Publisher: Ionos
Developer: Revenant
Genre: 3D Action
Release: Unkown

Akolyte is a third person perspective, realtime 3D, fantasy action/adventure. It promises intelligent camera logic that will allow the player to roam yet maintain a proper viewpoint behind the player. This is a very welcome feature because poor camera angles have become the bane in this style of game. The game designers also claim that the environments will be on a much larger scale than typical 3D action games, providing a true sense of immersion.

The game will also provide an in-depth story line involving multi-level quests and chracter development. The action all takes place in a mythical/fantasy realm with deep ties to Norse mythology. You will progress through the domains using a combination of traditional combat techniques, spell casting, magic items, and puzzle solving. The puzzles will focus on actual mythological situations instead of the normal "get the key, open the door" style.

These shots are taken from the PC version of the game, but a port to Dreamcast has already been announced.