the system's launch may be very possible.

Grandia 2 interview
5:00 PM ET 11/02/98 EsquE
Sega X has put up yet another interview with GameArts concerning Grandia 2, this one from Game Weekly magazine. Special thanks to their news editor, Aaron Lee, for translating these interviews. Check it out.

Toejam and Earl 3
5:00 PM ET 11/02/98 EsquE
According to Next Generation Online, Mark Voorsanger, general partner of TJ&E Productions, has confirmed that a third game in the series is being planned. Negotiations with GT Interactive are under way for publication of the title.

Voorsanger also told Next Gen that Dreamcast and N64 versions of the game are most likely to be published first, possibly by Christmas '99, but PlayStation and PC versions were also a possibility. Also, and much to my great joy, the game will be based around the gameplay style of the original rather than the uninspired sequel.

Another feature being considered is a multiplayer network and Internet option, which Voorsanger believes will be, "hard work to implement but great fun to play."

5:00 PM ET 11/02/98 EsquE
Shouei Systems are working on the Dreamcast version of Warrz, a network RPG originally planned for Saturn. The project has been moved up to DC due to the obvious drop in Saturn sales and rise in DC notoriety. Also, the DC's online capabilities far exceed those of the Saturn. The game can support up to 500 people playing simultaneously on a network.
Source: Magic Box

New Sonic Images
4:15 PM ET 11/02/98 Seth C
Sega of Japan has released some new images from Sonic Adventure that are quite nice. Actually, they look almost as good as a computer rendered cartoon (try Toy Story, AntZ, or A Bug's Life). Head on over to our updated preview of the game for the eight new screens.