Capcom news
12:15 PM ET 10/29/98 EsquE
Sega X reported that they received official word from Capcom that they have no less than 8 DC projects in the works. We know about the 24-part RPG, as well as Resident Evil: Code Veronica. What could these other games be? Well, there are plenty to choose from. Capcom cancelled their Saturn versions of Marvel vs. Capcom and Street Fighter Alpha 3. DC versions of these games may have taken precedence over the Saturn due to lagging sales. There is also Street Fighter 3 to think about, Street Fighter Ex + Apha 2 and their Naomi project, Power Stone, which could easily be ported to the DC. Whatever the games, it's good to know that the DC will have strong support from a major third party company.

Interesting Charts
12:15 PM ET 10/29/98 EsquE
According to Game Weekly magazine out of Hong Kong, Sega has quite a few things to be happy about as the DC launch gets closer and closer. Saturn games have seen a surge in sales lately, and the two most wanted games according to the charts are Sonic Adventures and D2 respectively. Both games beat out Final Fantasy VIII and Dragon Quest VII, two of the most popular series of all time on the asian market. Virtua Fighter 3, Sega Rally 2 and Resident Evil: CV also made strong showings.
Source: Sega X

Capcom interview
12:15 PM ET 10/29/98 EsquE
SegaNET recently interviewed an employee from Capcom about Capcom's plans for Naomi and the Dreamcast. He discusses the possibility that Power Stone will be released in the arcade and at home simultaneously and that the VMS will be used extensively between home and arcade play.

He also discusses the reasons for Bihazard: Code Veronica appearing on the DC, such as the fans asking for the game in magazine polls as well as the need to prevent Sony from monopolizing the industry. You can read the full interview over at SegaNET.

Neal Robison interview
12:15 PM ET 10/29/98 EsquE
Game Center recently conducted an interview with SoA's director of developer technical support, Neal Robison. Here are some highlights of that interview:

The SH-4 Processor

When you're talking about the power of a given processor, you have to look at all the functions that particular processor is doing. [The] Pentium is an all-purpose processor; its architecture is spread out across the board because it has to do all sorts of different things. Dreamcast's CPU only does one thing: games.

Floating-point operations--the massive calculations required to move an object in 3D--are handled more effectively on the Dreamcast than they are on, let's say, a PII 300. The Dreamcast can do 1.4 GigaFLOPS, while the PII 300 can only do 400 MegaFLOPS. This is a crucial point since floating-point operations are key to the evolution of 3D.


Now, to answer your question about "writing to the hardware," just think of a car's engine. You can get the engine to run by simply pressing the accelerator. Or, you can sit on the roof of the car with a rope tied to the steering wheel and a long stick to the hit accelerator. Or, you can go in and move the pistons manually. It's the same deal with the APIs we're using; the car engine is the Dreamcast hardware. Our first API is for those folks who may not be too comfortable down close to the hardware, or who simply don't need the extra functionality provided by the other APIs. In essence, they're driving the car from the roof. People using this API won't have nearly as much control over the 3D environments and objects they create as the others.

The next level of API we're working on is based on [Microsoft's] Windows CE. This gets a little closer to the hardware and would be like driving the car from the driver's seat. The steering wheel on the PC and on the Dreamcast are the same; if you've got experience programming in C++, you can write games with this API.

Third Parties

Everyone here understands just how important the developers are to the success of the system, and I don't think that was necessarily the case with the Saturn. This new point of view is why I was hired. We're dedicated to fostering our relationships with third-party developers through quality, timely tech support.

Model 3 and HDTV

The latest Model 3 board--Model 3, Step 2--is clearing 1.5 million polygons a second. Dreamcast is pushing over 3 million; it's really a huge leap. Image quality is a different issue. You have to remember that arcade machines using Model 3 boards are also using the highest-quality monitors money can buy, and your Dreamcast is going to be played over the standard TV. We're giving the system a digital decoder for [high-definition digital TV] down the road, but right now, the TV is the weakest link in the chain. We're doing everything we can to make it look as good as humanly possible.

You can read the rest of this interview over at Game Center, and it is worth it to check it out. It will answer many of your DC technical questions.

News Shorts and Rumors
12:15 PM ET 10/29/98 EsquE
The Sh-4 processor has built in voice activation capabilities. This means that you can input information by talking into a microphone. Whether this will be utilized in DC games is not known.

According to Sega, their new arcade board NAOMI is short for "New Arcade Operation Machine Idea".

Sources: FGN Online and Magic Box

Acclaim talks sports
5:30 PM ET 10/28/98 EsquE
Acclaim plans to push their sports line-up on the DC in a similar fashion to the way they did on the N64. By putting out games very early in the system's life, they hope to grab a large share of the sport game fan base with little competition.

Acclaim CEO Greg Fischback says that Acclaim will be "acquiring territory" as a third party publisher and a sports game publisher. A Quarterback Club game shoud be ready within two months of the system's launch. While their All Star Baseball series won't be out until after the year 2000, they do plan on having a brand name wrestling title out in `99. Maybe I'll get my long awaited ECW video game :)

They will also be releasing an Ice Hockey title in 1999, likely a new version of NHL Breakaway.

While Acclaim's sports line-up has never been considered one of the best, it's good to know that there will be a strong line-up in that genre early on in the system's life. It will bring in a larger fan base and get more developers on the bandwagon.
Source: SegaNET

Grandia 2 Interview
5:30 PM ET 10/28/98 EsquE
Game Players magazine out of Hong Kong recently conducted an interview with one of the creators of Grandia 2. It goes as follows:

Q: When did you start making Grandia 2?

A: We started actual development during January of this year, because at that time the complete Grandia development process had just finished. Acutally, it started around mid-November of '97, right after the development of the Grandia master disc had finished. We heard of the DC and decided to make Grandia 2 on it.

Q: As this is a sequel to Grandia, are there environments and plots that are similar to the original?

A: This is a hard question. As the story of Grandia has already finished, so the story of Grandia 2 has to be brand new. But in areas like the battle system and character atmosphere will be the same as the first. One of the differences is the atmosphere of the towns. They will be more livelier, as we will have children playing, and more realism. We want to get a feeling like 'Oh! So, this is Grandia!' or something like that.

Q: Are the elements being left over from Grandia also the things that did well with the casual gamer in the original?

A: Yes, we looked into contents of our questionaires about the original Grandia. The elements that were liked, we will keep and improve for Grandia 2. Elements which didn't do well, we have already made changes to. We looked over all the suggestions from gamers.

We did something similar with Grandia. Before the sale of Grandia, we sent out test copies of the game. We wanted to give a taste of the game to gamers and we listened to the feedback from them. To be truthful, we did change Grandia a bit after giving out the test copies and getting the feedback.

Q: How will you use the Dreamcast's other capabilities for Grandia 2? Like will there be internet use?

A: As for that, we are hoping to set up a message board/forum for Grandia 2. People playing Grandia 2 will at the same time be able to be in contact with others playing the game on DC. For example, a player could come to a point in the game and say 'I made it this far, and don't know what to do next. I'm stuck.' Then other Grandia 2 players online could help him out. People playing Grandia 2 can talk with each other at the same time. Grandia 2 is a one player game, but it could use the modem like that. With the Dreamcast, gamplay and communication can be done at the same time.

Q: What were the feelings of the development team when they worked on the Dreamcast?

A: They said that the graphics and the sound were great, and the loading and saving times cannot even be compared to by the current Sega Saturn and Playstation. Also, because of GD-ROM, we can put more elements in, lowering the restrictions on the game.

Q: We hear that the Dreamcast is very easy to program for, what do you think about this?

A: As we are still experimenting with the console, we can't say much about this. But our development team is always impressed by the effects they can do with the Dreamcast. Our company will never be satisfied with any development kit, unless it's a kit which can make perfect images straight from our brains.(smiles)

Q: When you made Grandia, we heard that it was the only game that would try to make use of every little thing on the Saturn. Are you trying to do the same thing with the Dreamcast?

A: Yes, of course.

Q: So, when will Grandia 2 go on sale?

A: We want to make it by the end of next year, but there hasn't been any announcement made yet. That's just what we would like to do.
Source: Sega X

R-Rated Mahjong
5:30 PM ET 10/28/98 EsquE
VIASCO, a Japanese arcade developer, has announced that their first game for the Sega Naomi arcade board will be an adult version of the popular Chinese tile game, Mahjong. A Dreamcast conversion has yet to be announced, but considering the number of Strip Mahjong titles on the Saturn, I think it's a good bet.
Source: Sega X

DC Railroad Tycoon
5:30 PM ET 10/28/98 EsquE
Recently Next Generation interviewed the CEO of PopTop, Phil Steinmeyer. PopTop are the makers of the popular PC railroad sim, Railroad Tycoon.

In the interview, Steimeyer talked mainly about the company's goal to open up the game's market and develop Railroad Tycoon 2 for more than one platform. This means that we could very well see both Dreamcast and Playstation versions of his game.

"I think there's a good chance the title will appear on one or more of the console platforms," Steinmeyer told NG. "PlayStation is nice because of its broad market base, and Dreamcast looks very nice because of it's outstanding hardware capabilities. Any console version would be released in six to twelve months."

News from Hong Kong
5:30 PM ET 10/28/98 EsquE
Capcom of Asia hosted a Capcom Game Show in Hong Kong last week. They unveiled the Dreamcast in the show, letting the public get a good look at it. The Dreamcast is said to be very compact, about the same size as the Nintendo 8-bit Famicom or the Sega Mega Drive 2 (compact version). The Asian DC package will be in white instead of orange like in the Japanese domestic version.

Also, several game retailers will have demonstration units of the DC in stores this week, with at least 1 playable game demo on display. And some said that the system would be available for sale at $2000 HK Dollars (approximately $280 US) as early as this week, but with no games or demos included.
Source: Magic Box

Unreal Power
5:30 PM ET 10/28/98 EsquE
In the latest update to the Unreal Tech Pages, Tim Sweeney briefly mentioned the Power VR 2 chipset that powers the DC:

The PowerVR code is large because the PCX2 chip's rendering approach is very different than what Unreal was designed for. This makes the implementation fairly complex, though the next-generation PowerVR, currently on-hold in the PC market while NEC focuses on the Sega DreamCast, is a great chip that's more traditional in its architecture, and more optimal for Unreal.

So not only will a perfect port of Unreal be possible, but a better than PC port is very probable.

100,000 Dreamcasts Pre-ordered
2:35 PM ET 10/27/98 Seth C
Don't believe the Dreamcast will be a success? Well how about if 100,000 units had already been pre-ordered? Would that change your mind? Well then have a look at this press release from Sega Europe:

"Plans are well underway in Japan for the impending launch of Dreamcast, Sega's next generation 128Bit digital entertainment system. Selected retailers across Japan launched a pre-order campaign for Dreamcast on the 20th October, and within 48 hours had taken orders for over 100,000 units!

However, the overwhelming demand for Dreamcast has meant increased pressure on technology partners such as NEC to supply components fast enough for the manufacture of Dreamcast. The stringent quality checks being carried out on NEC's Power VR2 chip have lead to slippage in the manufacturing turnaround, but this will not affect Sega's plan to deliver 1 million units by Spring 1999.

In the meantime, Shoichiro Irimajiri, Sega Enterprises' President, has written to all official Dreamcast retailers in Japan asking them to limit the number of pre-orders following huge customer demand.

Dreamcast will launch in Japan on 27th November 1998 as anticipated."

Dricas Opens
2:35 PM ET 10/27/98 Seth C
Sega Enterprises have opened their Dricas, which is the official website for all Dreamcast users. There isn't really that much there right now though. There are a couple of stories covering Sega's New Challenge Conference 2 and TGS and previews of some upcoming Dreamcast titles like Sonic Adventure and Blue Stinger. Be forewarned, everything is in Japanese.

New Staff Member
10:45 PM ET 10/27/98 Seth C
Okay, I'll stop tantalizing all of you... the new staff member is... hey did anyone see the news about Star Trek coming to Dreamcast? Pretty cool right? Huh? Oh yeah, the new staff member... I almost forgot. It's Makaze. See, that was worth the wait right? For those of you who don't know him, he is the former EiC of 64i, the best N64 site ever to exist on the 'net. He also knows kanji so he'll be a huge help to the site.

Star Trek for Dreamcast
1:20 PM ET 10/27/98 Seth C
The most technologically advanced television show (when you consider the year it takes place in, they had better be technologically advanced) coming to the most technologically advanced home console? It's happening. I heard about this some weeks ago, and now the GameWeek trade publication has confirmed it. Activision has signed a 10 year exclusive for all games surrounding the Star Trek universe. Their first game will be based on the motion picture coming this Fall, "Star Trek: Insurrection" and will be released on multiple platforms, including Dreamcast. "Engage."

Japanese Poll Clarification
1:20 PM ET 10/27/98 Seth C
Quite a few of you have been e-mailing or posting to our forum concerning the poll results we posted in the news a couple of days ago. You were a bit worried, wondering why the Dreamcast didn't place higher. There are quite a few circumstances that had an effect on the polls. First, it was conducted by a general entertainment magazine - not a videogame one. Therefore the people polled were likely your general public types. They know the PlayStation because it is what is popular NOW. These are the people who don't generally know what system is coming until it gets here. A more accurate poll would be one that gauges the public's perception of Dreamcast once it has arrived. Second, at the time of this poll VF3tb had probably not been shown. And remember that up until a week or so before TGS Sega had released no concrete news concerning the game. Most people planned on buying a Dreamcast for Sonic then returning it. I would venture to guess that their thoughts have changed now that they will be bringing Virtua Fighter 3 home. In other words, don't get worried over that poll.

TGS Dreamcast Movies
1:20 PM ET 10/27/98 Seth C
Sega X has been posting tons of Dreamcast videos from TGS over the past few days. For all of you who don't visit their site regularly, now you know, so go check them out. They have multiple movies of just about every Dreamcast game shown.

Import pricing
12:15 PM ET 10/27/98 EsquE
I've been trying to find some solid prices for importing a Dreamcast from various online import shops. So far only NCS has gotten back to me. This is what they had to say:

"Hello, I can not provide an estimate at this time but we will post a price on our site next week,

So much for that. I'll be keeping my ear to the ground and try to get some concrete info as it becomes available.

NEC Chairman Resigns
12:15 PM ET 10/27/98 EsquE
On October 23rd 1998 the chairman of NEC, Tadahiro Sekimoto, resigned his position. He took the blame for NEC's shady deals with the Japanese military, but claims he knew nothing about the incident. NEC is also facing one of its worst financial crises in its history due to the current recession in Japan.

Will this affect the DC? Not really, but NEC will be relying heavily on its success to keep them from bankruptcy. Expect NEC to be an extremely active DC supporter now.

Source: Dreamcaster

Speed Busters for DC
12:15 PM ET 10/27/98 EsquE
FGN ONline reported that Ubi Soft's Speed Busters may be headed for the Dreamcast. The game's producer, Pierre Szalowski, was quoted as saying:

"We are seriously considering a Dreamcast conversion." He continued, saying: "Our game has all the necessary qualities to appeal to the console gamer. We have implemented strong graphic rendering, a quality that the Dreamcast utilizes, so all the initial elements are there for us to work on a conversion."

Square game DC bound?
12:15 PM ET 10/27/98 EsquE

Game Fan Online is reporting that Squaresoft have received 5 DC set 5 development kits from Sega. The game rumored to be making an appearance is Saga Frontier 2, the sequel to the semi-popular non-linear RPG on the Playstation. Saga Frontier 2 features 2D sprite characters and static hand-drawn backdrops. There are seven different characters in the game, each with their own adventure. How they will publish the game in Japan is uncertain, but the new partnership between EA and Square over here means a domestic release is likely.

SoA Gamers Day
9:20 PM ET 10/26/98 EsquE
Sega of America's annual Gamer's Day will take place November 5th in San Francisco. Typically a large amount of the gaming media is invited to this event, but with such a small Christmas line-up (basically a couple of PC games) Sega has changed the format.

Only ten select media members have been invited to attend and given a first class tour of Sega's plans. Sega won't talk about what they are planning to show, and with the small amount of press it appears that they really want to keep a tight lid on things. Don't expect to hear anything about what happens there until Sega announces it themselves. Specualtion is that they will outline their plans for the Dreamcast as well as show games designed specifically for the American market.

Source: SegaNet

Tokyo VF3 Tournament
9:20 PM ET 10/26/98 EsquE
Sega of Japan will be holding a VF3tb tournament this November in Japan in honor of the release of VF3tb on the Dreamcast. The tournament will continue throughout November, concluding on the 23rd. Japanese gamers can register and play at 33 locations throughout Tokyo for a fee of approximately 2 US dollars, and every contestant walks away with some kind of prize.

Too bad gaming hysteria isn't so intense over here so we could have cool contests like this one.

New Vf3tb Details
9:20 PM ET 10/26/98 EsquE
The DC Tech Pages have released some new information concerning VF3tb from the pages of Sega Saturn Magazine. The information is as follows:

The new version is now 85% to 90% complete:

The resolution is no less than 640 by 480. Obvious higher then what was shown at TGS.
The size of each character is exact to their Model 3 counterparts.
The models are very detailed, as you can clearly see facial details, clothes, fingers, hair, etc.
The view change function has been added, so you can see pain on the face of your opponent from your attacks.
The opening demo has been added, and it is excellent.

One screenshot shows Jacky wearing his black jacket and blue jeans, which is his VF2 costume, and I think you can choose more than 3 kinds of costumes for each character.

Sega Saturn Magazine said that the development team is working hard on modeling Shun and Aoi, and they did not allow any photos of them, because the VF3tb team wants to only reveal them when they are satisfied with how they look.

DC Title: Carrier
8:15 PM ET 10/26/98 Seth C
The DC Tech Pages postes some images from Famitsu Weekly of a new Dreamcast game called Carrier. It's a 3d action adventure game like Resident Evil or Blue Stinger. Be sure to check out our preview for all of the images. Here are just a couple, to tide you over.

Buggy Heat
7:15 PM ET 10/26/98 Seth C
Those crazy guys at Sega-Holic posted these images of Buggy Heat. It's a new Dreamcast racing title not extremely unlike Sega's own Dirt Devils. Anyway, here are those pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Incoming is Coming
7:00 PM ET 10/26/98 Seth C
FGN is reporting that the Dreamcast version of Incoming is very near completion. According to the story, there are very few bugs left and the game should be ready for production within the next few days. Rage Software also gave praise to Sega concerning their efforts to help them in the production of the game.

Just recently I had the chance to sit down with Incoming... it was the first time I had been able to play it for any length of time. My only other experiences with the game came at E3 where I only played it for a short while. I was pleasantly surprised by the finished product. The best part of the game is being able to play it in so many ways. Some missions have you manning a ground based cannon, while others have you controlling anything from a tank to a jet to a helicopter. I don't know if the graphics can really be improved upon, they're already gorgeous. This should be a hot selling DC title.

Dream RPG
3:00 PM EDT 10/25/98 EsquE
Dreamcaster has reported that Dreamstone Entertainment will be porting their PC RPG, Evenstar, to the Dreamcast. The story revolves around a young boy named Seed who is caught in the middle of a civil war. With incredible 3D visuals, this game will be a welcome addition to the Dreamcast RPG line-up.

More Pocket games
3:00 PM EDT 10/25/98 EsquE
A bunch of new games have been announced for the Neo Geo Pocket. This tiny system is shaping up to be a powerhouse, but can it compete with the unstoppable Gameboy? Only time will tell. The games include:

NFL Blitz, NBA Hangtime, Gekka no Kenshi, Samurai Spirits, Neo Derby Champ, Neo Cherry Master, Neo 21, Neo Dragon Wild, Neo Bakara, Neo Mistery Bonus, Bio Motor Unitron, Puzzle Boble Special, Bashi Busona, Flying Power Disk, Magical Drop, Metal Slug, Mortal Kombat, Real Bout 2.

Wow, and don't forget King of Fighters R-1 which will be compatible with the Dreamcast's King of Fighters 98.
Source: Sega X

Two new games
3:05 PM EDT 10/25/98 EsquE
Gamespot has put up screenshots of two new Dreamcast games from CRI. One is Buggy Heat, a road rally game in which you race dune buggies. The game will be VMS compatible and will likely use the new Puru Puru (force feedback) pack. The graphics are incredibly detailed with dust flying everywhere.

The other game is Aero Dancing, is a flight simulator that requires you to perform complex aerial stunts as if you were a part of an airshow. The coolest part of the game is that it allows up to 4 players to play together and perform maneuvers as a team. It will also be VMS compatible.

Rumor Mill
3:05 PM EDT 10/25/98 EsquE
SNK is planning to port Neo Geo Print to Dreamcast, their popular sticker printing machine in arcade. Sega and SNK are working on two new addons for Dreamcast to support the Neo Geo Print, they are Neo Geo Printer and Neo Geo Camera, which is similar to the Gameboy Pocket Printer and Camera.

The Dreamcast version of The King of Fighters will have several new characters (from KOF94 ~ 97) not found in KOF98, SNK will start a voting poll for people to vote for which characters they want to be included in the game, the 3 top characters will form a new DC Special Team in the DC version of KOF.

Taito is planning to port their new arcade game Densha de Go II - 3000 Miles to Dreamcast, the sequel / upgrade of the original Densha de Go 2, a special controller will also be released along with the game.
Source: Magic Box

Japanese DreamCast Poll
3:05 PM EDT 10/25/98 EsquE
A Japanese magazine posted the result of a voting poll, about the readers' impressions on the Dreamcast, here are the results:

(1) After the release of DC, which console will become the driving force of the market?

PlayStation - 85%
DreamCast - 9%
Nintendo64 - 1%
No Comment - 5%

(2) What will the be the total sales of Dreamcast (during its life time)?

1-5 Millions - 66%
5-10 Millions - 12%
Below 1 Millions - 10%
Above 10 Millions - 1%
Don't Know - 5%
No Comment - 6%
Source: Magic Box

New VF3tb DC Screens
5:20 pm EDT 10/23/98 Seth C
Once again I have to thank Sega Holic for these shots. You'll have to go there to get all of them, there is no way I can report them all here. Anyway, these new shots definitely look great.. the game is coming along very well and I am expected an arcade perfect port.

Rally 2 Comparison
4:50 pm EDT 10/23/98 Seth C
Thanks go out to Catch 22 over at the fabulous Sega Holic for posting this comparison shot of Dreamcast Sega Rally 2 vs Model 3. In some aspects the Model 3 version looks better... maybe not even better but different. But as you can see from the dust clouds surrounding the car in the DC shots... the PVRSG particle system is really shining through.

Dreamcast Screens
4:15 pm EDT 10/23/98 Seth C
Here are the shots from Game Informer that everyone has been showing. Sorry it took so terribly long to get them up but as you all know, things have been a bit odd around here lately. Anyway, enjoy them.. better late than never.

All Japan #1 All Japan #2 Blue Angels #1 Blue Angels #2 King of Fighters #1 King of Fighters #2

Galleon Confirmed
9:20 pm EDT 10/22/98 Esque
Confounding Factor and Interplay have confirmed Galleon as a Dreamcast title. Unfortunately, there is a snag in their plans. Confounding Factor told FGNOnline that they have yet to receive a Set 5 Dreamcast development kit. They cannot start development until they recieve the kit so a release date for the game is far off down the road.

More Project Berkley Stuph
9:20 pm EDT 10/22/98 Esque
Next Generation has learned that the Project Berkley demo packaged with VF3tb will likely only contain a video of early character designs and development stages. It's kind of disappointing that no actual game footage will be shown, but keep in mind that this is only a rumor.

More Grandia 2 Information
9:20 pm EDT 10/22/98 Esque
Next Generation today revealed some new information on this highly anticipated game from the makers of Lunar:

(1) Grandia 2 has been in development since the original Grandia was finished last November.
(2) GameArts has been more then pleased with the Dreamcast, and is looking into ways that they might uttilize the Dreamcast's online capabuilities in the game.
(3) The game has several changes from it's predecessor, most obvious are the more highly detailed landscapes and the polygonal characters, but GameArts has also revealed that they are taking on a much darker tone with this game, and so the age bracket will be raised to probably around FF7 standards.
(4) They also reported that since the game is so early in development, and the Saturn version took so long to develop, it will be quite a while before this title hits the streets, but unlike its predecessor, this title stands a good chance of being translated for U.S. and Euro gamers to enjoy. Also, since the Dreamcast's hardware is much easier to develop on then the Saturn, the games development period should be highly reduced.

This game just keeps sounding better and better.

King of Fighters Pocket
9:20 pm EDT 10/22/98 Esque
SNK has said there will be 14 characters in the The King of Fighters R1 for Neo Geo Pocket. They are Kyo, Chizuru, Iori, Mai, Yuri, King, Terry, Kyo, Kim, Yashiro, Sherime, Chris, Shingo and Leona.

Yay! Mai is in it!! I wonder if a portable system can handle the bouncing?

Source: Magic Box

Dreamcast Launch Figures
9:20 pm EDT 10/22/98 Esque
Gaming Age Online has reported that Sega is lowering the expected number of Dreamcast systems available at launch. Apparently Sega is having production problems with the Power VR2 chips. Many stores in Japan have stopped taking pre-orders as a precautionary measure. Sega hasn't officially given a number, but they have gone on record as saying that they will produce 1 million units in 1998.

What does this mean? Not a whole lot as they are sure to meet the demands of the Japanese market. The only group effected by this will be importers who will have a hard time gettiung their hands on a system. If you haven't ordered one yet, I'd suggest doing it quickly.

Japanese Dreamcast Importing
11:25 am EDT 10/22/98 Seth C
Sega of Japan and their various distributors have begun taking pre-orders for the Dreamcast. If you live in Japan, now is the time to reserve your system and games for the November 27 launch.

Dreamcast HQ is Up Again
11:25 am EDT 10/22/98 Seth C
This story is a bit more happy than the one below. Dreamcast HQ is back up at after surviving their ordeal with Interspeed. That's only what, three Sega sites who have been screwed over by them?

Sega Zone Down
11:25 am EDT 10/22/98 Seth C
Ryoni over at Sega Zone asked me to let everyone know that his site will be down for a few weeks. Why? You guessed it - Interspeed. Apparently they're doing a crack down on gaming sites. So, let me just repeat this... Do NOT purchase hosting fromt hem unless you want screwed over.

Come Get Some
8:25 pm EDT 10/20/98 Esque
Duke Nuke'em, one of the most popular franchises ever made, may be making his way to the Dreamcast in some form or other. Duke Nuke'em Forever, the upcoming PC sequel, will utilize the Unreal engine. This makes it the most likely candidate for a Dreamcast conversion. Gamespot UK recently asked George Broussard, owner and partner of 3D Realms, what the chances are of Duke appearing on the DC.

GameSpot UK: Will there be a Dreamcast version of Duke?

George Broussard: That's very likely, but there are no plans at the moment. But since by the time DreamCast is available in the US, there would have been two PlayStation and two N64 Duke games, I think it's clear that there will be Duke on the Dreamcast.

D2 Movies
8:425 pm EDT 10/20/98 Esque
Gaming Age has put up 6 new movies of Warp's D2 at their website. Head over there to check them out. This game looks like it will be another enthralling adventure from the genius' over at Warp.

DC Tetris
8:25 pm EDT 10/20/98 Esque
Sega has added a new game to their DC release list, Tetrisk, a new version of the classic Tetris. While no info as to the nature of this version of Tetris has been released, it is set to be out in Japan on December 23rd. This should be another great DC game because, really, how can you make a "bad" Tetris game?

Neo Geo Pocket in color
8:25 pm EDT 10/20/98 Esque
SNK unveiled a color version of the Neo-Geo pocket with King of Fighters at the Tokyo Game Show. No word on cost or when it will be available, but this looks to be one of the most attractive handheld systems since the Atari Lynx.
Image Source: Magic Box

More Games
8:25 pm EDT 10/20/98 Esque
Sega has revealed a new DC game named Patapies. It is a cute dating sim based on a new Sega mascot type character. It features numerous mini-games as you interact with other characters and build friendships. It is set to be released in April.

Core (of Tomb Raider fame) has announced that they are working on a cartoony action adventure game for the DC named Herdy Gerdy. Unfortunately Core also stated that they currently have no plans to bring the Tomb Raider franchise to the DC.

There is a rumor that with the cancellation of Bio Hazard 2 (Resident Evil 2) for the Saturn, Capcom is planning to release a special edition of the game for the Dreamcast next spring.

The VF3 Question
1:45 pm EDT 10/19/98 Esque
U.K. Resistance received a message from the former editor of Sega Saturn magazine, Richard Leadbetter, concerning the state of Virtua Fighter 3tb on the Dreamcast. It also explains some of the mixed reports and disparaging remarks made by some websites in their reviews of the demo. Here is the message:

"I have just got back from Tokyo, so was quite curious to see how the fan sites had covered Dreamcast games. So here is some news for you. It's all a load of shite. VF3 especially is being vilified by people who don't have a clue as to what they are talking about."

"I have a great deal of experience with this game since we had the coin-op in the office for a few months, as the boy Gary will remember. The Dreamcast port is astoundingly good. Unfortunately, people have been getting confused because so far THREE versions of the game have been revealed."

1. Screenshot Edition

"This is where the official screenshots have come from. They demonstrate the backgrounds and sheer rendering power of VF3tb's Dreamcast engine. They are not gameplay shots. And they are of an old version."

2. Video Edition

"This is the version shown on video at the New Challenge Conference and on video screens at the TGS. People would have camcorded this one... but again, it's an earlier version. Taka looks smaller than Jacky and Shun is taller than Akira!"

3. The Playable One

"This is the one running on Dreamcast and the subject of my reports on Game Online. Bear in mind that most web reporters would not have gotten in on press day and also that 100,000 people per day crammed into the hall on the public days. I very much doubt that any of these "journalists" would have got more than five minutes on the game. Hordes of Jap kids were running across the hall to get onto it, even knocking over the security guards!"

"Personally, I played VF3 for an hour after the NCC2 and an hour at TGS. This game is amazing - all the moans about textures, size of characters, 3d backgronds etc are perfectly relevant for the video version, but NOT for the one I played. Although Akira's trousers looked a tiny bit odd."

"Everyone's an expert by the look of it, but I really doubt that most of these guys have actually got a look (or a play) at the "proper" version. Hey ho."

"The conversion will be stunning, the backgrounds are brilliant, the characters are almost entirely identical to the coin-op's... and basically it's just an ace game."

"Shame about Rally 2 though... they've got a lot of work to do before that should come out. However, I've been assured that it won't be released unless it's good enough and Sega will be a laughing stock if it isn't perfect to the Model 3 game."

There you have it, and from an extremely reliable source. We can all stop worrying about Dreamcast not being able to do Model 3 or not having the game ready on time.

And for even further proof that VF3tb will be an incredible conversion, stop by SegaNet and chack out the 4 new VF3tb pics that they have up. They are incredible and are definitely from the DC version as the coding for the character names is not yet completed.

Project Berkley Demo
1:45 pm EDT 10/19/98 Esque
Sega of Japan has confirmed that a demo of Project Berkley will be included with VF3tb. The disc will include a prelude to the December 1999 conference that Yu Suzuki will hold in order to unveil this mystery game. The game is already being massively hyped in Japan as Suzuki's first console specific game, and it will bring the new year in with a bang for Sega.

1:45 pm EDT 10/19/98 Esque
BioWare Corp has announced that they will be developing MDK 2, a sequel to Shiny's mayhem filled shooter, for the Dreamcast. The game will take place in the same universe and feature the same characters. Single player gameplay will be emphasized and stealth will play a much larger part in the game. The game will use BioWare's OMEN game engine which allows for highly detailed real-time characters and environments, realistic object physics and extremely complex A.I. Development for the game is well under way and should be ready for a fall 1999 release. It is being published by Interplay.

Going Fishing?
1:45 pm EDT 10/19/98 Esque
Sega announced GetBass for Dreamcast, the DC port of their Model 3 arcade fishing game, with realistic 3D CG graphics and animation. The DC version of GetBass will be released with a new Fishing Rod controller, and is scheduled to release in April 99.

GameArts' Second DC Title
5:35 pm EDT 10/15/98 Seth C
A few days back we told you about GameArts' "other" game for the Dreamcast. A strategy game in the same style as Romance of Three Kindoms or Genghis Khan by Koei. Well now we're following up with a couple of screenshots of the game with a working title of "Sankoshi", from MagicBox.

Want Awesome DC Movies?
5:05 pm EDT 10/15/98 Seth C
The guys over at Gaming Age, being the resourceful chaps that they are, have aquired literally dozens of movies of various DC games, such as VF3tb, Sega Rally 2, and Godzilla. They're all nice quality, so you really should go check them out. I'm not gonna post them here because I really don't have time to do all that downloading and uploading, but you won't regret heading over there and giving those movies a viewing.

Dreamcast HQ is Moving
5:05 pm EDT 10/15/98 Seth C
In a bit of news relating to the bit below, Dreamcast HQ (formerly will soon be moving to They should be at their new home within a couple of weeks, if all goes well. I think I'll also take this time to mention that Interspeed sucks, bad. They completely shafted nando and the crew at DCHQ. In other words, DON'T give them a penny of your money.

No, the Forum isn't Working
5:05 pm EDT 10/15/98 Seth C
Quite a few of you have e-mailed me concerning this. Yes, I am fully aware that the forum is down. the site that hosted us had their entire site deleted and well, that kinda trashed our forum. Hopefully I can get the new one setup soon. Just be patient... thanks. :)

Namco Rumors
10:25 am EDT 10/14/98 Seth C
Next-Generation is reporting on a rumor concerning their plans for Dreamcast... and just how far their connections with Sega go. According to the reports, Namco won't be using the Naomi board but they will be instead building their own board based around the Hitachi SH-4 and PowerVR graphics chipset. Why? Well that's not really known. Personally, I would think it would be more easy to simply use the hardware Sega has but maybe they want to continue their "System" naming.

The Sights of TGS
10:25 pm EDT 10/13/98 Seth C

Obviously, Dreamcast was the star of the show at this years TGS. Sega even had people handing out bags with the swirl logo on them to make sure EVERYONE knew the word "Dreamcast". And take a look at that DC balloon... it's huge! It's good to see Sega make their presense known, unlike the completely unimpressive showing they made at this year's E3.

What's this, the cast of "Street Fighter on Ice"? Costumed loons are always a constant at trade shows. Sometimes they do a decent job of recreating their characters while other times... they don't. Take Ken for an example. He appears to have gone on a serious diet and more resembles your average high school geek on Halloween more than a World Warrior. Not only that, but he became Asian... hmmm, how is that for continuity.

Finally we have a shot of Irimajiri standing beside a HUGE screen with Sonic running on it. Looks pretty proud of Sega's new game doesn't he? And why shouldn't he be, it was the game of the show afterall.

Digizine Becomes Bi-monthly
12:05 pm EDT 10/13/98 Seth C
I have decided to make the DC Extreme Digital Magazine a bi-monthly publication, for now anyway. Basically, there just isn't enough info available to do the mag every month. If we were to remain monthly, the second issue would be due in just a week or so... and there simply hasn't been that much going on since then. So, expect issue #2 sometime right around the Dreamcast release next month.

Bits & Pieces
12:45 am EDT 10/13/98 Seth C
-Various reports are saying that members of Red announced that Sakura Was 3 will be headed to the Dreamcast. Good news for all of the RPG fans around the globe.
-From Sega X, they claim Game Arts is working on a second game for the DC. This one being more similar to Koei's "Romance of the Three Kigdoms". I would definitely like to see Game Arts take on this RPG sub-genre.
-Did you like your Saturn peripherals? Especially the gorgeous NiGHTS analog pad and the original Japanese pad? Well you'll be able to use them on the Dreamcast. Sega will be releasing a converter to allow the use of all Saturn peripherals on their next-generation system.
-This should have been said earlier. Apparently the shots of Star Ixiom we showed you a few days back were actually PSX shots. There are rumors it was being worked on for the Dreamcast, and the Japanese site the pictures originated from seemed to suggest they were Dreamcast screens. Sorry about the confusion.

TGS Movies Galore
5:55 pm EDT 10/12/98 Seth C
Ryonni over at Sega Zone has posted tons of movies from TGS... movies from just about every game you want to see. Now you can also download them from here. They're each about 10 seconds long, so download time is kept to a minimum. Enjoy!

Sonic 1 (1.6 megs) Sonic 2 (1.3 megs) Sonic 3 (1.5 megs)
Geist Force (704k) Incoming (715k) Climax Landers (1 meg) Pen Pen (592k)

CODE Veronica
11:00 pm EDT 10/11/98 Seth C
These pictures of the new Bio Hazard (Resident Evil on these shores) are a few days old, but I figured there might be some of you out there who missed them. So here they are, thanks to Gamespot.

New Sonic Movies
11:00 pm EDT 10/11/98 Seth C
There were two Sonic movies released over the weekend. One by Sega of America, one by Sega of Japan. To be honest, the one from SoA sucks. 14megs for 30 second? No thanks. That video won't be posted here, but you can head on over to Sega of America's website to pick it up if you really want to. You can get the newest Sonic Adventure Mpeg from SoJ. It's about 5.8 megs... enjoy!

VF3 and Sega Rally 2 Movies
11:00 pm EDT 10/11/98 Seth C
I know, I know... we should have posted these sooner. It really is all my fault, but this weekend was rather hectic for me, and right now I do all the updating, sooo... Anyway, here are videos of Virtua Fighter 3tb and Sega Rally 2 running on the Dreamcast as shown at TGS. The quality is okay on the Rally video and rather poor on the VF3 one, but it shows in file size. The VF3 clip is probably overall the better download.

Sega Rally 2 (6.8 megs) Virtua Fighter 3tb (1.5 megs)

100,000th Visitor
7:10 pm EDT 10/10/98 Seth C
We'd like to congratulate John Wilson for being our 100,000th visitor! It took less than 4 months for us to achieve this massive number. We'd like to thank everyone for being a part of this site, and we hope you'll continue to help us grow!

TGS Update #1
5:45 pm EDT 10/09/98 Seth C
Pictures now, words later, right? Just know these shots are VF3, Sega Rally 2, and Star Axiom, Namco's first DC title.

Naomi Videos
11:40 pm EDT 10/08/98 Seth C
As promised, here are the Naomi videos. They are basically the same as the previously seen 28 meg video, but a bit smaller and divided up by game for easier downloading. First up is Blood Bullet. It's a side scrolling side-story to House of the Dead. Second is Dead or Alive 2, obviously the sequel to the Model 2 game from Tecmo. Third is Capcom's PowerStone, an excellent looking 3d fighter from Capcom. Those of you who have already viewed the 28 meg version won't need to download any but this last one, which is the driving game plus all of the tech demos. Trust me, you want to see these things, some of them are stunning beyond belief. A special thanks go to Lunar Net for supplying all of these videos. Oh, and just for the record, I did the LunarNet logo you see on the movies.. if you like it, e-mail me, I work cheap. :)

Blood Bullet (2.1 megs) DoA2 (1.8 megs) PowerStone (1.6 megs) Naomi Tech Demos (3.6 megs)

Geist Force Shots
10:45 pm EDT 10/08/98 Seth C
"The Day of Screenshots" continues. This time we bring you three images from Geist Force, Sega's futuristic new Dreamcast shooter. It's mildly impressive, but rather simplistic. Oddly enough it is the same game as the shooter from E3 that everyone was wowed by.

Sega Rally 2 Shots
10:45 pm EDT 10/08/98 Seth C
This is just the day for screenshots, eh? Here are some of Sega Rally 2. They originated from Sega of Germany's site, but then Sega of Japan showed them as well. The quality is a bit higher than that of the VF3tb pics, but not arcade level for certain. Once again, I'm quite sure these are very early... months older than what is currently being shown in Japan.

Grandia 2 Shots
10:05 pm EDT 10/08/98 Seth C
Here is something to make you a bit more happy after seeing those poor quality VF3 shots. It's Grandia 2! There isn't any info on the game other than these few shots. Hopefully more will be known once TGS gets here.

VF3 Shots
10:05 pm EDT 10/08/98 Seth C
There is something odd about these pictures. What is that? They're ugly. Why has Sega released them? Especially after everyone reported a near perfect version was seen at the New Challenge Conference? Who knows. Perhaps they are releasing these to disappoint us, then give us the real stuff shortly. It happened with Sonic Adventure, they may be doing it again. Until then, uh... try to enjoy these shots.

Dreamcast Peripheral Shots
9:05 pm EDT 10/07/98 Seth C

First up is the 6-button fighter stick. Of special note is that there is a slot for a VMS unit! I hadn't even thought about it, but I guess I didn't expect it to have one.

On the left is the Dreamcast steering wheel. Perfect for all you racing fans out there. Anyone who buys Sega Rally 2 should pick this one up. Anyone online and reading this news definately knows what the one on the right is. It's obviously a keyboard, right? will definately make surfing the 'net and typing e-mails to all your friends much easier.

There are some others not shown, such as the fishing stick (seriously, for use with Get Bass) and the VGA box that we already mentioned. Also there will be a rumble pack type device.

Capcom's DC Titles
8:25 pm EDT 10/07/98 Seth C

Here are the first two images of Capcom's Dreamcast titles. On the left is PowerStone, a fully 3d fighter in much the same style as Tobal. On the right is Resident Evil: CODE Veronica. A sort of side-story that takes place just after RE2.

VF3 Pics Not Legit?
7:05 pm EDT 10/07/98 Seth C
You see, there was a reason we didn't post those supposed DC Virtua Fighter 3 pictures here at DC Extreme. I was suspicious of them along because one of the backgrounds was that of an alpha version of VF3 arcade. Then I noticed that the character model for Wolf was more like the one in VF2 and not VF3 (in VF3 he grew to massive proportions, especially his legs). Then finally I get something more concrete. In Game-Online's preview of the game, only 5 characters were available.... Lau and Sarah not being included. Yet who was seen in the pictures shown of VF3? That's right... Lau and Sarah. This all leads me to very seriously believe the shots shown were from the arcade version of Virtua Fighter 3 in it's alpha stages. Sorry to disappoint.

Project Berkley/VF RPG
9:05 pm EDT 10/06/98 Seth C
It is definately official. Yu Suzuki has been working on Virtua Fighter RPG, which they are calling "Project Berkley" at this moment. Little is known about it, other than the fact that they intend for it to be massive... with more than 500 characters to interact with. We'll give you more details as we get them.

Blue Stinger Movie on File
8:40 pm EDT 10/06/98 Seth C
If any of you simply didn't want to download the Blue Stinger movie from Climax Graphics's site, you're in luck. You can now pick it up right here. You will need to have the Quicktime player to view it though.

Blue Stinger Movie
9:35 am EDT 10/06/98 Seth C
Climax Graphics has posted an awesome movie of Blue Stinger. For now you'll have to get the movie here. I'm uploading it to our server as I type and I'll post a link to it tomorrow. It's absolutely gorgeous. HUGE explosions, beautiful graphics, and the T-Rex.. oh my, wait till you see this. The movie is over 3 minutes long and therefore it's around 10 megs. Definately worth the download though.

35 Titles Already Official
9:00 am EDT 10/06/98 Seth C
Sega of Europe today let it be known that Sega of Japan has announced 35 first and third party titles for the Dreamcast. They also mentioned something we already told you, the Dreamcast will be bundled with a 33.6kbps modem. they went on to say that it will also include the "Dream Passport" networking software wich includes an internet browser, e-mail software, and other functions.

Resident Evil "3" to be a DC Exclusive
8:35 am EDT 10/06/98 Seth C
Capcom showed their trust in Sega and it's Dreamcast by making it the exclusive home of the next installment of Resident Evil. The title in Japan will be "Biohazard Code Veronica". The creator of Resident Evil, Mr. Okamoto said concerning the matter, "Dreamcast is the machine which makes all creators dreams come true. We have chosen Dreamcast as the console for our soon to be launched Bio Hazard". With this announcement and the one concerning Namco, Sega has become a force to be reckoned with.

Namco is Onboard!
8:30 am EDT 10/06/98 Seth C
Forgive me if I seem a bit excited with this news, but I am. At the New Challenge Conference, Namco officially announced they will be supporting the Dreamcast. they will announce which titles at TGS a bit later this month. If Namco ports any of their big titles (Tekken 4) it would be a huge help for Sega. If Square and Enix would announce support, Dreamcast would be nearly unstoppable.

Dreamcast Titles for Winter '98
7:30 am EDT 10/06/98 Seth C
Wondering where Sonic went? Why he wasn't in the launch line-up of games? Because he's in the second wave of titles, silly. :) Along with quite a few other high profile titles. Here they are, along with their launch dates: Blue Stinger, 12/3; Geist Force, 12/10; Sonic Adventure, 12/17; Elemental Gimmick Gear, Evolution, Seventh Cross, and Monaco Grand Prix Sim. 2, 12/23. As you can see, this is a very good first month of games. Amazing almost. I'll be broke by the time January gets here. :)

Hardware Specs Become Solid
7:05 am EDT 10/06/98 Seth C
In the constant flow of new information, it is important not to miss the fact that Sega solidified the specs for the hardware itself. For instance, the modem will very much be part of the package, and is 33.6kbps. Also announced was the total amount of RAM. Previously it had been mentioned by other parties, but not Sega themselves. Now we know for certain that it will have 26 megs of RAM. 16 main, 8 video, and 2 sound.

Dreamcast Peripherals
7:05 am EDT 10/06/98 Seth C
Along with price and game information, Sega announced some of the peripherals that will be made available at or around the launch of the system. One of hote is the "VGA Box" which will allow you to display the DC games to your computer monitor for hi-resolution gaming. This gadget should be available in early '99. Also something that will definitely please all Street Fighter players and Capcom fans in general, there will be a 6 button (A, B, C, X, Y, Z) stick available at launch!

Dreamcast Launch Game Line-up
6:35 am EDT 10/06/98 Seth C
Few surprises here, but I'm sure quite a few people will be excited that some of these titles are official for the launch. There will be 5 games available at launch: Godzilla Generations, Virtua Fighter 3tb, Sega Rally 2, July, and PenPen Tri-ice-alon. Each game will retail for 5,800 Yen. Is it just me or is this one of the strongest launch line-ups ever? Sega plans to make a huge impact with this system and there is no better way to do it than a strong launch.

Dreamcast Launch Price Set
6:35 am EDT 10/06/98 Seth C
Sega has today announced the official launch price for the Dreamcast. The system will debue on November 27 for 29,800 Yen. Remember, you heard it here first. Everyone break open those piggy banks, it's going to be a great November.

Bits & Pieces
3:50 am EDT 10/06/98 Seth C
-Acclaim has apparently announced that Turok 2 will be headed toward the Dreamcast. I wasn't much of a fan of the first game, as I was too busy with Quake and Quake 2 on the PC, but it did have quite a few fans.

-id has denied that they are working on any titles for the Dreamcast, which goes against what some web sites were reporting. If you remember though, id has never been a company to work with console systems anyway.

WebTV For Dreamcast
3:50 am EDT 10/06/98 Seth C
Nikkei is reporting that there will be a WebTV browser for the Dreamcast. Here is the whole news bit:

"TOKYO (Nikkei)-Sega Enterprises Ltd. (7964) has formed a tie-up with WebTV Networks Inc. to promote sales of its 128-bit Dreamcast home video game as a set with an Internet TV browser, company sources said. The Japanese arcade equipment maker hopes to expand the scope of its operations to take in the Internet, while the California-based company sees the arrangement as a way to win over game players to its Internet TV services.

The Dreamcast game, without the browser, will be released in November. Sega will begin next spring packaging a special WebTV CD-ROM along with the game set. Game players who subscribe to WebTV will be able to go online on their TV screen and compete with opponents over the Internet.

WebTV's subscriber list has remained stuck below the 100,000 level. The company hopes the linkage with the Dreamcast game, with sales projected at 1 million copies by the end of the year alone, will help broaden its marketing base of potential users."

Rayman 2 DC Shots? Not Here.
11:50 pm EDT 10/05/98 Seth C
Over the weekend some sites reported they had shots of Rayman 2 running on the Dreamcast. I was skeptical, and for a reason. It seems my skepticism was justified when you compare the shot they claimed was from the DC to a PC screenshot which has been on our site for quite some time. Take a look for yourself.

As you can see, those are the exact same shot, although the first one looks to have been reprinted in a magazine and then scanned. Just wanted to make everyone aware of this. We've all be scammed by "fake" DC screens and it appears this was just another one of them.

Extreme Imports Announces Dreamcast Pricing
10:30 pm EDT 10/05/98 Seth C
The good boys over at Extreme Imports have announced a final Dreamcast price of $699 Australian. That comes out to around $415 at the current exchange rates. If you've ever wondered why import shops have to mark things up so high, just read this bit of info straight from Ingmar Lak:

"In regards to pricing, there are a few points that most consumers overlook. Say the Dreamcast does come out at 25,000Yen. That's approximately $300AUS. "So why can't I buy it for that?" is the question that we'll be answering from here until launch (which is why I'm making a point of this since you have the ability to tell the story through your site). The following procedure is what is required for us to get a shipment of Dreamcasts.

1) Place order with supplier.
2) Organise shipments via EXPRESS Courier in order to make the launch date. Cost approximately $40AUS per unit.
3) Accept shipment at customs, ($100AUS on board fee - one payment for entire order).
4) Declare goods to customs - pay hardware import tax of 32.5% per unit.(not sure what this tax rate is in the US but I'd imagine it being similar)
5) Prepare goods for dispatch.

"This now makes the Dreamcast's cost of approx $500AUS and that's undelivered to it's destination. Just keep in mind that there's allot more to the pricing of Dreamcast than meets the eye. I'd imagine the US market to announce a price point of $399 - but that's pure speculation."

J League Soccer
10:30 pm EDT 10/05/98 Seth C
Here are the pictures of the soccer title we mentioned at the end of last week. Sorry they didn't get posted sooner, we all had busy weekends. In any case, the textures on the players are rather poor. My guess is that they are simply place holder as this game isn't due out till sometime late next year.

Cho Hamaru Golf
7:40 am EDT 10/02/98 Seth C
Yesterday Next-Generation had one shot of Cho Hamaru Golf, but I think you'll agree that these are much better quality. For some reason this game just isn't quite up to par with the RPGs we've seen in the last couple of days, though.

Dreamcast Baseball
7:30 am EDT 10/02/98 Seth C
Here are two shots of one of Sega's newest DC titles. I'm not sure of the exact title, but it has been translated roughly to "Pro Baseball". It is a very Japanese kiddy style baseball game, and we probably won't see it here. Interesting anyway, though.

An Evolution
7:10 am EDT 10/02/98 Seth C
These three shots are of ESP/Sting's Dreamcast RPG, "Evolution". Looks pretty good, but I'm still more excited over Climax Landers. But you have to admit, two RPGs for the Dreamcast in two days isn't bad at all.

Online Abilites and Dreamcast Price Set?
11:25 pm EDT 10/01/98 Seth C
Nikkei is reporting that the Dreamcast price will be right at 30,000 yen. Originally we had expected it to come in at about 25,000 yen, but NCS had reported that would be without a modem and Nikkei is reporting that the unit will have a modem, hich would cause the price increase. This isn't surprising since the pictures shown in SSM's most recent issue had a modem included.

They went on to discuss the Dreamcast's online abilites. They state the system has both an internet browser and e-mail software. As we pretty much could already assume and Nikkei confirmed, we will be able to muti-play directly and over the internet.

Climax Landers
8:40 pm EDT 10/01/98 Seth C
This is the logo for Climax Landers, a newly announced RPG from, you guessed it.. Climax. This game looks absolutely gorgeous, so I suggest you check out our full preview of it. I assure you that you will not be dissapointed.

Drive-by Becomes Furballs
5:20 pm EDT 10/01/98 Seth C
No, you aren't imagining things, Bizarre Creations' Drive-By has been renamed Furballs, and not only that but they have officially announced it for the Dreamcast. I could try explaining the details, but I'm sure they would do a better job of it themselves:

"Bizarre Creations is proud to announce Furballs, a next-generation product for Sega's Dreamcast console, and high-end PC. Originally known as Drive-By, for reasons long since irrelevant, the game has been in secret development for about six months.

Furballs is a uniquely styled, cartoon action shooter. It combines a blend of frantic third person shooting action with challenging puzzle gameplay. The Furballs consist of six original characters, seemingly cute animals, each with unique weapons and skills.

Nerves of steel, shooting skills and a mind for solving puzzles are all essential to make it through the game intact. Further details, character information and screenshots will be available at a later date check our site for details!

Furballs is not currently signed to a publisher, and hence release details and scheduling are yet to be confirmed."

Making the Developers Official
5:20 pm EDT 10/01/98 Seth C
Sega has now compiled a list of the official licensees signed up to work on Dreamcast titles which was printed in SSM. There are said to be over 300 in Japan and 100 overseas, but not all were listed. Some we already knew, such as Fortyfive (July) or Climax Graphics (Blue Stinger) and some you wouldn't even know (Starlight Mary). Here is a rundown of the companies that will likely make a big splash.

Ascii, Atlus, Bandai, Compile, Climax, Culture Brain, Data East, ESP, Human, Imagineer, Koei, Konami, Sting, Taito, Victor, and Xing.

Later today we'll put up a page dedicated to keeping up with all of the developers signed up and what titles they are working on.

Bits & Pieces
5:20 pm EDT 10/01/98 Seth C
-The Dreamcast does have a USB port, as shown by the latest batch of pictures in Sega Saturn Magazine.

-The official name for the Dreamcast's high-density disc will be GD-Rom, or Giga Byte Disc-ROM.

-Sega of Japan now has a 30 minutes VHS video for sale that covers the Sonic press conference from August 22.

Dreamcast Modem
7:00 am EDT 10/01/98 Seth C
This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Dreamcast modem. We definately know it is external now, eh? This picture came from and they apparently scanned it from the pages of Sega Saturn Magazine. Is it just me or is that piece of hardware incredibly small? Then again so are most modems for PCs nowadays so I guess we shouldn't be surprised. At least this is evidence that upgrading will be a very simple task.